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Natalie, Alchemy In You | 7/26/17

6/21/15 – fruit tree in pool garden where I was staying.  see the water?

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I crave lemons. In life I welcome the sour as well as the sweet. I have been the receiver of so much sour in my life that turning it into lemonade is second nature. A given. No big deal. It’s easy, really. The key is not letting the stark bitterness of that first taste turn you away. There are lessons and information and juicy bits in there if you can stir in some cane. That’s what I do. What I’m good at. I don’t get emotional when lemons roll across my path. I don’t fear them, worry about them, wonder why. I just make lemonade and get on with it. The more tragedy you face the more you realize there is no tragedy. Just another day, another now, another experience. This, too, will pass, as do the delicious love affairs, hobnobbing with the rich and famous, watching your kids grow, and having all the money you want to do whatever you desire. They all hang out in the same bar. It is which needs to get on with it quicker that determines what lemons tumble on out and under your feet. So you learn how to shift and shuffle and show up every day to experience the best of it all. And, if you can shake off the sadness, depression, worry, fear, then all resolves itself over time and leaves room for oranges and apples to show up.

Sampawams Point, south shore of LI, NY | 5/12/17 | A place I frequent to just be.

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I am also an alchemist, whose talisman is a lemon! Not really… just seeing if you’re awake. I birth new ideas into the physical; mine and those of others. I’m divinely led (thank God!). So, with lemons in my cabinet I have more resources at hand to purify, cleanse, temper and mix in my boiling pot of magic. No one could ask for more! Except maybe that Alice chick who’s always running after that rabbit – the white one that worries about everything!

So. To be clear. It’s not a matter of change; of facing good or bad or otherwise. It is a matter of relativity to the constant. In other words, how do we respond, react within, release those experiences to make room for the next – for our dreams, in equal and balanced measure? Like chess, the strategy outweighs the need for immediate control when same will evolve as the pieces move across the board. That’s the relativity.

So, what is the constant? For me, it is love. For you it may be something else. It is that feeling (usually), that provider of momentum that makes you want to get up in the morning. The ineffable essence that permeates the air when you know you’re moving towards something that excites you… and then on to the thing you really want to fulfill your desires. Maybe it is a material object, a person you can’t get enough of, an idea, project, or destination. You know. We each know. And, what I also know is that for most of us whatever our answer, it can usually be boiled down further to being something that makes us happy, content, feel valued. And, what stops us can be boiled down to fear.

If you feel fear, stop. Remember there is nothing to fear. Fear is an illusion. A thought. Knowing that something good of equal measure awaits on the other side of contrast makes walking up to it, then through it a jaunt down the runway. The pathway is always open. Hiraeth is a state of mind, a place you reach when in the no place of nirvana. Go there when you wish. It is always there, waiting for you. (see photo above and below of Sampawams Point, my local nirvana where hiraeth is a breath into beingness.)

I live to love. When I feel “in love” the world opens up to me. That’s all I need to trigger a sort of organic alchemy, innate, part of my DNA. When not in love, or feeling love strongly, my ability to connect falls to the 3D, with a twist. I can still get there, I have to work and focus to garner the magic. I have to bring my vibration to the desired frequency and hold it there. It becomes a side-order on the menu instead of the soup-of-the-day; always available. I have to stand over that pot and mix, taste, test, try again, and through sometimes awkward trial and error I get it right. But who wants to toil and effort when Source has the ability to bring you all you desire if you offer the right ingredients? I keep telling a friend of mine that I need to be “in love” to perform at the highest of alchemic possibility. It is a vibrational thing. When I do the world opens. It genuinely is that simple. The core is knowing how to bring oneself to the state of feeling where you attract what you want.

Knowing WHO YOU ARE is the first step. Next is accepting, appreciating, loving who you really are! All of you; mind, body, soul. From there… alchemy awaits.

Sampawams Point, south shore of LI, NY | 5/12/17 | A place I go to clear my head.
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NOTE: Banner / Blog page article placeholder image is of a pond fountainhead in the front courtyard garden of a home where I was housesitting at the time – just outside my private bedroom entrance. On those nights when I could keep the door open I dreamed to the melody of its frequency. View full sized image here.




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