Michael Talbot’s Holographic Universe

One of my favorite books is Michael Talbot‘s The Holographic Universe, 1991. I recently ran across the only visual interview I’ve ever seen of him earlier today, recorded sometime after his book was published and about six months before he died on May 27, 1992. It was for the popular, serious interview program entitled Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D.. That 27:44 interview is below; however, let me share my thoughts on Michael Talbot.

Other than the family bibles, Talbot’s The Holographic Universe is the only book I always seem to have a copy of. You see, I gave up storing books years ago. I use to have shelves and shelves of them dating back to primary school, in some cases. So, I swept in one day, boxed it all up and gave them away to the local library, Pop’s Garage Sale Store off of Union Blvd., and anyone who would take them. Now, if anyone gives me a book, I read it and then try to find it a good home. Otherwise, off to Pop’s! So, to say I almost always have a copy of The Holographic Universe is saying quite a bit; especially the way I travel. My “good book” of the divined Universe.

What struck me when I read it for the first time was the number of scientific experts Talbot interviewed. He wanted to get across a message of what this world was, materially, and what it wasn’t. A sort of in the style of Dale Carnegie’s How To Win Friends And Influence People for the consciousness crowd. In essence, what Talbot pontificates, and then goes out to prove, is that the physical world we perceive is a projection – a holographic projection, one divined from repeating fractals, and one that is only real when we put our attention (intangible consciousness) on it.

Near the end Talbot mentions the 3-pack; Frequency, Energy, Hologram – what the mind brings back after near death experience. That’s so close to the oversold Tesla quote, If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Two brilliant minds. Two similar trains of thought. Attention to this connection may render an advancement in self-awareness.

Some of the things Michael Talbot touches on in his video interview below,

  • @ 1:24 Scientific history of the “model” of the Holographic Universe
  • @ 2:12 What does “being holographic” really mean?
  • @ 4:08 Two ways a holographic can manifest
  • @ 5:53 Talks about the theory in terms of quantum mechanics
  • @ 9:01 Karl Pribram’s research on holograms and memory discussed
  • @10:17 Holographic Model, “The Whole Is Contained In Every Part.”
  • @11:30 Fourier transform – The mathematical concept that supports the theory of visual and sensory components being of holographic origin.
  • @12:52 Talbot discusses his out-of-body experience as a kid
  • @14:41 Prejudice alone that keeps us assuming there is nothing more beyond this reality
  • @16:12 The controversy over quantum physics explained
  • @17:23 Discussion of “subject,” “object.”
  • @19:10 Our ability to heal ourselves through visualization and more.
  • @23:32 Connection between brain and body explored
  • @24:27 Ghosts, psychokinesis, life after death.
  • I believe I am consciousness living out a physical experience through the grace of Source. I do not feel I am anything less than an energy signature, and that I exist on multiple plains simultaneously. If Talbot and the dozens of scientific experts he interviewed for his book are even close to accurate, then I am what I think I am without equivocation. I welcome you to join me, anytime.




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