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Connect To Yourself
(Sal – Eat Read Love | Aries: You And The Other Person, July 16-22)

I’m a happiness junkie. Can’t get enough! I am blessed in that my lifestyle is conducive to its entry; however, just because I took a few years to manifest the reality of my dreams doesn’t mean I wasn’t happy prior, or that you cannot be happy right now.

Taken in Times Square on 2/21/17

24/7 happiness IS possible. It is exhausting. That I can attest to. Though it is possible. Anything and everything is possible, actually. We just don’t allow ourselves to believe this, in many cases, so as to continue within the comfort of the status quo. We know how to navigate that. Once one has grown accustomed to something, any change is often perceived as the “unknown” and thus a generator of fear.

What if limitation of thought kept us, and those we loved, from achieving the fullness of life and all abundance that invites?

I was thinking about this concept instead of observing some video that was playing on YouTube. Being a marketing consultant, I swim in social media. I love being able to combine content consumption with a paycheck! LOL.

Lost in the timelessness of thought, I pondered why more people aren’t happy when a video from Sal of YouTube’s Eat Read Love autoplayed. This video only began because I wasn’t paying attention, and I couldn’t see a need to watch it. Besides, this was a reading posted on July 2nd for the week of July 16-22 for the sign of Aries. I’m not an Aries, and why would I want to watch a reading so far into the future? So, I reached up to hit backpage when I heard him say something that brought my attention in focus. It was,

Happiness comes from within

That expression was really close to the channeled message I received from Oliver yesterday; such being, True Abundance Comes From Within. Of course I lasor beamed on what was to come next. For clarity, I view happiness as a sub-set of abundance, and felt Sal’s words were being “Sourced.” So I pivoted (video below on left).

Sal’s readings are always short. I didn’t have to wait long for the pending wisdom to impart. There it was at 6:55 (video below on right).

We choose where we are everyday, so you aren’t lost. You just have to connect to yourself.

Eat Read Love

runs from 4:56 thru 5:22 | Happiness Comes From Within
Eat Read Love

runs from 6:55 thru 7:05 | Connect To Yourself

What more need be said, right? Connect to yourself. That’s a map to where good feelings reside. Happiness belongs to everyone. All anyone need do to experience it is decide, and its there for you. Even in the midst of screaming people, irrational situations, and seemingly frustrating circumstances, there is always happiness if you swing forward the gate and step onto the pathway that is always open.

Playbill Video | I Deserve Happiness
From the Broadway Play: Gently Down The Stream

runtime: 1:49

A series of additional synchronicities and breadcrumbs took me to this video on the right. It is a short 1:50 piece filmed during the Broadway play Gently Down the Stream. I ended up at this video, not because I was searching for happiness… (ha – searching for happiness)… but because something else I was watching had the out-of-place phrase Gently Down, and, as you know if you follow this blog, I heed those oddities. I did a search for “gently down” and the only thing posted for several results pages was this play.

I clicked on the first video link in the list. And, there it was. A second reference to the value of happiness, packaged in a beautiful showing of what being happy…being gay… was all about. I give you Harvey Fierstein and Gabriel Ebert.

It’s ok to be happy, to show happiness, to let it in and allow it to guide your reality. It doesn’t make you weak. It brings you strength and hidden treasures afforded those willing to open the door. Happiness will serve you as you connect to yourself on your journey within to full abundance!

And, if you need some company; I’m always just a happy feeling away.




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