Versions of Reality

There isn’t one reality. There are as many realities as there are vibrations of consciousness able to perceive.

This blog is for people who are open to possibilities, have experienced realities unique and outside the parameters of what is considered normal. But who is the judge of normality? You? Me? Society? Your local place of worship?

I was listening to Lisa M. Harrison today on her weekly internet TV show called Deconstructing the Construct. We don’t always see eye-to-eye, and that’s OK. I wouldn’t find her so interesting if we did. Today, however, she delighted and frightened me. Though I can unequivically state that there are hundreds of not thousands of folks who find my perspective on reality just as disconcerting, too, so take my comments with a grain of salt. My opinion may not be yours.

The point is… we each have our own version of reality. All versions are true; our individual truths. All versions are accurate. Yet, you may be asking, How can that be? Because we create our own realities, so we are free to make physical whatever can be imagined.

Taken out of chronological order, here are two clips shared during Lisa’s broadcast on Monday (7/31/17 here in the US).

Lisa M. Harrison | Deconstructing the Construct| Episode 14 | 8/1/17
Clip: It’s about who you are. | runs from 50:24 thru 52:44

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This clip is one I am on board with. In total agreement. Support with my heart and soul. In essence, she asks us to ponder the concept that we wake up one morning with the knowledge there is no longer any expectations, obligations, or fears. We are free. The day ahead is ours to express ourselves. To create. To love.

Now, I’m not so much into bots, or clones, or psychopaths, but approaching everything and everyone with love from the heart… Yup, that’s the ticket!

As she sums it up, It’s about who you are.

Then, we’ve got this earlier clip.

Lisa M. Harrison | Deconstructing the Construct| Episode 14 | 8/1/17
Clip: Sprit vs. Soul | runs from 41:19 thru 44:44

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Here we are polar opposites. In this snippet, Harrison gives her view on the difference between the spirit and the soul. Her deductions include considering…

  • …this reality a (faux) construct shaped like a blue Rubik’s type of cube
  • … there are the equivalent of frequency fences in existence that divide/grid up the construct, and create a faraday cage effect (waves of energy making your head ache, you feel off-balance, and vibrations generated with the intent to confuse, constrict and control).
  • spirit as our genuine essence – who we are.
  • soul as the rinse and repeat cycle of life. An implant,
    program, overlay, piece of tech only for this lifetime that when implanted or inserted it acts like a recorder. It is removed at the end of each lifetime, stored like a hard drive, and used to reprogram us for our next life (or for whatever other devious purpose can be cooked up).
  • I respect Harrison’s right to feel the way she does, I just don’t agree. I also expect, and welcome this same response from some on my own views, so no judgement here. Just observation and personal perceptions shared herein. I don’t see this as a negative place… a construct that I’m trying to escape from. I see it as a physical experience I asked for, waited for an invitation to, one I desired to join with for the evolution of my knowledge, my expressions, and to further develop, as an energetic signature. I also don’t feel the energies and elements sensed during this reality are designed to constrict and control me, fully, and that I have no say so. I’m a rat in a faraday cage. Nope. Not me. Just doesn’t fit.

    Yet, I DO… and I repeat, I DO believe this is Lisa’s experience. I believe that is her reality, that it exists as she feels it, in the space she exists within. That’s the color of reality. We each get to choose what we want, how we live, where we go, what we do, who we meet, and how our reality is formed. They can be shared and the same, or they can be diversely unique and may not even exist on the same physical timeline. The particulars are not my concern. I am here for me and those I wish to experience with, and I plan to make it the best experience I can have.

    To show you what I feel is evidence of this position – that we all enjoy (or not) our own realities and that no two are exactly the same, nor should they necessarily be. That evidence… photos of images that appear within other images of regular objects I’ve taken snapshots of. I have hundreds if not thousands of these photos and will share two. I will also present two pictures of an anomaly that further offers proof that the unknown exists and is here to observe for anyone able to sense.

    This first photo is of a puddle in our semi-circular, pebble and dirt driveway. The photo below is of the original picture (left) with one colored in to assist in seeing what I do; a girl in a camisole, cute skirt, boots, and short sandy hair, her yellow fists pumping on the other side of the reflection as if trying to push her way out. See her? How would you explain it?

    Girl in the Puddleclick image for larger view.

    Lady in Evening Gown

    click image for larger view.

    Here’s another. This one looks like the back of a woman in a rose colored evening gown, her twisted black hair tied and covered with a scarf, her tan arms stretched out and down by her side, a piece of chiffon wrapped and glided around her curvy form. Can you see that?

    Here’s the kicker. On Friday, 12/20/13 at 9:39:06 p.m. ET US, I saw the tissue, below, standing upright on the desk in my home-office. I was able to take these two photos before it fell over. My question is, though… HOW DID IT GET THAT WAY in the first place? I was home alone. I hadn’t done that. No windows were open, it was wintertime. No fan. No animals as the door to the room was closed, as usual, to keep the cats we had at the time out. I’m allergic to their hair, so I do what I can to keep the dander out of that one space. So… you tell me. Or, better yet, don’t. You’re opinion won’t change mine and is of value to you. I’m the messenger sharing the examples. You are the observer of your own experience – free to decide what is what in your world.

    We are all different. Live unique lives. Have our own observations to make in this human culmination. I welcome the diversity. I only ask that any bots, clones, or psychopaths that plan on dropping by to note… She lives two blocks that way.

    Tissue standing on end. How it got there and how it stayed upright is beyond my comprehension.

    click either image for larger view. | 12/20/13




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