Didn’t You Just Say That?

Déjà Vu. We’ve all felt it at one time or another. Well, this morning I got a HUGE dose when I opened a video from Natalie of Alchemy In You – one she had just posted.

I get notifications on my phone and thru email when Natalie posts something on YouTube. She is the only one whose videos I follow with such obsession. It is the connection I feel towards her, and how she has, so very often, imparted what I can only call prophesy towards the energetic me. Many of Natalie’s interweaves have been documented here at the 1HP site. Use the “search” box top right and type in Natalie. You’ll see what I mean. So, when I got a pop up at 1:45 a.m. ET US, and was awake, I thought, why not. And then it began…

… that erie feeling one has when Déjà Vu occurs. You know what you just experienced happened in the now, yet you feel connected to another point in time and space where you also have direct recollection of the same event(s). Sometimes they are identical, right down to the laces in the shoes the other has on. Other times it is the experience of having two unique circumstances parallel so tightly you can’t tell where one ends and the companion piece puzzles in. It was this second sort I found myself navigating.

Yesterday afternoon, a friend and I were talking about new beginnings and how to move through the process from desire for something to change to transmutation. The conversation was lively and I enjoyed every syllable. I really like it when I have the chance to explore possibilities with someone. Thus, why I remembered it so well. Then Natalie’s mid-month reading for Gemini began, one she’d entitled Standing at the Threshold!! From the very start it blew my mind…

I’ll leave it at that. No reason to share more, other than to state that at .18 she opens the pathway with “…I was meditating on your energy…” and a repeat of my conversation the afternoon before replayed. The common thread between my conversation and what Natalie was saying continued in step to a point so far into the video I thought it limiting to pick an arbitrary place to stop the play in order to keep the clip short. So, I’m sharing it in it’s 51:42 entirety.

The point? I’m connected today. W A Y connected, and I love it! That’s what manifests when I feel good. I find I connect, and magic happens. How about you?

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