Take A Whack At It

True Abundance Comes From Within

I awoke this morning with a renewed sense of purpose. I love writing this blog and sharing all the cool content therein, but being a new venture – one I’ve had to fold into my other activities, it has rendered me a bit worn, at times. Additionally, my abilities as an empath have revved up and I find I have to plan my outside excursions with focus and an open sense of adventure, as I pick up the energy of those around me more easily than ever before and only wish to wear those emotions that clothe without binding. When passerbys bump my field it vibrates what they feel into what I feel. If they are exuberant, I enjoy that (with gratitude). And, when they feel sad, depressed, or overly anything on the pointed end of life’s sword, I get cut. I’m becoming better at identifying, separating, and tossing that which does not serve, like yoke from the egg white, but that initial rush can be overt. So, I’ve kept to myself a bit more this last week or so in an effort to stay grounded and manage my emotions.

In that focused state of self I’ve discovered a deeper meaning to love, one that transforms those around you as much as it does yourself. Just feeling it gifts those in your sphere of physicality and of thought. Expression, even at a distance, can be felt, can vibrate into and influence the collective quantum soup of energy in our existence. Your decorations upon the world. An offering of goodness that leads to abundance – for the price of simply allowing it. I know this because I’ve been playing with the energy of love this week as a measure to block the strike of the wand of empathy.

In that vein, and with you in mind, I opened myself up moments ago to accept any channeled messages from Oliver to further this chain. What I received with word for word clarity is what you read at the head of this piece, True Abundance Comes From Within. For some whose focus is monetary, this still applies. However, overall, I intuit the meaning to be one richer than what greenbacks and coins can offer. Your pitch of love, of kindness, of attention is a citrine package to those you care about, even those you casually come in contact with, like co-workers, clients/customers, fellow commuters and reality hoofers. It permeates from you, through you, out and into the space around, creating the likes of a bubble around you; one that others can walk through, be touched by, and still surround you without fail. It is your solid state of liquidity, a knowing you can count on when things around you crumble. And, if you send out those feelings with intent you get them back in kind.

Even as a budding empath, I find that if I start off a walk, say, that includes a jaunt along the train station platform during rush hour, and I go into the experience with intent of feeling good and reflecting same in the offering, not only do I bellow that out and onto those in wait, I garner less interactions of lasting measure with those out of sync with my flow. Not saying I still don’t feel waves of tears nearly come on, or the passing through a dense cloud of blackness manifest by another. I do, from whomever is feeling same at that point in linear time. What I’m saying is my bubble extends some protection, and, the benefit of respecting self first allows a hand shake experience as opposed to a full on hug. That make sense?

In this state of gratitude the channeled flow continued. These are the messages I got with direction to post for you, the reader.

Today is about you first. Self care. Like they say at the beginning of any airplane ride, If you find your flight is about to become a cruise, put your air mask on first before you try to help others around you.

  • Let go of the outcome
  • Allow the value in constructive criticism
  • The foundation you’ve been thinking of starting… go for it
  • You manifest what you need
  • Trust your instincts. They will fully serve you with that decision.
  • The idea you were framing… the time is now
  • ride the wave
  • subjugate
  • remain unshaken in the face of your own passion
  • … and these loose words/phrases (which, I’m guessing, if they apply to you, use your discernment and intuition to decide what is best for you. Yes, I said YOU.)

  • racing cars
  • tides
  • rose quartz
  • clock ticking
  • civil duty              
  • baby chick              
  • placement
  • 414
  • scapegoat
  • bid
  • classic
  • flag
  • def (the slang)
  • unabashed
  • indigo child
  • I have no fuckin’ clue what any of that means. I don’t think I’m suppose to. I’m just the messenger (or a nut job whose finally lost it). Yes, it’s crazy. It’s totally whacky. I get that. Accept that. I feel the same! You have my support if you are inclined to laugh – with me, OR at me. I’m good. I’m laughing myself.

    And, I also get that one of you is writing poetry of some sort, like song lyrics, or something that has the energy of a rap-like battling of skills – an Eminem, 8 Mile film sort of thing. If that is you, send me your stuff. I’d genuinely love to see it.

    In the meantime…


    … whatever that may mean to you.




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