Solace At Sabino Canyon

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On October 4th, 2016 I rode my bicycle 28 miles (round trip) to Sabino Canyon north/east of Tucson AZ with a friend. Once there, we hiked 7 miles to the top of Blackett’s Ridge Trail and back again. What a fuckin’ day! W O W.

On the way up a huge hill we passed a condominium complex called Solace. Appropriate, as that is the exact word I’d use to describe the overall experience. Solace. One of the main reasons is all of the water. Water falls. Rivers. Creeks. Still water. Everywhere you looked there was more and more water.

Water is a conductor of all sorts of energy, and you can feel it. The frequency generated by the sound of water, alone, is rejuvenating. A method of etheric communication, as well, the frequency of water is a two way device. It receives and it sends. Masaru Emoto demonstrated that with his myriad of experiments with the effect of our thoughts on water. If you don’t know who that is, Google “water consciousness” or “effects of our thoughts on water.” You’ll get dozens of articles on his work and just as many videos. He was right. Water conducts energy – all sorts, including that from our own thoughts.

What about the reverse? What about how water effects us, and why do we care?

I know that my best ideas come to me in the shower. Always have. It is the water falling all over my skin and how that act merges with my own energetic chemistry. When it rains my creative juices always flow; but in all fairness, I gotta give it up to thunder and lightening, too. How water attracts and reflects light, as well, is an indicator of it’s holographic integration with the other physical elements. Add to that the fact that our own body is 50-65% water. Imagine how our thoughts impact our own physicality! And, what about outside factors and their influence over our reality simply due to the effect their own frequencies have on the water contained in our cells!

So how can we use water?

First, drink a ton of it. Water cleanses and clears; both in the physical and the spiritual. As Deepak Chopra shared on Oprah back in the early 1990’s (or that’s at least when I saw it – a sick day off from work), that every cell in our body is replaced every 7 to 10 years. The healthier you are the faster that clock ticks.

Think about that! EVERY SINGLE CELL in your body is different today then it was 7 years ago. That means you can use thought to alter your health, your body chemistry, change how you look – in every way. Depending on your attitude you could get younger or older. Growing younger IS possible. You just need to believe. Our bodies age as we get older because we are taught they do. Nothing more. And, if you pump positive frequencies, like love, joy, gratitude, solace, peace, anything that’s of the upper energy field you add to your personal ability to regress. If you carry doubt, worry, fear, concern, disappointment, depression, anger, or basic stress – any of that leads to aging. NOT the passing of time. Frequency, water, and how we work with the elements at play in our experience, do. Part of the magic native to this reality.

Next, immerse yourself in it. Take a bath. Go swimming. Jump in a fountain! Do something. The conductive energy intensifies and more directly connects you to the etheric. You feel it right away. If you allow, water takes away the negativity. Pulls it in from you and then disburses and disintegrates it through a variety of means; such as evaporation, dissipation, the movement of tides, stuff like that. I’m not a scientist. I’ve just talked to a shit ton of them in the consciousness field – especially at the University of Arizona. I use to frequent the campus, hang around the buildings and people I wanted to meet, and did! (Another example of how you attract what you desire simply by desiring and allowing.)

Finally, allow the awareness of its healing power. That’s it. Just give in. Think of water like the sun. We all know that standing in front of it and letting its rays melt onto and through us brings feelings of happiness and bursts of energy. So does water. Yet, water is a device of communication and rejuvenation / rebirth, where the sun, to me, is more of an immediate emotional healer and energizer. It is whatever we wish it to be. We decide. It is our reality.

So, if you live anywhere near Tucson, AZ, or any other place where water permeates, take advantage of its waiting properties. If you’re a City kid, open the fire hydrant! Now you know I”m serious, but you may not be ready for that level of perceived deviant behavior. Then, turn on an outside spigot, or hose, or just run water in the sink and put your hands under it. Any/all methods work. Believe in the change you seek. Then wait… and you will get exactly what you are willing to allow. Again, simple, right?

And, if all else fails, find solace in the everyday. It’s there. It is always there waiting for you to call it in.

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