5th -n- Flower

On May 13th Natalie from Alchemy In You posted her mid May Pisces reading on YouTube. On May 15th I was on a train headed to the florist, Blooms in Park Slope, Brooklyn, about a 1.5 hour ride away, to see what I could find at 5th -n- Flower. Why? Because at 33:42 Natalie suggested I do so. Listen to the short clip to the left where she mentions my being telepathically connected to something or someone and how all she’d have to do is give the address of 5th & Flower and I’d be there. She was right! I was curious.

Natalie | Alchemy In You | Pisces Mid-May 2017 Reading | COMING FULL CIRCLE!!
runs from 33:42 thru 34:32

Note: The tarot deck Natalie uses is called, The Wild Unknown.

If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop,
simply click your mouse anywhere on the player status bar.

Now, a friend and I feel Natalie may just live in Brooklyn, simply because of the background noise one hears and the airport of such size being nearby. A long shot, sure, but everything with Natalie is that. And, everything odd with Natalie pans out, so the fun begins once she shares an odd sort of phrase in the body of one of her readings. Like this one – a mention of a specific location out of the blue in an unrelated video. Curious. A lead maybe? To what? Who knows. I didn’t care what she asked me to do, just that it seemed plausible at the time, as I genuinely felt I’d find something once I got there. So I began to look for locations near me on Long Island, NY. Nothing. I wasn’t surprised. I wasn’t expecting one here. but in… well, Brooklyn.

My home on Long Island is just 35-40 miles east of New York City (which includes the boroughs of Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and the Bronx). I checked Manhattan. No 5th & Flower or florist on 5th. Same results in Queens. With Brooklyn, however, I hit pay dirt. No corner named 5th & Flower, but there was an established florist on 5th Ave. in Park Slope called Blooms. A florist on 5th. Good enough connect for me to attempt a follow up and see where Natalie’s lead led.

Park Slope is a nice area. Like Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Forest Greene Carroll Gardens and Clinton Hill Park Slope is within walking distance of Brooklyn Heights – the cream of the Brooklyn crop. Back in the mid-90’s I spent a lot of time in the specialty neighborhoods of Brooklyn & Harlem with a girlfriend who was a real estate agent, scoping out investment opportunities for clients. I loved spending time in those locations then, and it made for a great reason to return.

It took a 55 minute, off-peak ride on the Long Island Railroad that got me into Penn Station where I walked outside and over to the N-subway line at 34th & Broadway in NYC. Jumped into the car and stayed on another 20 minutes to 4th Ave. & 9th St in Brooklyn. When I got out and walked the block and a half to the florist I wasn’t sure what I thought I was going to do once I got inside. Look around? But for what? I guess I’d know it when I saw it. So I took a deep breath and went inside.

I was greeted by two women and 1 man. It was a charming little place. Just what you think of when you think flowers in the City. Railroad style – straight back in a single slide of a pencil over floor-plan paper. The scent was reviving – especially for one who only regained the sense of smell a few months prior while in Australia after 30 years! And, I kept my eyes open. All I saw were flowers of all colors; blues, purples, yellows, whites, rose-reds, and so many others, until a bowl of jewelry crossed my view.

The younger of the two women was also a jewelry maker. I wasn’t in the market for any crystals or stones, though I always love me a good pocket stone. Yet, that seems the most logical of all I viewed as to why Natalie would send me here. Unless I was simply a genuine nut job and no one sent me anywhere. I was just crazy! I always leave that option open – one day it may just prove true. LOL. So I chatted up the two women, bought a bracelet of crystals meant to ward off evil energy (and who can’t use that?), and hit the road. You can see the piece I purchased in the photo to the left of it laid atop some of my other essential crystals. I was happy to be in Park Slope. Spent the next 30 minutes walking around the area and checking out the real estate prices and availabilities.

I decided to hit the N train for two stops to Atlantic Avenue and transfer to the express R train the rest of the way back to Penn Station. So, as I hit the subway car I just sorta zoned out. Focused into the nothingness and faded into light thought. Two stops is pretty quick so I didn’t plan to stay bound to my placement for long. Mere moments before exiting – with the train slowing and the station in sight (I was in the first car so I could see the track from inside the rear window). It was then that I saw what I’d really been in Brooklyn for. Natalie hadn’t sent me to buy the bracelet, but to notice the subway poster I was about to lay eyes on.

Ted Kooser’s A Map of the World | click image for larger view

There it was! I didn’t realize the significance until I got home and started following the leads provided in that subway car, but I knew it was important. It caught my attention. The words presented in the poem. It was the title that got my attention, but why I have no idea. Then I saw the cool design underneath the words and I was curious to know more.

Now I rarely carry anything other than a little change purse in my jeans and a set of keys. That day, however, I had my backpack and inside it there was a spiral notebook and a pencil! With seconds to spare, I jumped over to the poster, wrote down the only thing I had time for and that was the name of what I thought was the author of the piece, as the name appeared, “Dan Zeller, International Connectivity, 2012.” MTA sponsored. The doors opened as my pencil scratched out the final “2” in 2012 and I leaped off in a single bound before the doors slid back into their closed pocket positions. I figured my note was enough info that I could look up the poem when I got home and read it at my leisure.

Off to Central Park, a visit to Strawberry Fields (at approx. 74th and Central Park West). Then home again to find out what digital treasure I had acquired.

Dan Zeller’s Internal Connectivity
click image for larger view

The poem was A Map of the World by Ted Kooser. The art was that of Dan Zeller’s. Together they created a huge clue for me. The map was of the NYC subway with little expansions, as if someone blew an air beneath central station hubs and bubbled them up a bit from the underside. It WAS a visual representation of a collective in so many ways, and how the energy of one individual impacts the whole. We ride a train. We carry with us our personal perceptions, opinions, views, baggage and positivities. At each stop we interact. Those interactions impart a bit of ourselves on those we come in contact with. If we are happy our exchanges are so, too. If we are assholes, then those who meet us meet an ass. You get the idea. So now branch that out and look at the map. So many people. So many interactions. So much influence one individual can have on the collective – that one person… me! You. Any of us. And, my mission – to be that individual who drops bits of information and experience here and there and in the offering gift the concepts of creation and reality, and multi-dimensionality, and so forth.

Check out Zeller’s full subway installation project here, and see all of the map designs he modified to reflect interaction with the collective.

So, you see, when Natalie says, I’ll tell ya to meet me on, like 5th -n- Flower. I know you’ll be there, and I will! Waiting for the message to come. Knowing it is on its way. Being the messenger, the receiver… for you. For us all. So, Natalie, where next?




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