The Dance

Honor the quest of your spiritual warrior.
Dance through the eclipse of possibility towards all you seek.

channelled message from Oliver received on 8/2/17 at 1:55 a.m. ET US.

I dance. Without embarrassment. In full view. A spectacle. I love it. I’ll dance to just about any sort of music, as long as it has a beat. Dancing brings out my energy, boosts my stamina, brings me closer to Source… to myself. I dance to release. I dance to express. I dance because it feels good. And, usually, come early morning or late evening – even under the stars of a dark as shit night you can find me dancing in the streets, yards, on the decks, and along the pathways around wherever my current place of residence is.

*view off deck of friend’s place in NSW, AU | 12/2016

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Dancing, like singing, smiling, and feeling the frequency of joy and love and gratitude, is a cog in the mechanism of the creation process for me. I need to generate the juice to create, and then I need to wind down once creation is complete. I also like to surprise people, and dancing in the streets when it is least expected is one way I do that.

The mood to dance usually strikes in the early morning hours of pre-dawn, or those so late that the light of day and the dark of night have already shaken hands. Its light and silly and sorta stupid, but that’s what I like about it. With my iPhone and a set of ear buds, I’m good to go with any audibles that are dance-a-rific.

Me, 1st grade (bottom right)
in local newspaper after performances at school. | circa 1065

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I’ve been dancing since I could walk. My mom enrolled me in tap lessons when I was in pre-school, I think. By the time kindergarten rolled around I was already performing in school variety shows. Tap was eventually exchanged for horses and other activities, which were exchanged for… which were exchanged for…, but I kept dancing. My audience? The unexpecting, exacting man on the street… his kids, their friends, and the neighborhood cable guy. Whomever happened to be around, or not. It’s not like I go out and look for a crowd, then set off in dance. I’m glad to do that. But, it is me, usually just feeling so happy and full of energy I want to express it creatively. So I dance on the front lawn, or in a little cubby in an otherwise crowded area, or street-side, if walking or just plain caution-free. There are even a number of nights you could have caught me in the middle of the street in AZ, or OZ, or SF, or LI, under the light of a street lamp, just kickin’ ass on the concrete. It makes you feel like you’re on stage, in the silence of the night, with the blasting notes crashing in your head. You’re dancing for you and you’re disturbing no one. So, why not make good use of these outside scapes? They’re cotton for the candy.

What’s my point in talking about dancing in a blog about consciousness, creation, and the collective imagination? Simple. Dance is creation. It is also the generator of creative OJ. In other words, if you’re in a slump, or you can’t seem to connect outside 3D find that “thing” that inspires. Creativity begets creativity. For me, I dance.

*3rd St | N sidewalk-westbound | Tucson, AZ | 8/1/15

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*University of AZ | 7/21/15

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My son in his truck coming down
the street at me on his way to work

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Same goes if you need to shake loose the negativity, the stress, the voices of others in order to find that frequency of you. Find that “thing” that offers release to you. That could be dance, or singing, or pounding out a wall in your home renovation. Something creative that is also physical, or expressive (like drawing or singing), clears out the 3D crap and opens up the space for you to come back through.

My son gets embarrassed when he sees me dancing in the yard, down the sidewalk, or blocks down the street while walking. He can often be found rolling down his truck window, furiously, trying to yell at me to STOP! I just smile and keep going. Why?

  • Because I’m too old to let my grown son tell me how to be.
  • Because this holographic reality is a quantum soup of evolving matter, ever in movement into and out of this dimension, and eventually my son is going to disappear into the pot. So I’ll wait.
  • Because I’m nuts and any sane person, embarrassed or not, won’t come near one with a pole and a lion, so he’ll eventually go away…
  • …and, he does.

    Be yourself. Allow your evolution. Find your frequency. Create.

    Oh… and if you can squeeze in a quick two-step next time you’re in an elevator, think of me. 🙂


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    Below you will find two different styles of dance to offer a companion if you are so inclined to jump up and dance your way to creating the life you desire. Tap from an old Fred Astaire movie (left), and Janelle Ginestra’s modern dance troop out of CA (right).

    Fred Astaire and Eleanore Powell | Begin The Beguine
    Broadway Melody 1940

    Believer | Imagine Dragons
    Troop – Janelle Ginestra

    *NOTE: All of the photos herein, including the banner image, are of public and private places where I’ve openly, spontaneously danced before. Sometimes often.




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