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In astronomy, a nebula is a diffuse, cosmic cloud of space dust (or particles) and gases (mainly hydrogen) that is visible either as a hazy patch of light or irregular dark region against a brighter background. Nebulae contain the elements from which stars and solar systems are built, usually glowing in a colorful, swirling motion. Putting the sterile definition aside, nebula are powerful balls of energy, color dependent on the elements swishing around therein. For example, hydrogen produces mainly the color red, where other stars, emitting other substances cause the blues and greens.

I was led to discuss nebula, and the deeper, spiritual meaning of its spiral symbolism… or should I say actualism. And, so I shall…

John B. Hayes’ sky spotting camera.
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I met a man once named John C. Hayes. Pictured to the left, he is an optics expert, adjunct professor at the University of AZ, a member of numerous corporate and charitable boards purposed with good-profited and good-willed ventures of all sorts and shapes. He’s a man’s man who has climbed some of the world’s highest mountains and parachuted into the most gorgeous terrain one could imagine.

I met John at the Blue Willow Restaurant my first week in Tucson, AZ back at the end of May 2015. The homeowners I was about to start a six month sit with took me out to dinner so we all could get to know one another in a more casual, comfortable environment. This couple was kind and good natured that way. Very nice people. John was a former colleague of the male homeowner. They had both been execs at the same progressive company.

As our food order arrived, John walked in the restaurant. The homeowners called over, inviting him to join us. They hadn’t seen him in a few years, and it was quite the coincidence we all ended up at the same restaurant in the same part of town on that night, a locale where John no longer lived, at that late hour. As we were to learn, John was in town for a photography workshop of the deep sky, at the University of Tucson’s Steward Observatory, I was guessing. Anyway, that’s how I met John.

John B. Hayes | Cat’s Eye Gallaxy | 5/9/2015

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Since I’d say this in front of John, if asked (tho I hope I never am. lol), I’ll say it here, too. John isn’t someone I’d want to be married to. Now, I’m confident the feeling is mutual, but that isn’t the point, either. John really enjoys his personal time. Makes the best of it. Lives life to the fullest, everyday! He was a really fascinating guy. Great storyteller. He’s achieved the highest of abundance professionally, financially, and personally. He also has a nice wife and a couple of decent kids, if I recall. I wouldn’t know for sure. They weren’t there.

The perfect picture of a life. Lucky man. Just not someone I think I could be around 365 days a year… or even more than a dozen, really. Maybe just to catch up on his latest stories; like magazine shorts, with exotic locations and cast, eclectically intriguing activities, lots of risk and reward. Some chaos. Enviable adventures.

Socially, John is creme brulee; exotic, sweet, classy and unique. However, who can eat creme brulee every day and still like it at the end of the month?

John B Hayes | The Dumbbell Nebula | 11/1/2016

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He’s also an avid, amateur photographer whose not so amateurish work has been awarded time and again, and is often tagged as a NASA Image of the Day, as exampled herein with this shot of nebula M27, The Dumbbell Nebula , posted by NASA on 11/2/16. Though not spiral in design, it is flush red with hydrogen. Point of all this being, I haven’t taken any photos of nebula to accompany this writing, and if I use another’s work, I’d prefer to use that of someone I know, when possible, instead of “some guy.” Luckily I knew of John’s work. To personalize the experience for you, I’ve brushed in some broad strokes on this particular individual, to give you a picture of one such who produces stunning photos of the skies, like these, and to assure credit is given where so appropriately due.

The spiraling aspect of the average nebula is mesmerizing; like the endless loop of the infinity symbol, or the duplicity of the repeating Fibonacci sequence. It is that attraction, like the starting point of the yellow brick road in the wizard of OZ, that makes us relax into the feeling, and go “Hmmm.” (I do want to know, though, where the red brick road next to the yellow brick road goes? No one ever talks about that! see here)

The Celtics also have an attachment to the spiral symbol. Its meaning represents our spiritual nature and the potential for our soul’s on-going growth. Like the universe, itself, our soul is ever changing and expanding.

Each type of Celtic spiral has its own significance.

Clockwise Single Spiral: One of the most common Celtic symbols, it represents the element of water. It also embodies personal power. Expansion of consciousness, its perseverance and knowledge. Ethereal energy.

Double Spiral: Depicts the equinoxes – a time of balance along with the duality of human nature.

Triple Spiral: Associated with the Goddess as well as the natural cycle of life, death and rebirth. Simple depictions also connect to the sky, sea, and land and how they influence human life. Nobility.

As you can see in this classic card, The Mingler, from the Celtic Wisdom tarot deck shows this alchemist displaying the single spiral on the cup of magic mixture in her hand, on her breast, on the shield to her left (our right), and along the archway above her head.

The spiral is more than a symbol. It is a tool, a resource. It is tech of the energetic kind. The physiological and astral elements that hold the nebula in harmony with all that is are also the sort that wave dimensions into holographic existence on congruent platforms of similar frequency ranges so as to maintain physicality in an unstable intangibility.

I believe the foundation of why I was to mention this today is because there is someone or ones of you that will relate to this visual… this concept in some way that this twist of words and examples will trigger just what you need to “get it” for yourself. And what do you “get?”

You get to know how to connect directly to all that is, using available information and deductive intuition. Think spiral. Then allow your imagination to wander, and watch as your thinking becomes knowing and your knowing becomes a flame that lights the sparkler of desire that is you. Know what so many of us do; that communication, connection, creation all come from within us through a series of etherial, other terrestrial, dimensional, intuitive strings of possibility. All real. All available to you this very moment. All you need to do is generate a frequency you can launch into the spiraling cosmos, and wait for the reply – and welcome it in whatever form it takes; a live, breathing human or animal who shows up to help and comfort, a disembodied voice, no voice – just imparted knowings, signs and synchronicities, whatever is most likely to get your attention, will – if you are open. Be open… and join in, where the weather is always inviting, the conversations light and fun, and the company – unparalleled. You are unparalleled! Remember your value in all your journeys. You are miraculous. So allow the human miracle you are. Just season it with a bit of star dust and wait for the spiral magic of the nebula to pinhole your soul with the light of truth – your truth.

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NOTE: banner and blog page placeholder image credited to John B. Hayes, with such photo available for viewing on John’s astrobin storage site here. View all of John’s astrobin images here.




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