One Day They’ll Know

I feel so good today! Must be all the meditating. I’ve been a meditating machine this last week. Hours at a stretch. So close to self… in a state of hiraeth.

The day is near when we will be aware that we rise and we fall on our own volition, and will embrace the earth with all we have, knowing all it offers in return… and its brethren; the moon, sun, planets, stars, nebula, galaxies, to infinity. Through infinity. An endless heart.

Its a revolution of sorts; one of the conscious vs. the un. The experiencers vs. the factually done. The akashic-ified vs. those from Wikidom. We are from a different planet, universe, dimension, existence. Yet here we are. We exist. You exist. Who are you? Have you ever asked yourself? What was your answer?

Before my Atlantean meditation sessions my answer would have been different than it is this day. Yesterday I’d have said, leave your worries under the closest bayberry, or whatever grows where you flow. Today I’d say welcome those worries into your back pocket and see where they root. Follow that vein to the origin of all you are. Find that point of organelle thought, and find your reason. Your reason for having coffee vs. tea for breakfast. You recollection of why you turn toward or away from screams at the mall. Why you stand strong, or less so. The wind blows all the answers into the vastness of your beingness. You just need to fine your tuner to receive.

I was once a soldier in the economic army. I worshipped at those magnificent temples of abundance and blue steel where humans in tailored suits control the fate of billion dollar corporations and the millions of men and women who operate within them. I was a destroyer. A woman like me.

Then came awakening and economics were exchanged for energetics. Worship became gratitude for myself and all the gifts I have to call upon. where control is swapped for consideration, knowing the same power holds – it is just perception that has changed. I perceived the power of the destroyer as that of the creator effecting the billions in value who live within and without them. A woman like me.

For example, today I know I am all I need until I desire. Yesterday I’d have thought I am all I need, with desire outside of myself. A separate component. What if I WAS the desire. That my desire always had consciousness and was the molecule from which my DNA strands into element. It is from that desire all else is born into my world, so why not the desire be the liveness and I be the spark of that desire. I am energy. Purely energy. The rest is an illusion. So, today, I choose desire. My desire. And in that thought I am happy.

There is a Universe inside of you. A Galaxy! Bigger! If I could color you with all of my thoughts could I bring you to this higher place with me. Would you allow me to? I’ll bet you don’t even know the color of your own Universe yet. It is the color of you. Most days I’m based in a hue of lavender. That, I understand, is the color of psychic ability and the unknown. Fitting. What color are you?

I’ve included two photos of water, if you bring in the banner / blog page placeholder, and one video of water dripping off of a patio table’s glass top. To me, the way water moves is a visual representation of what waves of frequency are like. Audio waves are similar, as are waves of heat atop a steamy piece of concrete. If you can sense these images then you may be able to step forward into your Universe. It is there, waiting. Always there for you. And, it is real… if you allow yourself to accept.

Within desire is the origin of love. It is my fertilizer, my secret sauce. Without it I’m just another energy signature floating around, unconscious, embodied, existing for the sake of it. With love I am alive. I have the energy of 11,000 warriors throughout the ages behind me, inside of me, with me, around me. Of me. They are me. And, I am happy.




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