Recognition – The Experiment

Things are about to start moving, changing, happening for you. You will be daring, will take the right action, and your reality will evolve into a whole new adventure.
channelled message from Oliver on 8/6/17 at 3:14 a.m. ET US

What does proof mean to you? Verification? Validation? Value added reference point to confirm your views?

What does recognition mean to you? Accolades? Publicly acknowledged for an achievement? Openly valued for your contribution?

What if I could offer you a way to prove to yourself that you are a creator? I do! And, it will require you to maintain an open mind, be dedicated to the outcome, and allow all results to pass in, around and through you without blocking. If I show you how, would you try?

If you’re ready, and up for the challenge then let’s do an experiment where you receive recognition, however you picture that, by a certain date, in a certain manner where you will have no doubt but know it came from you.

Here’s how to begin…

There are only a few steps to Recognition. Once you experience how easy it is to master them you can apply ’em to any situation or desire.

Pick an Outcome
In this experiment we’ve selected RECOGNITION. Why? Because it is simple to conceptualize. Everyone can wrap their heads around being recognized, making it easier for the newbie creator to believe, to have faith it will work. And that’s the goal, to experience a single creation event; one you know is of your design. Once this moment of manifestation takes place you will know that and how it works, and once you do your life will be forever changed.

Narrow down a timetable for receipt
Choose a date or date range, like

  • next Tuesday
  • August 12th
  • the week of _________
  • anything like that. I’m picking 8/12/17.

    Offer soft details
    Like Goldilocks and the three bears, your desired outcome must be thought out just right. As a creator, you can be so specific in your attempts to narrow down your desire for recognition on 8/12/17 that you challenge Source to a task magnanimous that it has to splice and tape together a version of the reality you seek that it will reflect the quickness of attainment more than the completeness of purpose. In other words, you will get what you asked for, but it may not look exactly as you envisioned. You can be so vague that Source brings you an objective version of what you desired that is so obtuse you don’t even notice it. So find the sweet spot and allow Source the flexibility to bring it to you in its way, which is usually much more inclusive, with a wow factor explosive!

    You need to be able to feel the outcome with all senses in this creation soup section. You are suggesting form from the matter in your reality, thus you need to be able to see, hear, smell, touch and taste it (well, maybe not taste or smell…). Use your other skills and senses, as well, if developed. For example, in this scenario you could ask yourself,

  • Is this recognition work related? Personal? Project specific?
  • Who is going to offer the recognition?
  • In what sort of environment will the recognition show up?
  • For what is the recognition?
  • Paint the picture
    However you wish, be it through meditation, visualization, affirmation or other method you feel most comfortable, experience the outcome, then let it go. In my case, I usually establish a storyline around what I desire so I can picture it, as if film running to animate the cells of my vision into a movie.

    Take any action required
    Once phase one is complete, be sure that if there is anything you need to do to facilitate the creation process that you do it now; such as,

  • check your ongoing thoughts. What are you focusing on? Are you keeping it light? Holding back self-doubt and/or other negativity?
  • how do you see this achievement enhancing any other goals you have in life?
  • are you maintaining uplifting feelings to keep your receivers open?
  • Be ready.
    It is on its way.

    I’m going to play, too. Here’s my process to attract Recognition on or around 8/12/17.

    I am in the process of exploring and uncovering everything I need to do, know, and have to receive recognition for my value as a friend on or around 8/12/17. It will be delivered in a public or private space, and will come packaged in a way that is surprising, fun, and unexpected. It will benefit the giver and the receiver. It will also open doors to further personal explorations that will continue to bring me joy and abundance through the years. A picture, or other piece of media content will be taken that day connected to this recognition, and only come into my awareness after publication to further confirm events, and I will be happy.

    Your turn… Be sure to report back in a comment below how things turned out.


    After posting this article I took a few minutes to meditate. I asked the Oliver collective for confirmation that this post had value, was presented as they had hoped for, and that its message would be heard by those interested and ready.

    Then I went to Netflix to release any residual mental or emotional energy left after the production of this post. I selected the movie, The Discovery, and was expecting it to pick up where I’d left off the other day. It did, with a surprise. The clip below is what began once I hit the PLAY button. Thank you Oliver! You always deliver.




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