Manipulate the elements exquisite in our cellophane state of resonance.
channelled message from Oliver received on 7/30/17 at 2:25 a.m. ET US.

southwestern US

click for larger view | 6/25/15

Southern Arizona was the place. This pool. A summer’s evening in July 2015. An experience which exposed reality for the minimized illusion it costumes itself to be.

The hour was a bit before that pictured here. I recall the sun still being up, yet on its way out. I usually went in the pool a couple of times a day back then. The first to swim laps. The last to utilize its properties as part of my meditative experience. On this weekday… this prelude to a sunset rendered a bliss indescribable. All elements seemed in harmony; the temperature, the wind turbulence, the cadence of the dart of the cardinal across the patch of grass on the south east end of the property, to my left. It was incredible!

The whirling waters of the pool were always inviting and therapeutic, though there was another sort of feeling swirling in the air above my bobbing head that night. It was a calm. A oneness. The kind you give thanks for. The whole sensory experience was nearly tangible and almost palpable within the realm of imagination. I could sense the change, feel the balance, the flow, as I floated – open armed across the back of the ledge of the pool.

From that position I had view of one of the property’s bird baths; statued beyond the far end of the pool. A bird, sparrow, I think, landed on the concrete and stone, pedestalled bowl. It drank. It bathed. It hopped down, poolside, and looked right at me.

close up of pool area where I was floating at the time referenced.

click for larger view | 6/12/15

I got the eeriest feeling; like it was aware of my awareness of it. Something like that. Then it hopped closer, and closer. Continued to stare. Then closer still, peering straight into my soul. All I could think was “WTF!” Nothing profound, just profane.

Again, the feeling was incredible. I cannot express that enough! So, I thought I’d play with the moment.

Eyes open, looking at the bird as the bird was looking at me, I spoke inside myself; saying something like…

If you are trying to communicate with me… CAN communicate with me, then everything here can communicate with me. If that is true, then show me, now! Bring me proof that you can hear me and are able to communicate with me.

Immediately the wind kicked up to a pre-hurricane pitch. Small flocks of various birds zoomed across in group formation. I saw a frog and a scarab and a gecko and other lizard. Two stray cats scampered across the high, deco, property walls, the tree limbs and garden plants blew in unison, as if in dance. The whole thing lasted no more than 20 or 30 seconds, if that, but think about it. That’s a hell of a long time in terms of nature stepping out of expected form and into the uniform of the directed. Of that summoned. By me.

… or should I say with me, of me, in cooperation and co-creation. It was as if I asked and received an answer from Source, itself. Or, at least the consciousness of nature, of Gaia. I didn’t know, don’t know, what exactly that was that caused all the elements of nature to do and be as it was, at that moment. I only know “that” it was.

I have experiences like that all the time. My life is an experience of this sort of miraculous wonder. Well, not so miraculous, really, once you accept that possibility is boundless, limitless and should be effortless in the acquisition. Then all is.

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NOTE: The photo used as the banner / blog page placeholder image for this post is of the same pool, taken during the bring light of morning, on 10/5/16.
You can see the full-sized photo here.




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