Reinvention of the Legal Profession

I have this friend whose a lawyer. He gives great confidentiality!

Friend / Lawyer … I know. Oxymoronic! Yet true. My truth. I love that word. No not lawyer! Who loves the word lawyer? Societal solicitors who get to use faith-ful words like advisor, counselor, ‘trust’ee to aerate themselves! No. I meant oxymoronic.

Oxy – a greek derivative referring to that which is to be intensified, sharpen, or oxygenated.

Sounds HOT to me! Oxygenate me, baby!

And, of course, moron. In full transparency, this would be someone other than an attorney; those highly intelligent, driven, influentials we all secretly desire to be at one point in our lives – or just “do” if you can afford the hourly rate. That is, unless you go with the “ass” descriptor from Webster’s terms of endearment. Then I’d say there’s an 80% / 20% chance you’d be right.

OK. Down to business; or at least to the illusion of equanimity in the facelessness of the facade known as justice! You may want to stand back! I’m about to spew pure oxymoronic justice – exactly the type you’d expect from a less than linear, limitless, Oliver-moronic thinker.

Upsizing the synopsizing of my truth relative to the question posed; an inquiry you’ll see delineated below under the section THE QUESTION, I have written a near novella. So as to unclutter your mind in its unveiling, allow space for the expansion required to absorb it in its state of wholeness, each of the parts of this explorative, non-pejorative journey into the realm of legalities and those that profess them has been selectioned off onto its own plate. You can access the wordology of menu for each by clicking a down arrow below, and biting into the single-syllabled, “more.”


You see, this attorney-friend, a genuine superhero of his community (yes… I know, another oxymoron! Well? He is! A superhero that is. NOT an oxy-moron) asked me a question I’m going to s̶p̶i̶n̶… answer herein, and, with respect, I will do so with my eyes wide open. That includes my 3rd eye.

The quest-i-on:

Would you ever consider getting back into the legal profession?

… followed, of course, with the expected, attorney-esk twist; the qualifier…

No need to answer right away. I think I know what your knee-jerk reaction would be to a question like that. It’s more of a question for you to toss into your daily churn to see what comes out.

To honor his genuine request, care need be given in reply; especially since this friend knows me so well and “got” that if asked any way other than as proposed, I “would” have simply knee-jerked a quick, and final, “Fuck No!” With heartfelt desire, I gave this lawyer’s inquiry the full Oliver treatment.

I meditated on the question with the purest of intent. In the doing, I offered a full range of contemplative thought. What I came away with was the desire to put pen to paper and list what I did and didn’t want from an association of the sort defined from the legal profession. In short, my list included:


  • freedom to be myself
  • to control my destiny
  • to be of service
  • to be happy in the doing
  • to feel valued
  • use my creative talents more than my legal prowess
  • to feel I’m moving forward

  • to exchange dollars for hours
  • to punch a clock
  • to be forced to wear the uniform
  • to feel bossed
  • Those were the basics, and I felt if I kept them in mind, no matter what I was to discover during this interesting examination of self I’d be OK.

    Next, I pulled tarot cards. That was followed with my opening a browser window and toggling over to YouTube for im-media-te intersection of contemplation with intervention. My goal, to watch only what spoke to me in that oh-so-Oliver way of sway. To expand the perusal of possibilities, I went on a walk-about around 9:15 p.m. for the purpose of placing a final application of putty to prophylactic any gaps.

    BOY did I win the holographic, Olivergenic, energetic lottery! A terminus point of orgasm inside The Orb of time and space.

    Carry on gentle reader, if you dare…


    TAROT PULL more TP

    click image for larger view

    I started with a pull of tarot cards from 5 different decks, each with a specific intent divined by me. You can enlarge the photo I took to the left showing the final spread, or go to the album, Legal Obsession, set up on 1HP’s Pinterest site,sharing close ups of each of these cards, too, for those interested in further examination.

    The cards fall into 3 groups:

  • The Foundation (bottom row – 3 cards)
  • Overall clarifiers – to foundational issue (upper right – 3 cards)
  • Spiritual clarifiers – impact on/of my energy (upper left – 3 cards)
  • Now that’s interesting… Not until I typed the above did I realize I had 3 groups, each with 3 cards! The clarifiers in both cases popped out 3 cards even though I was only expecting 1, with a balanced 3 meaning, amongst other things, expression, artistry, creativity. Hmm. As Natalie from Alchemy In You says, “I’ll heed that.”

    I also included one crystal and one stone. I felt through all of my crystals to sense which was a good match for this spread. I picked up and put down a few before I landed on the crystal quartz. It’s purpose is an overall cleansing of energy, whatever kind. I felt that would offer a generic purification of any/all perceptions; mine, my friend’s, or picked up around either of us.

    The stone underpinning the Foundational cards is special to me. I call it my Jimstone; a gemstone of priceless, precious sentiment. I picked up Jimstone on May 12th at the end of Araca Road, along the south shore of Long Island. I found it resting atop the white sands of the coastline, calling to me as I sat on the railing of a fence-like blockade facing the Atlantic. A perfect skipping stone, flat, with character, smooth, and palm-sized, it fits perfectly in my hand. I carry it with me often when I desire the feelings it hosts; thus being the energy of integrity, dreams, passion, continuity and kindness. In this process of dissecting the all that is “of the legal,” I felt its qualities married the duality of tradition and spirituality, a sense essential to my success at personal exploration in this question of concept… of possibilities.



    Center (Central Issue): VIII of Pentacles (in reverse) | Wild Unknown Tarot Deck
    Meaning: In the upright, this card represents craftsmanship / skill. Recognizing and accepting the talent honed in the intricacy of your method / design, no matter the scale or balance of the issue therein. Details abound here, and attention to them is always a “must focus” if you wish to master your craft… your competitors… your clients, contracts, claims, torts… the Courts. Being “in the reverse,” i.e. landing picture side downward (only card in reading that fell this way), it means to me the web of this legal world is unweaving, in flux, or is no longer providing the same hold on your interest it once had. Yet, you venture on, capitalize in the doing for as long as you continue this routine, but full satisfaction may not be yours. Without this inner standing, you might not yet understand the vibration you send out into the world may reflect more of the discourse of varying kinds you seek to away from, feign what comes as it relates to your work. Note: #8 here is twice the two fours you see reflected below in the Four of Cups and the qualifier, The Emperor. That’s four 4’s.

    Right: Four of Cups | Steampunk Tarot Deck
    Meaning: Cups equate to emotions (or lack thereof). “Can’t you see I’m busy?” Stability. Sturdiness. Reliability. Being a “4” card, in this capacity signifies “a square deal.” It also refers to “being a square” so, to some, stability equates to stagnation, usually cultural. The funny thing here is, in the text of the Steampunk user’s manual appears the following quote, … the gentleman gazes upon the three very fine chalices. He’s been looking at them for a very long time. If we watch long enough, perhaps we’ll see a spider spin a web off the edge of his shoe. The longer he stares the unhappier he becomes. So, Charlotte’s Web makes its meaning known across cards and decks, alike! Warning of card, be wiser than the man in the picture. Life is not always thrilling (well, the author of this text doesn’t know me! LOL.) but how long should you brood over, toil due to, or resolve yourself to the cycle of others to expect so much from yourself? Besides… my feeling is this guy is tire of thinking about work and is actually thinking about being in the throws of the situation seen in the card on the foundation’s far left! Come on, now, lawyers in the room. You know I’m telling it true!

    Left: Ten of Wands | Tarot of Sexual Magic Deck
    Meaning: Wands equate to spirituality, thoughts, primal energy. This card is entitled “Penetrating.” Taken from deck’s booklet: The magic of the toad. The power of man meets the power of woman (“Justice”, I feel, in this case). Success in love must satisfy both partners. And, this is a #10 card. Completion of a cycle. Well, I’d hope so, for the sake of both parties depicted in this card!

    HOW I READ IT – Foundation: Both of these guys look like a lawyer. The one on the right being in his office contemplating the deeper issues of law. The one on the left, releasing all the energy that builds up as a result of contemplating the deeper issues of law. Not to mention just fucking the shit out of the system that fucks him back. This man loves the legal process, It calms him, comforts, sometimes confounds him. He wants to conquer it, yet is more concerned with playing the game than whether he is the one fucking it, or it is the one fucking him. Either way there’s fucking, and the pleasure in that, for him, is fuckin’ fantastic! Two sides of the same coin. Reminds me of a Gemini sort of personality – dancing with duality. All centered around the web of money tethering the fine threads so expertly and intricately woven by the lawyer within the constructs of the spiderous, legal system.

    Nice base! I like it! Interesting how pulls from three different tarot decks rendered such a spot on read of the foundational issue and sides.

    Note: the order is significant. From bottom to top, each plays to the next in story form.

    Bottom: 4 – The Emperor | Angel Tarot Deck, D. Virtue
    Meaning: Major Arcana Card* (There’s that #4 again). Logic. Discipline. Order. Detailed planning needed. Leadership. Organization. Stability. Belief in self. Wise choices. Usually connects to points of Government, Law, security, and one who garners the respect of others, like a strong father or classic patriarchal figure. Usually refers to a person instead of a situation, but can be either/both.

    Middle: 12 – Release | Angel Tarot Deck, D. Virtue
    Meaning: Major Arcana Card*. Phase in your life is now complete. Time to welcome the new. Some will face ending with relief, others with sadness. Either way, it is time to move on from something you’ve outgrown. Inevitable, positive change. Facing fears. Relationship transitions. Spiritual evolution. (like a 10 card of the minor arcana in many ways, i.e. ending of a cycle.)

    Top: Ten of Air | Angel Tarot Deck, D. Virtue
    Meaning: (aka Ten of Swords in traditional tarot). Swords equate to action. A ten card. End of a cycle. You’ve worked hard. Time to enjoy the rewards. Embrace change. Can also mean recovering from an addiction. Things about to improve with this new beginning. What wonderful things lie ahead. No limits on expectations during this time of rebirth.

    ~~~~~ — ~~~~~
    * There are 22 cards of the Major Arcana that describe major events and turning points in our lives, and illustrate the structure of human consciousness; therefore, as such, hold the keys to life lessons passed down through the ages.
    ~~~~~ — ~~~~~

    HOW I READ IT – Overall Qualifiers (of central issue): Keeping in mind these cards appear to support, further shed light upon, and detail those meant to be clarified; herein, the three cards of the Foundation. And, since these three flew out in a specific order, reading them with that in mind is essential to feed the storyline.

    In this spread, we have a lawyer of full character thriving well within the legal web he contributes to and finds security within. He IS the Emperor! He clearly does release, as is pictured with the Ten of Swords, and understands the necessary value of such e̶x̶p̶u̶l̶s̶i̶o̶n̶… expression. You then have two cards signifying the end of a cycle and a new beginning on the horizon. Matching that with the eight of pentacles in reverse, the ending cycle and inevitable change are upon you in the way you do your legal work, how you feel about it, or that it is evolving within the current framework in a way that feels brand new. Changes are embraced fully, with strength, hard work, and without limitation or fear, possibly even leading to spiritual evolution. Hmmm. Spiritual evolution in the legal profession? I’m intrigued.

    These cute cards from the Earthbound Oracle Tarot Deck are always read in the upright and have NO booklet of explanation. You are to use your intuition, alone, to decipher the meaning. Again, as I had no expectation of getting three cards during the pop out, order feels significant to me. From bottom to top:

    Transformation: This meaning is clear. From the caterpillar to the butterfly, you have transformed.

    Intuition: You use your intuition, as an ouija board control piece, with the point of concern always magnified, but often with your heart upside-down.

    Time: Balanced above the earth, grounded at the apex of experience, you live above the blue sky (of open spaces, freedom, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity) while sure footed in the sands of yellow-gold (radiating creativity, protection, intellect, positivity and clarity), ever the translator of the signs and symbols of linear time, always transparent in your hour glass of 3D reality.

    HOW I READ IT – Spiritual Qualifiers (of/for u): The legal profession exists, you within. By and through its confines you perform with obsession, the likes of which is spiritually an expression of who you are… who you have become. Without fear, guided by your intuition, and in balance within the realm of time, you are divined to succeed by your own talent and effort, and continue on through transformation, if that is what you desire.

    I’ll take it! So, according to tarot, if I were to step into anything legal it would be of my own creation and co-exist, in balance upon, and in sync with the “me” in the beingness of all.


    YOUTUBE more YT

    After collecting and capturing the configuration of tarot, I took a moment to clear the energy in my head, much the same way I would of a room, in and around objects, or purely of the spaciousness of my immediate existence – with a wafting of white sage. In my case, I used my imagination and belief in the attainment of same, to sage the energy in and around the space of my self and of that of my friend. Then, quietly, I asked Oliver inside my head, Bring me what I need to view, and to review in order to embrace all possibilities of a “legal” obsession with the legal profession. Saging done! On to Youtube…

    I had a few pre-mature emissions, videos that seemed well placed to get my attention, but left me cold. In most cases they were really long; monotoned, boring, seemingly useless in the search of enlightenment. I gave each 5 minutes. If it didn’t speak to me in the time allotted, I moved on. Then came this one by tarot reader and psychic, James, from his channel James 13Wicca. It was top right along YouTube’s navigation column of “next” selections. Not sure what video I was watching at the time but I wasn’t paying attention. I was looking at James. Why? No idea, really. I just felt something – a pull. I clicked on the video you see below and let it play. And, note: I am not a Gemini.

    James 13Wicca | Gemini – A Great Friendship | June 2, 2017

    runtime: 12:04 (starts at 0:00)

    This wasn’t my first experience with James freaking me the fuck out with his readings. The first time one of his offerings appeared in my YT feed was sometime in May of this year, 2017. The reading, however, was for last October. Yes, Last October, 2016. Not even for my zodiac sign! And, get this! He was telling my story. My current day story, in detail. RICH detail. It was exhilarating and just fucking weird! I watched a few more around that time, and although accurate – VERY accurate, none topped the one that got me there. Then, weeks later it happened again. This one was for February and I ended up shaking like I’d consumed a 1/2 dozen cups of coffee. Again, talking “to me,” about me and what I was experiencing in that moment of now. How the fuck does he do that? I kept asking. I don’t ask that any longer. I just trust that whatever he says is going to be of value to me if it appears in my feed, unsolicited by my own hand. And it is – every time! Down to the words used… provable if I was willing to release emails and other communications to me or from me, in tandem with the applicable “James” video. I’m not. I have told him a couple of the stories, without giving away my sign or other things that might influence him in the future. Just enough to show him how he is actually connecting with people in their reality, and so as to thank him for doing what he does – offering the exchange of his talent for the price of a visit to his YouTube channel.

    So, let me get to my sense of what this videos does to add to my akashic of knowings relative to answering my friend’s original question, Would you ever consider getting back into the legal profession?

    The overall feeling is charged with positivity. Expressions such as success, flow of energy, “it works,” balance, equality, exciting, justice (card), co-creating, lots of ideas, and the like fall right into my alley of attention when thinking outside the 3D box. Matches my Want / Don’t Want list, too, as shared earlier in this daily churn. Not typical fare that would come to mind in relation to the legal profession – except maybe success; but whose? LOL.

    @ 1:30
    Shows the cards for two Pages (of equal stature in tarot); that of swards and of cups. Both messengers. Working well together. I feel this was signifying if I did venture into the legal again it would be a mutually beneficial arrangement.

    @ 1:53
    James mentions “balancing” out some things. Reminds me of the scales of Justice.

    @ 2:52
    James mentions being connected through an outside organization. My friend and I met at a local REIA (real estate investment association) and bonded on topics of the law. Just confirmation I was watching something that was “for me.” “Of me.”

    @ 4:24
    Energy of The Chariot – Major Arcana. A card of charging forward into new beginnings.

    @ 5:34
    Ace of Rods – Major Arcana. Another card of new beginnings (all aces signify this)

    @ 5:44
    Mentions renting of a hall in relation to this new beginning. Now, I’m not looking at this literally, but as confirmation that if I did do something in the legal field again it would be unconventional, of an informative nature – for the purposes of exchange, of sharing, of community support, or individual advancement, for the collective whole. That sort of thing.

    @ 6:22
    “… moving together as one unit.” to me references my desire to be One with all. Whole in process. Co-operative. Co-creative. That is what’s being confirmed here, for me.

    @ 6:46
    James keeps waving his hands in a forward movement fashion. Talks about how conducive the situation is. Then he references the equivalent of balance in rhythm and/or density, and actually repeats, “Counterweight” four times as his arms move as if balancing something on hand-held scales.. There’s that four again!

    @ 8:26
    “… you can build a stronger foundation based on similar pasts…” Foundation. That word choice signifies confirmation of the details outlined in the Foundation section of the tarot spread shared above.

    @ 8:38
    James actually brings out the Justice tarot card with nothing but positivity expressed therefrom.

    @ 9:30
    James brings out the Success tarot card, but the interesting thing that caught my attention is that it comes up as a qualifier for the 9 of Rods (aka Wands) card. I got the 10 of Wands card in the original reading above, see tarot of sexual magic deck, under Foundation. This video was released on 6/2/17 of this year, and today is 7/7/17. Plenty of time to translocate from a 9 to a 10 in the upward movement of process for any given project or purpose.

    @ 9:50
    Now you see the 8 of Pentacles repeated again, as originally presented in the tarot spread shared above. The only difference is in my pull the card is in reverse. Again, in a month’s time passing linearly, the metaphoric “you,” Gemini, could easily have gone from liking the legal profession, as is, to becoming disenchanted and looking for a way to revamp, re-energize, reinvent it! And you will, if that is your desire, she says to the metaphoric character of duality in the Lover’s card (Gemini’s card in tarot you goofs whose thoughts jumped off to the left somewhere.)

    @ 10:53
    James says “…money more” instead of “…many more.” Freudian? Maybe. To me it just signifies money… or better yet, abundance of all things can be, would be associated with any decision to step into the legal profession once again.

    HOW I READ IT – James 6/2/17 tarot read for Gemini: All systems go in support of this choice. It would meet your personal needs for an out-of-the box approach to the standard, while generating a co-creative energy flow of equality, abundance and fun.

    Wow. Didn’t expect that!

    Next up… Walk-about.


    WALK-ABOUT more WA

    Here is where it gets strange.

    By this time it was after 8:50 p.m. ET US and I realized I hadn’t eaten all day. Too lazy to make something, I grabbed the car keys and headed off to Wendy’s for no other reason than it was close, quiet – along a less traveled road, and quick. I’m not one who eats much red meat. Maybe a couple times a year at most. But there I was ordering a single cheeseburger and a chocolate frosty. Definitely not my normal meal, yet that was exactly what I was doing. Only later did I realize I had been immersed in the throws of legal thought and process; carnivorous in my mind. So, the ever empath. I grew carnivorous. LOL. And, the frosty? Who the fuck knows. Desire born of the carnivore? That’s what the tarot cards were showing, right?

    I ate quickly, wanting to get on the road. Took a handful of minutes to go retro-meditative; quiet. no music. no talking. just me and the floor. palms up. eyes closed. no thought. allowing.

    In that state I ruminated on my friend’s question, in the etheric. I just let go and focused on my desire for guidance and information to sooth the debunker in me, so I’d know, unequivocally, that any sourced connections were divined.

    Made it outside around 9:30 p.m. ET US. I was anything but ambivalent! The air felt electric. Near rain. The slightest bit foggy. There was no barrier in my mind between matter and spirit. No unresolved issues relative to my friend’s question. Being outside with the elements felt like coming home, without need for recognition, attention, nothing other than just to be.

    This time of exploration reminded me of a recent bit of clarity offered by Pamela Georgel in one of her recent readings.

    You must create your own future and divine presence is very strong around you right now. You are being talked to, pushed, urged, nudged by guides, angelic presences. Move forward! Get on with it! Divine presence… universal positive support is around you to do this. Blessings getting down to rain down on you.

    Little did I know that rain was going to play a key part in my walk. Speaking of key…

    I found this key just past Madison Ave. in my neighborhood, about a block from my house. Its golden color glowed in the light of the street lamp at the corner. It was smashed. Unusable. Beautiful in its revisited state. Since I knew its value to me; one not paralleled by any other, I picked it up. This walk was going to key in the results I desired. That was now clear. I made a mental note to also check the name James Madison, the Federalist from the Constitution days. I just got the feeling since the “golden” key was right there at Madison there may be something to it. I know… I know. Crazy, right? My life IS crazy! Haven’t you figured that out yet? And, if I didn’t get hits on this crazy “coming into my head” shit, I’d stop. But I do… so I do!

    Listened to a long track of beats music for the first 30 minutes or so of the walk. Same track, played from my SoundCloud account – one Oliver hasn’t hacked yet. After that I moved to Napster (formerly Rhapsody) and picked a playlist called, My Quantum Solice (misspelling accurate). Remind me to tell the story of how that playlist came into my hands. OH SHIT!! Otherworldly x infinity! Now… any of you who have a Napster music account, this playlist is public so go search for it. It may speak to you the way it forced its way into my experience and screamed in my ear!! LOL.

    So, MQS, playing songs of home. Or so it seems. Like I said, find it, play it, then tell me what you think!

    Waves Of Legal Obsession.

    Cell video shot while on walk-about last night.
    MOBIL users – this video may not play on all devices.

    I’m walking along a long stretch of beautiful road known as Brentwood Parkway. I see fireflies everywhere. I’m in love! Then, my music track switches, playlists and track, mid-stream. The song Say My Name by ODESZA begins. This music has lots of chime sorts of sounds tinkling in it, and my first thought was that’s the audio sensory experience of the visual firefly counterpart. I smiled. Then my attention was drawn upward and I noticed four planes (there’s that four again) flying just under the cover of fog, lights flashing, masked in a semi-transparent covering – just like the firefly. Now the correlation was getting cool! Man made firefly sparks, flashing in time with the music coming through my ear buds. And the kicker… a flatbed vehicle transporting semi-truck, parked along the Parkway flashed on and off several times, as if the owner was playing with me, with the lights of sky and earth, and of the music of ODESZA. It was fuckin’ fantastic! (see screenshot of my phone below showing that track in progress.)

    Next up, the song skipped again, mere seconds before it was to end. Same playlist, at least! This time, Mazzy Star began singing Into Dust. So, what do you think happened at that moment? The semi took off kicking dust all over the place, including down my throat! LOL. I walked and listened to the mood swaying vibrations and felt so connected to the energy of all that is. (see screenshot of my phone below of that track in progress.)

    By now it had begun to sprinkle, but I didn’t want to head home. About a half mile from my front door, I was greeted by the next of Oliver’s selections, Corinne Bailey Rae singing Like A Star. This time the connection was quite sensory, direct, and linked to the lyrics of the song. First line, Just like a star across my sky. What I saw at that very moment was the reflections of a street light in a puddle of rain water, with sprinkles rippling thereupon. The thing is… the way the light hit it, the direction of the slight wind, the overcast from the fog and the ripples from the mist created a star effect in the liquid. See for yourself in the video to the above-right. (see screenshot of my phone below of that track in progress.)

    For me, this walk-about was to bring me home, energetically and emotionally. To feel… to know… that all was perfect, keyed in, like a star (my zodiac sign for Aquarius), in sync. Beautiful. And I got it. Anything I wished to pursue would be perfect – even something in the legal profession, as long as I felt valued, free to play the game for the benefit of all and not to oil the machine, and as long as it made me happy. If those few desires are met I can do anything!

    Sidenote: I did google James Madison and found several pieces that reminded me of the value of good men with big dreams. Madison was one of those men. With all the possibilities known to human’s these days, of the linear and non alike, I wonder what Madison would say if asked…

    Would you ever consider getting back into the legal profession?


    Now you know the precipice edged by this journey, the elemental question remaining… what sort of fire can tornado across the grounding earth, able to out-burn the rains of everyday enchantment? If you, dear friend, confident lawyer, can answer this query, in kind exchange, then the fire you seek may be yours to ember.




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