Walk Through The Portal

I had the most amazing night!

I decided to walk over to the local Chinese restaurant and pick up some rice. I do that. Just get a pint of white or brown rice, take it home and add on from there. The bodega is a few steps away and they have the best coffee, so I was going to get some of that, too.

I opened the front door to be greeted by a lightening storm. “Fuck it,” I thought. “I’m going anyway.” And I did.

I loved it! The crackling light followed by the most delicious sound in the world. Thunder! The mood was struck.

Got the rice. Grabbed the coffee. When time to return home it had begun to rain… HARD! So guess what I did. I walked right out in it and began my journey home. It was funny. People huddled in packs along any area with coverage. I just trucked on. My clothes were so wet after about a block that I looked like I was in a wet T-shirt contest. I had to ring my socks out when I got home before I could hang them to dry. I did, however, jump in a few puddles so that’s on me!

Then I put my rice on the kitchen counter (where I just found it this morning), changed my clothes, took my coffee back outside (where it had stopped raining) and sat on the back stoop looking up. The moon was of the type that shows up in slasher movies. The stars a hit and miss bright. I sat there for two hours, taking in the quiet. Meditating in the flow.

It reminded me that what Natalie from Alchemy in You said yesterday was right. I am at the threshold of the portal. I walked in again last night. And, I walked back through, too. I was here and there, and so many places simultaneously in that state of multi-dimensionality. (see clip below starting at 25:31 – 29:34.) I think I’ll do it again today!

Then there’s Natalie magic. She talks about the establishment of a foundation where my creativity flows, (see clip below starting at 29:34 thru 33:53.) and where what I’m divining up is a tradable commodity. That’ll make my lawyer happy! LOL.

I’m ready! Ready to transverse the portal as needed. Ready to creatively commodify. I’m just ready! Bring it on…

Starts at 25:31t and goes thru 33:53

Natalie from Alchemy In You | Pisces reading for July 1-15
AT THE THRESHOLD OF THE PORTAL! | Posted, June 29, 2017

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