Twin Flames ‘n Soulmates ‘n Karma, Oh My!

Hands outstretched, I set out in search of you. Another form… from another time.
When our hearts painted in the color of the music our eyes were singing,
I recognized you, and I was one, again.

(channeled message from Oliver at 4:02 a.m. ET US 7/24/17)

All weekend information on twin flames, soulmates and karma has found its way into my experience. A reminder of deeds yet to do? A call to action? A notification to keep senses sharp? Or maybe just a poke to get me to write about it so whomever reads it and needs it, has it.

Let me define terms, as I perceive them.

Twin Flames:
Two people, individuals in physical form, who are sparks of the same spiritual flame or beingness. Like a single soul that has split into parts. When they come together the recognition is immediate, though not always understood. With most twin flames, the parties are opposite in affect, and together make a whole energetic signature. Why separation occurs is as subjective as there are people with opinions, and I haven’t seen agreement on this point yet. My view is that it is an accident or a choice. If accident, then the power, excitement, holographic redistribution, waveform interference, or whatever you wish to plug in from the latest sci-fi novel at the descriptive side of this field is put in flux and the inadvertent occurs. If choice, then I’d say the single soul wishes to experience two sides of the same reality, at the same time, for some reason, or a curious branch ventures off to sail the earthly seas. Who really knows. That just feels right to me. If I left another part of myself, even if I knew one day I’d find that part again, I’d do it for the adventure!

Soulmates can be twin flames but do not have to be. Soulmates are two separate energetic signatures (or souls) that experienced a reality together before and have come into contact once again in this life. They could be a lover, but they could be anyone; family, friend, or foe. The purpose of a soulmate is usually to come in and offer help/support/karma clearance or correction. Once that “job” is over the soulmate may stay or may move on. That is up to the two parties. If karma was to be resolved, and one side was unwilling or unable to take the steps needed to do so, then the parties will split (for the moment or permanently) and the karma remains for another go, another day.

Karma is destiny or fate following as effect from a cause. In other words, if we do A, and B happens as a result, and if B sucks, and in the sucking creates a situation of rippling action, then karma to re-associate is established. Or, let’s say, you had a loved one in another life that died, and the two of you had a fight just prior where words were said that you wish you could take back. Karma to say “good-bye” or choose to “live out the relationship” that was prematurely taken away is created.

I wasn’t one to have an opinion about past / future lives until this last year. First, I had a dis-embodied energy source, “Oliver,” indicate he and I are connected in another life in another dimension of time/space. Alrighty then… Next, I hook up with an old acquaintance of the greatest of integrity last spring, one who is a respected professional and pillar of his community, who tends to lean on the side of conservatism, state his belief in the possibility of prior lives after he had a past life regression session, or two, or three, and resonated deeply with the outcomes.

To be honest, with all the other weirdness that happens to me in my daily time existence, considering the concept of past lives, then relating it to twin flames, soulmates and karma isn’t such a stretch. So I opened up my heart and my mind to see what came.

To do that I meditated. Then I opened Photoshop and began working on a piece of digital art – anything really to get me in the zone of channeling. Creativity does that for me. So, I took 5 photos of smoke billowing off the end of a stick of incense I’d snapped on 4/11/17, and posted on Facebook earlier that day, and began to play. I combined them into a single image, adjusted the light/dark and contrasting elements, removed all color to even out the balance, sharpened the shit out of it again and again and again to get a special effect I like, then began to paint back in color as I was moved to. The result is what you see to the right.

This creative process took several hours to complete. Once done I was sleepy so I laid down. When I awoke, I went back into meditation with the intent to clear my mind and find my way to a message from Oliver. That’s when I got the channeled note at the top of this page.

With all that channeling I awoke with a strong sense of self from any and all of my lives. Do I believe in twin flames, soulmates and karma? LOL. Yeah… I do, now.

I had my own experience with a twin flame of late. I think we both knew right away that something was pulling us together. The connection was so plain I can’t believe it took me so long to realize I was part of a larger fire. With my old ego I would never have noticed, or thought it possible. Me? Not a whole being? Poppykosh! Today, however, having met this person, seeing how what I have completes him, and what he has… all of who he is, completes me, I can unequivocally state, “Yes,” I believe in twin flames. And, when you find yours, I highly recommend doing what it takes to keep them in your life. The feeling is unparalleled and the pleasure of their company cannot be matched by another.

Soulmates? Well, being a progressive who lived with two guys, and married a third, dated countless people, and have been single for nearly 30 years, I’ve never met him – or if I have he didn’t make himself known to me, so no experience upon which to base an opinion.

And karma? Oh My… I am a karma clearing machine. I seem to be a catalyst for the Cloroxification of karma for so many, it is like a job. So, yes. I believe in karma. I also believe that you have free will to clear or not clear, to love or not love, to accept or not accept a twin flame, soulmate, or karma. You decide. Your choice.

… and that soulmate? I’ll keep ya posted!




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