Why Love Matters

As Nikola Tesla said,

There is no energy in matter other than that received from the environment.

That’s what I mean when I say Why Love Matters. It is LOVE that moves matter, uses the electromagnetic field around all to communicate, connect and comply in a co-creative collectiveness thereafter to retain form. It is a cooperation between the energy that is our soul and the matter that makes up our physicality. That form can be transformed… shape-shifted into whatever you desire. It takes knowing how to manage the dial of frequencies you can tap into, and how to match your own to the one you seek. LOVE is a force, a wave of frequency so potent that it can shape, and reshape matter into being. That’s how I feel and what my experience has been.

Love is a great creator. A bold manifester. If you love something, some object, lifestyle, lovestyle, or practice, and that thing you covet generates positive returns, then you’ll get more of that… more positive returns. If what you covet generates the alternative, then loving it – attracting it to you – generates more of the same. The wonderment then becomes what energy do I want around me? What fosters my creation? Am I willing and able to love at all cost in order to create at the peak of skill? These choices are ours. We can choose to love as we wish. No one can tell us not to feel a certain way. We do or we don’t. The power of the frequency of love is all giving. It just begs the question, do you really want what you are loving?

And, what is love to you, really?

I had a conversation with a friend weeks ago about love. It boiled down to my saying one person should be able to acknowledge how they felt about anything, including love to any other. And, to love someone didn’t mean the one being loved had anything in their environment change. All stayed the same. It was just that one more person loved you. I couldn’t see how that caused so much strife but it does. It was just one person loving another person. No label needed for the feeling to exist. No label possible. It’s just a feeling.

My friend was of the opinion that communally, you know, in the broader view – from the social standpoint, the peer view, it is suspect to allow such a feeling to be expressed.

All I could think of was the use of the word “allow?” That’s an interesting choice. It is as if, say, one person rejects the advancements of another, the one making the advancements is suppose to feel guilty or otherwise negative about their expression, and should probably recoil – at least the feelings. It’s as if we place the conditioning upon those who co-exist with us, the need of permission to feel some way about another? We feel how we feel no matter how the other reacts. Right? It just is. Then to be told, or to be made to feel you cannot have that feeling unless it is approved by the one upon whom it is directed. OLD THINKING! Unless… the one offering the adoration expects something from the one he/she is adoring, then that’s when the liberty of one needs to be in check with that of the other; otherwise, any one is free to feel any way about any one any time they wish.

And, the thing is, that’s the way it should be. Being aware that feelings like love and gratitude and all the others that come to mind along that abacus of thought ARE the tools of creation – what makes our reality a physical, sensory experience. So, why would anyone attempt to limit one person’s feelings for you? By allowing those feelings to exist… when they do not disrupt your flow, or interfere with your routine, you are inviting the other to create, because you are welcoming the feeling of love upon which creation generates form from matter.


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Note: All photos used herein were taken at Byron Bay, NSW, Australia on 1/7/17, known for its magical, transformational energy.




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