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HAPPY 4th of July !
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Where we are one with our emotions, everything is clear.
Natalie, Alchemy in You. Scorpio July 1-15, 2017 YouTube Reading – ACCEPTING IT ALL!

On this, the 4th of July holiday in the United States, as I sit at my desk just past the hour of 9 p.m. ET US, fireworks blazing at the two block parties steps away from my home, I am clear. (… and if I’m not the war zone atmosphere playing out just beyond my 2nd story window will do it for me! LOL)

The thing is… so much has happened today I’m not sure where even to begin. Messages from Oliver have been coming in all day. It started when I made a decision; one I thought was final. Again, as it seems when dealing with Source and matters of karma, my choices are laughingly overwritten when bigger issues are at hand. The nice thing is, explanations are always provided if one can read the signs.

The decision – to give in, give up, and move on relative to a friendship that was not serving me or the other person. I felt it was time to let an individual go who is struggling with how best to approach a spiritual life in the midst of conventionality. My presence, I feel, hinders that person’s ability at clear thought simply because with me around, with my views and other-worldly outlook ever present those influences are challenging to overlook. I get that. Respect the other’s attempt at balance. So, even though I feel a strong pull to stay nearby this friend, I was ready to head back out on the road. Decision made. Or so I thought.

Now, keep in mind dear reader that what I’m about to share is quite personal. Never in my wildest thoughts did I see myself providing such detail; however, this story has been pitching me all day so that I would tell it. There is no way to offer all the particulars as to what transpired today because it is simply too dense. I will, however, endeavor to do my best.

It began with my computer taking on a personality of its own (metaphorically). I was Photoshopping a few images for clients when a browser window just opened itself and began to play a Natalie video. I KID YOU NOT! The video, her reading for Pisces for mid-May 2017. It began about 3/4 of the way at the end so I just let it play as I continued working. I’ve heard this one many times. It appears, in part, on the Proclamation page of this website. I love it as it always fills me with excitement, yet nothing new seemed to pop out.

Continuing with my work, I let the autoplay feature of YouTube take over after Natalie’s Pisces reading closed out. Next up; Oliver picked one by Pamela Georgel, The Lucky Mermaid, for Gemini for this month of July. Now that was interesting. Pamela mentions therein that some of her followers have told her that sometimes her readings come to pass months, even as much as a year later, so she suggested viewers watch her Gemini videos for last June & July 2016. Knowing this to be true (see my 1HP article entitled, Somebody Wants to Speak With You), and recognizing this sort of odd comment to be a flag to get my attention to take some sort of action, I did – playing them in the background as I continued my work. Moved to the edge of great emotion, I had to stop these two videos a few times to gather myself, as they accurately reflected things happening to me in the present. Big wow!

After that, the auto forward feature continued, and did so in an interesting way. YouTube paused, and another browser window opened to Pandora and began to play a song called, From A Distance. Here is a screenshot of that track as it played on my desktop (click image 4 larger view). The lyrics were sorta odd. No listing of them in a Google search, so I went back to YT to see if I could find the track there – and maybe slow it down to catch some of them more easily. The video was weird, too, filled with comic characters and such. Again, didn’t get much out of it other than it sparking my imagination, which is always good. When it finished, I paused YT and went back to my work in welcome silence.

Then I heard Natalie’s voice again about 5 minutes later. WTF! “Here we go,” I thought.

click image for larger view


It was that same Pisces video, lined up to a point near the end where she says, with fervor, that there was crossover between that video and the mid-May reading for Sagittarius. Well, Sagittarius is the moon or rising sign of this friend I referenced above, so I thought, “That’s twice, now, with crossover to all of those Pamela videos, so what the heck.” I looked up and hit play on Natalie’s Sag video. This one, too, began at 38:52 instead of the beginning. The conversation was riveting, as Natalie explored creation as being like the movies, Interstellar and Inception, and literally tells of a formula to walk from here to there (one I was going to write about, instead, and do a live demo of we could all track in the hours, days, weeks to come). This talk continued through about 49 mins or so. I won’t go into it all, again, as it is very personal and there’s no need for me to detail what phrases she uses that refer to my life experiences – just that the cross over between all that had come before was blowing my mind.

Yet, at 50:33 she mentions an odd – a very odd – vision she was having of “like teeth.” And again, at 51:33 she uses the word recalibrate. That made me shiver, remembering a text conversation in early May (around the same time as this video) with this same friend where I sent him a figure of Batman standing in the middle of what looked like teeth, and an impromptu follow up the next day where I say, I think we’ve calibrated Batman.

Natalie had my attention, now! (See clip below.)

Natalie | Alchemy In You | Mid-May 2017 Reading | MIND BLOWN 2.0!! | runs from 50:33 thru 53:20

Note: The tarot deck Natalie uses is called, The Wild Unknown.

If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop,
simply click your mouse anywhere on the player status bar.

Remember… this is a Sagittarius reading. It is my friend, and not me that has this as his moon or rising sign. Admittedly, many parts of this resonate with me, as well.

~~~~~ — ~~~~~ – ~~~~~ — ~~~~~

(Begins by holding up the cards of Temperance, Son of Cups, and the Two of Pentacles*)

…as in all the pieces are coming back together. And, there’s like this… this… this, um… vision I’m having of, like, teeth. That I feel, are like… it’s like the straightening of teeth in some kinda way.

So, right? This, um, this butterfly, right, realizes that its freedom is not by way of simply, right, flying away from the scene, from the past, of emotional dissatisfaction. It’s a matter of surrendering itself to the need to dive deeper, so that it may, ah… repair. So that it may heal. So that it may, ah um… align fully with its, with its… um, with whatever void, right, or whatever imbalance that it has internally. It’s like, right, it must recalibrate, so that it may fly in a way that is, right, not just solo, like, peace! I’m outta here. Yes. Right? Like, the situation was… was like… sucked, whatever it was, but… right? I’m not just gonna fly away from it and pretend it never happened. Its a learning lesson, and its gotta come full circle, and its a matter of me. The importance of me. Internalizing whatever this past was, whatever this whole, entire experience was, FOR ME. What is said about me. And, what it meant for me. And, what it helped me see in myself, most importantly, realizing, right, it all comes back again to this Magician, who gets sucked right from behind into its own vision (as she hold up the 3 of wands* and the Magician card*) of the future. The very point from which, it, itself, was birthed.

Time and space is an illusion. All that exists is now. So, you’re coming to that point, like full FULL circle, Sagittarius. OK, you’re coming back into your own. And from there you take the flight. From THERE you take the flight. Right? (as she holds up the Lovers card* – the card of Gemini) In… in emotional bliss, harmony, satisfaction, ultimate ULTIMATE release point. Right? That’s… that’s how it all comes full circle. Realizing again that it is a matter of your own capability to create the world that you seek. That you see. As that IS what comes back around the mountain. OK Sagittarius?

~~~~~ — ~~~~~ – ~~~~~ — ~~~~~

My take away… (I repeat, MY, as there is a deeply personal message for my friend, too, in Natalie’s words that has nothing to do with me or our friendship) that it is not time… that I cannot yet fly away from the situation – pretend it never happened. It IS a learning lesson for us both, and if I leave neither of us will be able to complete this cycle… come full circle. And, I must be here to do this for me, for him, for our journey to move forward no matter what, then happens thereafter. This part must take place if we are to learn what is for us to know, to innerstand, and to take that with us forward into forever.

Sometime after that, I entered a sort of dream state. Sitting at my desk in deep meditation I floated off. No idea how much time passed, but I was brought to the fore in a rush by what I don’t know. I just recall thinking wake up.

When I opened my eyes, another browser window was awaiting me, offering a wiki page for The Orb (the group that sang that song that played on Pandora earlier in the day). I focused and my eyes when straight to the line that started with the word Transmission, followed by the phrase Dance Alone. I’ve highlighted it in the screenshot to the left so you can easily see it, too. (click on image for larger view.)

My thoughts were, Another transmission? What does dance alone mean?

I noticed the year associated with this entry was 2009. The year my mom transitioned. Then, and only then did I see the kicker – the calendar entry that had popped up in the upper right corner. That entry was suppose to pop up in the a.m. but I guess I saved it without notice of the p.m. positioning. So… was this Oliver, yet again, speaking to me? I think, yes. So I heeded it and Googled Transmission Dance Alone.

By the way, I had my epiphany to give in, give up, and move on around 5:15 a.m. and was outside walking in a state of great peace by the time 5:27 a.m. rolled around. I even remembered the entry was suppose to pop while I was out and wondered why it hadn’t. Paid little mind to it, being in such a state of bliss, and feeling good about my decision. Besides, Oliver had, again, taken over my music and was sharing some great songs, and I was of the mind this was his “visit” to me at sunrise. I felt light. Happy for me… for my friend.

Further, for those who wonder why the calendar entry in the first place… Well, on Monday night I asked Oliver in my head when next I would hear from him. Then I went to the Pandora music app, shuffle feature on, and got the short, 1:11 song, Sunrise by Peter Kater. So, I Googled when the sun was to rise in my area the following day and got 5:27 a.m.

Back to my Googling of Transmission Dance Alone. Discovered it was another track by The Orb, from their album Another Time & Space (mix). Though there are words throughout, no lyrics are listed that I could quickly find.

It starts off with the sound of “tuning in” a frequency, like one does with a transistor radio. Then, talk about clicking sounds – something I always pay attention to, knowing they mean something of value is about to be said… to be done… so pay attention. Blah, blah. Bottom line: This was just another way Oliver was using to say, I’m here. Tuned in. Came through as promised, not just once (while I was on my morning walk), but now. And I transcend time & space. And I am in and of those sounds you hear. I am with you. So, pay attention to the things I brought you today. They are important; of value on infinate levels, many of which you do not have the equipment, yet, to innerstand. Do you trust me?

These signs and messages and even visions continued up until I began to write this. And, I know…

…all that exists is now! I am in full awareness that what I vibrate emits what I experience. In “my own” I find the ultimate release point to turn the wheel of fortune in full circle, as the Magician. And, I will be here for as long as my friend needs me. Because that is what serves us both, serves the collective, our communities, Oliver, and Source. How? Of that I am still pondering. But, I need not have this answer to accept the rest.

I’ve recalibrated, Batman, and I’ve got you.


* all of the cards mentioned are from the Wild Unknown deck, which can be viewed here on Amazon, here at the Wild Unknown websitet , and images here on 1HP’s Pinterest site.




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