My dreams are much grander than my shadows.
Natalie from Alchemy in You, (Pisces July 1-15 2017 reading “At The Threshold of the Portal!,” at 8:50)

It is 3:18 a.m. ET US. I just awoke from a dream knowing what to write today. It has to do with faith, trust, belief and knowing… that YOU are the Source of your everything. And, when you feel yourself falling, fearing, unfulfilled, ASK for guidance and you will get it.

Guidance from whom? From yourself, because it is the divine spark of you that is connected to the whole and it is that whole where the akashic of all resides.

BELIEVE… When left splits from right – even if only in your world, your perception, your experience, it feels momentous. It is our next move that decides all, right? Or so it seems, and facing that step is often all that stands between being and not being present and alive, desirous “of” that next move, any move for that matter.

We decide, right in that moment that what is ahead of us is what is right for us. And we step into it, whatever “it” is, right? Well, what about when that steps seems to defy logic? Then what? ASK…

Your dreams are much grander than your shadows, and you know it. Being a human it is inevitable that we will face challenges, moments of duality, moments when clarity seems never to arrive. It’s part of the deal when transport arrives pre-birth to take us to our divined destination. Yet, that doesn’t mean we’re without resources for anything we desire. That, too, is part of the contract. We are all here because we wanted to be. No matter the life we have. We choose.

I like the idea of that. Why? Because that means life is an adventure. Think about it. If you could live infinite lives wouldn’t it get stale to keep living the same one? No matter how grand it may feel? BORING! Let’s say this life I had it all – as defined by society at this moment in clock time. I was a multimillionaire. Had the house on the ocean, another in the biggest city, and another still in the land far away. Let’s say I had servants and jets and the cutest little family anyone could wish for. Great, right? Well, yeah, it is… but lifetime after lifetime? Yuk! What fun is that? Where’s the sportsmanship in that? Money can’t buy you experience and the experiences available are, too, infinite, limited only by your imagination. We just seemed to forget, or it was conditioned out of us along the way. Remember who you are, the power you yield, and you will know whatever you desire is yours for the asking.

Again, think about it. We’ve all played video games of some sort, or at least know what they are. Most gravitate to the ones with lots of shooting, blood, and gore. Others still lean toward a superhero type of game, like a Raiders of the Lost Ark, some Lara Croft sort of thing. Agreed? We know its true. Why? Because we all desire diversity, and the only way we feel that is possible is through vicarious attachment. That’s fine, but let me not veer too far left.

The point: Life is a gift. We can live it any way we want. No limitation. Limitations come from us. We create them. And we can uncreate them, too. There is nothing insurmountable you cannot overcome, move past, find a way to live within and without, or just disappear from your experience if you are so bold as to allow it. You just decide. And, when you need guidance, ASK…

I said that back in mid-December of last year (2016) when I was in Australia staying with friends. I was so taken to action with it that I grabbed a recent photo I’d taken at Whian Whian Falls in NSW and Photoshopped in that phrase. I wanted to shout it to the world. I wanted to world to know, they, too, are as I am. WE are powerful creators. What we lack, at various junctures, is the belief. That’s it. And, that belief often comes wrapped in a lot of baggage – mostly from thought. Our thoughts, that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, good looking enough, able to juggle enough, worthy of. Or, thoughts of another ilk, such as desiring to show this person, overthrow that one, prove this or that to another still. We either feel so weak we don’t know how to push on, or so powerfully strong all we want to do is dominate… show off. Well, those are ways to live. Experiences of imagination that could prove interesting or fun – maybe for a few hours of play, but to wake up every day and begin with that? I’m out, man!

Give me a piece of sky, clear, cloudy, or somewhere in between. I’ll take it! Give me the taste of peanut butter from the dregs left on the end of a knife after making a PBnJ. Heaven! Show me the wonder in a little kids eyes at the playground when they reach the top of the jungle gym for the first time, or tumble onto the ground at the end of a long slide down. THAT’s where I want my head. But that’s me. That’s what makes me happy. Though, as I said, we are all here for our own journeys, and anything is possible, so if there was no fear, no repercussion, guilt, humiliation, failure, what would you decide to do today? That’s a question worth asking.

All questions that lead towards advancement in self-belief are worth asking. I told my son recently, one who thinks I’m just plain nuts, that if he wants to prove me wrong all he has to do is try one thing I suggest and when it doesn’t work throw it in my face. Just one. I reminded him he could do this without anyone even knowing, as his thoughts are private and he can think and imagine and desire all he wants without a single human soul knowing. So have at it! That way, he could try, as an example, ASK his higher self, Source, God, whatever, for that million bucks he so covets. Or the new motorcycle (which he just bought, on the heals of a 6 months new car, I might add), and see how easily it manifests. Try for solace in his business dealings, or his domestic life and see how quickly you attain resolutions you hadn’t thought possible. Well, that one is still in the developmental stages. LOL. The point is, if you are “on the fence” about all this shit I talk, figure out what your biggest challenge is, or what you desire to the core of your being, or what one little issue, if resolved, would change your life forever, and ASK for guidance, for answers, for support, for help. It is there for you. You only need to have faith it will occur… believe in the possibilities, and they evolve into the physical.

“Then why aren’t you rich beyond your wildest dreams?” I’m so often asked.

I am! The thing is most don’t equate what I deem rich as what they perceive it to be. Different people. Different definitions. I don’t care about money. To me, money is just paper and metal we’ve placed value on. If you look at it in the organic, it’s just rectangles and circles with weight that we’ve decided has measure. That’s it. So why would I need that? I can’t eat it. Can’t use it to cover me from the elements. At least in its raw form. And, I get what I need from my own request for same. I prefer the exchange method for acquiring what I need in this 3D existence, though I’m not opposed to money. I have no aversion to it. I like it just like the next guy. I just don’t see it as the value. I am the value. You are the value. We offer the value. It is man in his attempts at wisdom that has decided that our value must have a tangible representation – thus money. Besides, I know I create. I REALLY create. So do you. If you want money you get money. If you want a place to stay you have a place to stay. I could swap out those words for others all day long, the concept is always the same. Let me give you an example.

I am currently living at my son’s house. I no longer own anything. I like it that way. I don’t wish to live here any longer for a myriad of reasons. I could have stepped into other digs many times since arriving home in late April. I just can’t decide which direction to go. If I could then the housing I seek is there for me. I’ve had four offers to housesit, a couple of which were dreamy. I’ve had two offers to stay with people I know; out of the blue, just because they wanted me to be nearby. I’ve been offered free passage to Australia and Dubai – tickets and a place to stay with both, for as long as I like. And, I’ve found a few places I could move in more traditionally in a town I so desire to live. All of these options present BECAUSE I asked for opportunities, and those opportunities from Source appear in relation to where my head is at any given moment. So, Source just delivers and delivers and delivers. It is me that’s in waiting. Me that hasn’t made up my mind what direction to go. Not at all for lack of opportunity. And, all I did was ASK…

So, I ask that you consider yourself today. What do you want? More than anything? Knowing the free will of those you may wish into that choice have their own choices, too (unless you’re into white or black magick and then… well, you can do that. The question, then, is… will that give you what you think it will. Will it look like you envisioned, or will it just feel like another trap within a different setting?). Because you can. Starting today. Beginning right now! All you have to do… all you’ve ever had to do was decide.




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