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I love spiritual magic. In my world magick is real. Exists. Permeates the day. It is what levitates and holds my soul as the world vibrates around me.

I also love sex. It is one thing that can tether me in a place of sensory suspension, while still offering the sensation of floating in the throws of life’s magic. So, when I discovered there was a deck of cards called the Tarot of Sexual Magic I had to check it out.

This deck was designed by Laura Tuan, with the art work by Mauro De Luca. I’d link to their web site(s) if there were any but, alas, there are not. On quick review I couldn’t even find social media pages for them – just the cards. The only sites found in a quick Google are those that sell the cards; like this one on Amazon. Though, if you are so inclined, have a few extra minutes and a free hand (to click the mouse, of course), you may enjoy seeing the results of an image search for the deck. Some of them are fuckin’ hot.

I was first introduced to the deck by tarot reader, Veronica of Intuitive Pathways, a former pole dancer and now wife, mother, successful entrepreneur. A good friend of mine calls her work Tarot for Truck Drivers. LOL!! Appropriate! Even Veronica thinks so. I shared the same comment on a FB post of hers where she was doing one of her daily tarot reads on FB for the elements. Days later she must have been reading through what folks posted live. She came across my remark and said, I fucking love it, lol…thanks! Here is Veronica’s live FB reading for June 19th where the referenced comment was shared, if interested.

I fell in love with the cards immediately. They are sexy. Alluring. Erotic. An invitation to fantasy. And who doesn’t like that? Anyone who says they’d don’t, or look away in disgust is lying, pure and simple, whether just to themselves or to the world outside of themselves, no matter. We all do it, think about it, dream of it, fantasize about it, even, at times, obsess over it; as we breathe air. It just is. Why we feel the need to cloak it, closet it, close it off is beyond me. I’m grateful every day I can still do it! Anything else would be a waste of this tactile time in the reality of 3D, to me. It would be like saying, here’s this delicious piece of chocolate cake, or sugar cream pie, or baklava, and saying “No thanks. Jello is fine.” Now don’t get me wrong, I like Jello. Frankly, now that I’m thinking about it Jello COULD have a place in the bedroom – right next to whipped cream, honey and whatever else you can imagine, but as a descriptor for bedroom activities. BORING! And wasteful of the benefits given at birth. I love me my free benefits. Thank you Source!

Tarot of Sexual Magic Deck | 9 of Swords
The Magic of the Black Cat | Card title: Rubbing
Taking some distance to restore harmony, exciting to appease desire,
giving of oneself to let mystery die: even the world of love is the fruit of paradoxes. You must begin again after each error.

————————— ~~~~~ —————————

We are all sexual beings. No getting around it. The question is how do you allow that in as part of your overall journey? I’m not here to judge so I won’t delve into all the reasons why some folk shy away from sex; either by topic or action, while others gravitate towards it. Sex can be raw, guttural – oh baby! It can be a state of perpetual play, a safe space to explore your imagination and all else you can incorporate. It can also be a state of such deep connection to self, to the other, in a union of oneness that it moves from the carnal to the spiritual, and delivers a level of enlightenment only possible through the exchanges of energy that explode therefrom.

And, Oh what a feeling if I can quote JZ from his track, Picasso Baby, itself a bit of a sensual stimulant.

At 58, and one who has lived a varied life, it is my perception that most never explore the recesses of their sexuality, or even their sensuality. Reasons run the gamut from taught repression, belief systems, and fear to many more not worthy of further space on this blog. It is sad, really, considering the exultation derived from such purity of exclamation. Though this is not my area of focus, and additional observation may just invite that shit into my space and I ain’t having none of that. I’m decadent in my desire for sex. Happy to be. I feel sex and all that entails is a gift from Source – another pleasure amongst many free to all, and available to anyone willing to allow.

I discovered the deepest of sexual pleasure recently when I had an unprovoked kundalini experience. My first. Maybe one day I’ll talk about it, but right now it feels too personal. Suffice to say that our physical desire can manifest such a level of raw, naive, energetic release in harmonic multiplicity with the elements, that words cannot even touch the threads at the end of the cloth that raps the enrapture of the ecstasy of it. It is something everyone should experience in life – and it can be a gift you give yourself, though for the fullest of experiences I recommend you explore the extents of kundalini with a partner. More options if nothing else. Funny, the only friend I told of the experience said, “You must have been so afraid,” or “It must have been frightening for you,” or something like that. My answer was untrue, and why I said it was probably more to make him comfortable instead of me. I agreed I was afraid. But honestly, it was a great fucking experience with multiple orgasms exploding all over my body simultaneously. I couldn’t sit, couldn’t stand. couldn’t move in any way that didn’t further ignite the flame of explosion. It was wonderful! I loved it. I just didn’t understand what was going on at first. I had to go home and start looking up WTF that was before I truly had standing.

Since I am clearly open to discuss the benefits of sex in all measure, a friend asked me if I’d do a pull for her today using the Tarot of Sexual Magic cards. I said I would if she’d let me then use that pull to write a story around it in the same flavor I did with another here on the 1HP site entitled, Pin Me – The Divination of Ana. My friend agreed. So, that is what I’m going to do… in my next blog post. Right now, I’m off to shuffle a few cards.




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