An Ember of Light

(for Ali)

…because I’m a mind and I’m a body, and I’m a soul; and, I’m subject to the oscillations of how I just simply am, an ember of light… I just want to stand for my light.
Natalie, Alchemy In You | 7/30/17

(Scorpio August 2017 Reading – MERGING POLARITY OF FORCES! – August 1 – 15, 2017 | @ 39:25 – 39:52, then last line: 40:29 – 40:34)

I move through life listening to my intuition. I didn’t always. I was part of the herd of humans who focused on the same sorts of things as everyone else. I was a shy midwestern girl, rooted in tradition, who broke forward into a life of dreams. With vision and drive I was huge in my profession and in life, and I felt I earned it. Then I went entrepreneurial and hit fame. And fame hit me – right between the eyes. I was lied about in national US newspapers. I had my life threatened. I was followed. I was also adored and admired by those whom I provided service. I’ve been in bed with angels and devils, sometimes knowingly, often not, but the results were an amazing, mixed bag of wonderful that was my stressful, routine, high styling, public profiling, 3D life. Then I woke up, and…

…today I call those qualities of vision and drive, imagination and desire.

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Natalie, of Alchemy In You, is right. I AM an ember of light. You ARE an ember of light. Light is an expression of energy. Frequency in sensory form. But what does that look like?

My impression: Existing in this holographic universe, a physical world of matter held together through electromagnetics and co-operation, I am experiencing a state of illusion. The illusion is one of massive scale, an excitingly layered web of communications, signatures, and waves of energy of all imaginable and unimaginable sorts working together to co-create this existence shared.

So, if it is just an illusion, then the only thing I know to be real is me. My essence. My spirit. That secret sauce that incarnates with the characteristics unique to my signature. And, if I am the only thing that I know, for sure, to be genuine, then I must BE me… that ember of light, through those oscillations that unwind. In the doing, I stay true to the ember that is me, experience through experience.

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Once you embrace the ember so to speak you will naturally begin to notice what I’ll call altered states of consciousness. By that, I mean becoming aware of the ability to sense the world differently than you had before. Depending on the level of allowance, I’m talking everything from the awareness of simple synchronicities offering signs of confirmation and information, to the expansiveness of sensing yourself leaving your body, and/or other energy sources passing around and through you while embodied. Your experience is dependent upon allowing, which is the tech that waves open your heart, a physical representation of the hardware utilized to operate the incoming software, downloaded constantly from Source, connecting the two worlds of the physical and the non.

The whole altered consciousness concept and practical contact with it within this life is explorative yet very hypnotic. Neptunian. Another reason I ember on, to experience the me in the thee.

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Who Am I? That’s what I use to hear repeated over and over again in my head. And I began to explore possibilities. I continue to leave the question open as I have come to accept that along with questions like, Where does infinity end?, I just don’t have the equipment to answer. I have to be OK with that if I wish to remain 3D, and sane.

Yet, I have discovered that thought-speak, the process of talking yourself into or out of experiences, can be loud and demanding, like the conditionings of childhood. Be mindful of how you think about and talk with yourself. It will determine your destiny. And remember you have infinity to exist in all forms and non, so be gentle with your criticism. There is no right or wrong in your choices, just hope that you make those which bring happiness and fulfillment to others and to yourself.

Discern, yes, but as an observer in your own life. You have plenty of time to be the experiencer. Experience more… all by and through observation first. The actions (of Source and of you) will take care of themselves.

Here’s what I do know. I am the light, and that’s all I ever wish to be. It is enough.

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Special thanks to Natalie, of Alchemy In You, who, through the wisdom shared in her August 2017, YouTube reading for Scorpio, offered inspiration, and actual words/phrases that digitized in my consciousness, and reformed into what appears above. A gift I offer gratitude for every day. That’s Natalie.




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