Sirius Echo

You can always find the star cluster known as Sirius. With the exception of planets at certain times of the year, like Venus and Mars, Sirius is the brightest light in the sky. It falls in a near perfect line with the 3 star display of Orion’s belt. Depending where in the world you are, and what time of night you are looking up, Sirius will appear in different parts of the sky, so find three stars in a row and then move your eye perpendicular to that string, then either down or up just a bit (depending on where you are on this planet), and look for a shimmering spark of joy. That’s sirius.

I was moved to share the photo of sirius you see in the banner after I got today’s channeled message from Oliver. It’s a weird one, in that it came in this automatic writing that seems pretty detailed for this sort of thing. But, hey… I’m new to this whole channeling thing, and, I guess, anything goes at this juncture.

Now is the time for the
Contemplation of Purpose

Your value / Your values
Your unique, individual, divine spark
Brought by you into this dimension
It’s time to ask why?

What is to follow is what the above means to me. That’s all I can go by. The channeled meaning may feel differently for you, and I highly recommend you always go with your instincts.

What is your purpose in this world? Have you ever stopped to ponder that, or were you funnelled into a direction by the demands, desires, destinations of others? Your parents? Friends? Spouse? Society? Then stop. Take a few minutes and ask yourself what the purpose of your life is. Not the purpose of “life,” but “your life.”

If you are thinking, “Well, that’s a waste of my time. I know what I need to do today and I don’t have time to lallygag with this nonsense,” then close this browser window now This isn’t for you! If you’re intrigued, read on…

Who are you? What are you? Why are you? These are questions that lead to clarification of self and of purpose. These are lifelong questions that can use an oil change every 3,000 days. Our evolution is dynamic – ever changing – and if we are willing to explore the depths of who and what we are and why we are here, then the contentment and achievement attained are well worth the exploration.

I believe inspiration is why we do anything. Imagination is how we begin to achieve. What inspires you? The positive? Something/someone negative? How do you feel about that? What, if anything, do you regret now that you wish to release so as to have no regrets when you one day transition? What moves you? Drives you? What is your passion? What do you love to do with your time and attention? How do you feel about what you do every day, the people in your experience, the way you spend your now?

If your answers are all bubble gum and roses, then perfect. Go out Be happy. You’re done here. If you have any questions, concerns, doubts, considerations, or are just curious, then go within and discover what awaits.

Sirius feels like home to me. I use to lay a blanket down in the garden of the back patio area and stare up at Sirius and its siblings for hours. When the skies were clear and the light pollution turned down to a minimum the stars and I were one. They moved with my thoughts. They infused me with feeling and energy and the light found in the darkness. In that connection I found a sort of Hiraeth – a mental freedom that only exists when you allow the realization that you are more than the body you find yourself contained within. Your value far exceeds the most precious stones, because you are unique. You are here because you wanted to be here. You breathe in and out because you chose this experience, this life, this reality, this dimensional situation. You. So… what do you want to do with that?

And, if you are willing to consider that you are as vast as the space of your dreams, of the galaxy upon galaxy that house this physical existence, then you are wise enough to know you can manifest and create everything you can imagine. So what do you want to create?

Me? I want the echo of Sirius to expand our minds, to allow thoughts of all possibility, and to remind us now and again that we are all stars, all atoms, all matter and all non, and in that beingness we are the echo we seek.

Super moon 11/14/16. Tucson, AZ
click for larger view

Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image for this article is of the skies over the clear, dark, mountains of Duranbah, NSW, Australia on 12/29/16.




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