Oliver’s Afterthoughts #001

OAT #1
Ask for it. The pathway is open to the abundance you seek… All you desire is yours this week. So, be bold. Ask!

This is the 1st installment of an ongoing, weekly series we’re going to try out here on the 1HP site called Oliver’s AfterThoughts. Each Friday morning I will post a card from the Afterthoughts tarot deck by Corrine Kenner. These tarot pulls will consist of a single card garnered by means of my attracting one infused with the energy of the Oliver collective, intended as its prediction of what to expect for the weekend / week ahead.

The Kenner Afterthoughts deck is based upon the concept of “what happened next?” in the scope of a classic tarot reading. In tarot, the cards in the spread show what is occurring. If you continue to pull cards thereafter you’ll unveil the history leading up to the shown events. But, then what? What can you, the conscious, 1HP creator expect moving forward? What is about to unfold? And, thus… After Tarot!

Let’s begin.
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III of Cups

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3 of Cups

What a cool card to launch this new segment! The 3 of Cups in the Afterthoughts tarot deck is known as The Harvest Party card signifying a time of comfort and celebration.

Card Description (quoted from book):
Three young women dance and frolic in a vineyard. Their arms are linked and they hold their glasses high. They’re celebrating the bounty of nature. They’ve braided leaves and flowers into their hair and they’re laughing with delight. It’s harvest time.

Key Symbols (from book – as pertinent):

  • The vineyard setting, like all gardens, symbolized safety, security, and civilization.
  • The harvest represents prosperity and abundance.
  • The three women in the card illustrate the union of pasts, present and future, as well as birth, life and death. They are reflections of the sun, moon and stars. They reflect the theological virtues of faith, hope, and charity.
  • Suggesting more celebration to come
  • Traditionally, this card is known as the card of abundance.
    Ask For It All. The Pathway Is Truly Open.
    Oliver tells me this is a period of karma closings for many. If one soul mate is going through a transition, both are going through the same transition. Be aware. Be patient. Use your own feelings and discernment to know what the other is experiencing, as he is you and you are he. As such, offer compassion as you would to yourself.

    Divine timing is here. You are reborn, ready to hear that truth you’ve been waiting for. You may not like it, but you’re going to be prepared for it. These major changes are going to take you out of hermit mode, wake you up, bring you the sense you no longer feel restricted, and wipe the slate clean, allowing you to lay a firm foundation for what you desire / have long desired to happen next. You have the clarity, and are ready energetically, financially, and emotionally to begin.

    Enjoy the abundance. Build your new beginning. It is the first movement of the long, winding, and rapid growth of gifts coming your way. All coming for you. Shared because you decided, allowed, and opened up to those possibilities you can finally sense. The next week is yours. All yours. For you. About you, Make the best of it. Set some goals or ready some points of attraction as now is a ripe time to seed the bounty you envision, and collect. Be bold. No room for frugality. Ask now and it will be yours.

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    LET ME KNOW how this turns out for you this week by posting a comment below, or emailing me directly at TheOneHiraethProject@gmail.com.




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