Purge . Converge.
The above is a direct message channeled from Oliver this morning around 1:42 a.m. ET US.

Last Friday I decided to expand my options. You see, I’ve been waiting for a certain situation to work through its natural course. I know I’ve been called to connect with a certain person who, too, was called to connect with me. We’ve tried a number of hook-up types; parent/child, sibling, peer-to-peer, best friends, business colleagues, but fruition to any sort of organic endpoint has been any thing but fruitful. We just spin through cycles of relationships waiting for one to click in. Nothing yet – though the pull to a knowing of the rightness of it continues.

After months of unresolved attempts at stitching together the pieces of an in-person connection, I decided to take a 3D action to jump start momentum. I contacted my travel agent, asked her to price out a ticket to Australia and to let me know when the best date was to leave while garnering the best ticket price. In transparency, I told this friend of my actions, intent being to inform, not to indicate a decision to leave had been made. This person made the leap to assume I was good to go and wished me well.

This whole process has been confusing for me, and I’m sure for my friend. But it has also provided an opportunity for me to demonstrate how the Universe works with us to create, and how freewill fits in.

Let me start by showing what happened with my tentative trip explorations.

This morning I meditated. I am an open vessel which, I believe, is why I’m able to connect back and forth between this reality and others. As such, I stayed open with the simple feeling of gratitude for all possibilities. Staying. Going. The fixed. The unknown. I was open to the best good. In that state I was at peace. As with all great meditation sessions, this one eventually moved off the linear timetable from the now into the then. And I let it go.

Within a few hours after that meditation, and a few hours of one another, I received two unsolicited opportunities to house sit in Australia. Both were in locations I sought. Both fit back to back perfectly so as to cover the first two months of my three month stay in OZ. Both from homeowners in Australia when no Aussie has ever contacted me before and I have never replied to a housesitting opportunity there. Here are those two communications, in chronological order of receipt.

Opportunity #1: runs from 9/18/17 thru 10/13/17. click image for larger view


Then this one… Opportunity #2: runs from 8/24/17 thru 9/16/17 click image for larger view


It blows my mind that once you open yourself up to ‘possibility’ what can be clicked into place, is.

Here’s my take, one I’ve shared before. It isn’t that availability of all I needed to take a trip to where I wanted to go in Australia when I wanted to go presented. It is that I have this option available to me, and I was able to attract it because I am open and so were these opportunities.

Freewill can impact what you attract, too. If you want to make Brad Pitt your boyfriend you can, but will he want that? This is the question and where freewill comes in. The Universe will bring him to you. Don’t believe me? Ask. He’ll show up. One of his movies will come on TV, or the news, or you’ll find he just passed you on the streets of NYC. Something like that. But… your deep desire to have your own BPites is outside the scope of Source’s interaction. It will only co-create with you when everyone agrees; otherwise you may find Source bringing you its best in the form of BP bobbleheads, and posters, and coffee mugs.

I also believe we all have an infinite number of options available to us, and the Universe will give us what we ask for as long as it is in support. I believe there are some things divined to occur. I believe these divined things have energetic, cyclically significant, and possibly even organically destined factors for the evolvement, and/or forward movement of the holographic energy we refer to as reality. Those things of a psychic nature will occur, and if our choices interfere with that, the frequency of our desire is… well, blocked! Or, whatever has to be done at that stage/level to interfere with the transmission.

So… If I buy the ticket to OZ today my accommodations are taken care of. All in less than a week. All without my doing anything other than signing up with the service, making one phone call to my travel agent, and staying energetically open to all possibilities. Simple. Done!

Now, let’s go back to the situation between my friend and I that remains unresolved. Reflections of a masquerade. You look at a matter as if panes of glass in a larger mosaic. Nothing is real in the reflection, but the reflection, itself.

We’ve got two people both professing to be emotionally and energetically open to a destined connection of a spiritual sort. You have numerous attempts made, using numerous strategies, under numerous sets of circumstances to achieve this goal of finding the fit for the greater good. You also had that same experiment go on for the personal good, the local community good, and the untold good of others. No fit. No fit. No fit. So, when two spiritual people, both feeling called to connect, attempt same to no avail, what does that say? There is no God? No Source. No higher something or other in play? Is that saying these two people’s feeling of being pulled is bull? What is that saying?

I believe in my intuition. I know it to be trustworthy, for me, and that’s all I need to know. I don’t need to prove myself to any other, especially in advance when gut instinct trumps logic, why I go this way or that. I just need to know to go. When another says the same to me, I have to trust that, too.

So, if two people feel a connection is divined but it isn’t working, what might be the cause? Here is my short list:

  • one of these two people is fooling him/herself. In the doing, they could be flip flopping on what they are asking for and/or attracting. One or the other could also be putting up mental blocks to completion for numerous reasons.
  • another person is blocking you. Whether psychic attack done with or without knowledge, or simply someone close to you using their energy to block your field so the energy trying to make its way to you or from you is thwarted.
  • Source takes a look and says, Nope! That could be because what you want isn’t what is to be, or maybe the way you are “efforting” to achieve it is not the way it is to roll out, or it is pre-mature, or everything isn’t yet in place, or your connection was destined and the “job is done.” Etc. Etc.
  • In other words – blocked. Blocked by one of the involved parties, an outside 3rd party who has energetic influence over the situation, or Source. That’s it. One of those. Each type creates a facade that at least one of the involved parties cannot see past. Maybe both. And, in that masquerade confusion, miscommunication, anything but effective connections occur.

    Sometimes you have to be patient and wait out Source’s next move. Your friend’s/partner’s next move, too, as their freewill is being communicated to Source with each update, or change of mind. You can feel when you’ve past the threshold of time and forward movement has to take place. But, I always encourage patience, as I have found each situation is unique and some people / Source need(s) more time.

    To me, when I find I begin to “feel” odd about the hold ups, there are points of confusion, or miscommunications seem out of place and/or occur with regularity even though both sides seem to feel they are communicating their views well, I have to ask, Where’s the block? If I feel confident it isn’t me, then all I can do is my best with others involved; both grounded and etheric to feel my way through. You see, if I’m thinking something is divined I’m going to assume Source is working with me. But, if there is a block, and it isn’t me and it isn’t Source, then I have to be alert to that possibility.

    Source, too, will not push you. If the block is your friend/partner or a 3rd party, Source will sit on standby waiting for your next request outside of this situation to come through, then off it goes to fulfill it. Until you become aware this connection is going nowhere no matter the investment, and are ready to let go, Source will let you take all the time you need. It is only when, karmically, Source needs you to do X or learn Y will it step in and force all elements around you to redirect your actions until you end up where you are suppose to be.

    I’m a karmic clearer of some sort. I let the energy of those I am near flow around and through me. I take on what I can, when I can, releasing it into the ethos when I am able.

    I gave myself in service to Source, so to speak, years ago, asking only that my heart remain open to receive all the abundance I sought and for any obstacles in my way to be taken away so my divinity could shine through. Other than that, I was ready to take on anything Source needed me to. And I did. People drop into my experience all the time. Some need comfort and solace only – someone to listen and hold their hand. Others need information or resources. Others still are looking for a spiritual contemporary, and / or co-creator. In other words, Source sends me where I need to be and I work magic. Sometimes I’m aware of the impact I’m having. It is direct. Other times I never know. I just feel it. In all situations I come in, figure out the parameters of the “work” I’m suppose to be doing, and allow what is to happen. When the “job” is done the next opportunity presents. That’s how it works. So, when these connections don’t work I know some sort of block is in place.

    Sometimes I try to figure out what the block is – and always do when a client asks. Sometimes I don’t. Honestly, to me, it doesn’t matter what the block is. If I can identify it does that mean I can unblock it? No. The blocker has to “feel” their way past the block and no words I say, or deeds I do can change that; other than being supportive in whatever way I can. They have to be their own catalyst for change.

    In the end, I may know blocks are up, not coming down soon, and if communications with the one doing the blocking are not productive then the only choice I will follow is to let go and move on. You can only help people if they want it. And, if they are there to help you, or hook up for something less karmic and more personal, you can only accept from them if they are open. Being open also means being honest. I can tell when someone isn’t being honest with me, and that includes not sharing the whole story. So, when someone isn’t honest with me I know it, and I’ll let them lie without saying a word, until and if they decide to let me in; because I know they need me to believe as they have told me, otherwise they’d have told me something else. When they are ready, if they become ready, they’ll let me know, and I’ll be there.

    If you feel blocked, tried talk, and no luck, find bliss outside the masquerade. Happiness is yours everyday if you allow.




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