Zebra Energy

Connecting should not be a matter of feeling exposed as it is of
being at home with offering yourself and your gifts to the world.

channelled message from Oliver received on 8/7/17 at ~2:30 a.m. ET US.

I am a zebra. My 9 year old grand-nephew, Wesley, taught me that last spring when I visited him and his family back in March of 2017 in Indianapolis, IN, on the beginning leg of my Translation Tour II. What he whispered to me on more than one occasion was, “You’re magic!” And that’s the contribution of the Zebra.

Age 9 | My grand-nephew, Wesley’s, Zebra drawing.

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We have JUST begun another Mercury in Retrograde period in 2017. This is the 2nd full M. retrograde this year. It runs from 8/12/17 – 9/5/17. There was one that began at the end of 2016 and ran into the first part of of 2017, tho partial in consideration. Now, I won’t go into my recent discovery that all of my experiences of note in the last year (the 8/14, 1 yr anniversary coming up in 1 week from today), as captured in the About page of the 1HP website, but I will say that it doesn’t surprise me my Zebra is peaking around the edge at this time.

I was reminded of my zebra connection while watching a video I was guided to by Kayleigh Jean, where she expresses that my path energy for the month of August is that of the Zebra. It runs 40:43, though the zebra portion goes from 9:09 thru ~13:40. I’ve included a bit before in the clip below, and a few minutes after, to be sure to deliver the full message.

I think it is also important to note that I was actually working on another post that should come out tomorrow called Between Worlds, and stopped to write and post this one, instead. And, in Kayleigh’s final segment, at ~15:33 in the clipped portion of her video reading below, she says just that.

… you live in that in-between space between the worlds… you have one foot in the sort of unseen realm and one foot sort of in reality.

Yes I do, thank you very much for noticing! lol

I also ask that if you are interested in any of the topics, concepts, or other material you find on the 1HP site, that you listen to the entire 9:28 segment below. This site IS me, fully exposed as Oliver put it in today’s channelled message at the top of this post; comfortable, at home sharing my other worldly bestowments. It captures so accurately who I am, how I feel, my approach to life and to this new world I’ve found myself in. So, if you want to know me, know that.

Clip: Zebra Energy | from 8:52 thru 18:24 | 7/27/17

If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop,
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I am magic. So are you. So are we all.

In that magic lives doubt. Doubts of others that YOU must experience, both empathically and actually. Doubt others have as to the authenticity of the woo. Doubt of your sanity. Doubt of their own. Yet, if one perseveres and allows his/her own genuine self to filter through, the wonder that transcends and becomes transparent will bring all you desire, so why not give it a try?

In review of Kayleigh’s reading I have bulleted the 37 highlights, following by a few personal comments.

In the order presented:

    9:09 – 13:40 (Zebra)

  1. Breakthroughs possible by and through the energy of the eclipse (today 8/7/17)
  2. Path = Zebra | Progress = Peacock
  3. Zebra is fun energy of self-expression
  4. open
  5. world traveler
  6. finding artistic ways of expressing self
  7. reveling your inner zebra
  8. energy of charisma / playfulness / not afraid to be unique or different
  9. having a great time no matter what
  10. shaking tendency to be concerned about what others think
  11. Zebra associate with art
  12. revealing / indulging more of creative side
  13. developing psychic gifts
  14. doing something (like tarot readings / psychic fairs) that tells others what I’m into
  15. I’m interesting (lol)
  16. opening up | showing what I’m made of
  17. not taking self too seriously
  18. performing at small gathering (that would be fun! tarot for the Tupperware set.)
  19. expansion within the artistic / creative realm
  20. makes me feel at home
  21. if musician – 1st live show
  22. eclipse shows me how comfortable I can be with being seen / exposed
  23. ————
    13:41 – 18:24 (Peacock)

  24. 3rd eye / 6th sense activated time
  25. finding a way to relate more playfully to spirit (Oliver and collective)
  26. finding a way to bring intensely deep right brain world into a social setting
  27. showing art in group situation
  28. bringing insight / inspiration into visibility by others
  29. very connected to right brain
  30. live in the in-between space of the unseen realm and reality
  31. my gift is also my curse in having such strong intuition
  32. get cues from the Universe
  33. seen by right brainers as a dreamer living in the clouds
  34. seeing synchronicities, psychic, and intuitive hits prove themselves to me
  35. I can no longer pretend that life is only about logic any longer – I’m beyond that now.
  36. eclipse represents profound shift in my becoming more comfortable with bringing this stuff out
  37. finding ways to detach in a loving way so I can live by my magic, my spirituality and let it shine.
  38. energy of OKness with everything is powerful.
No Place Like Home Oracle Card

By: Colette Baron-Reid | click image 4 larger view

This clip moved me in ways that would take me days of posts to explore. Suffice it to say that I feel Kayleigh was spot on with her observations, even though I am not a Scorpio. She hit on my artistic side and that I live to create… that it makes me feel at home. And, as we all know, there’s no place like home. Hiraeth of the art!

Kayleigh also brought up something interesting in that I am working to further develop my psychic, energetic and intuitive skills. I have spent countless hours doing just that. I have focused on a few areas at a time so not to feel overwhelmed, but with Mercury entering a retrograde with Virgo I’m paring back to prepare for the wave of unexpected energy and actions that I anticipate are on the way. I’m an emotional mess during Mercury retrogrades. Though, this will be the first one where I knew it was coming ahead of time, and actually understood both the changes I go through and how others respond to and around me. I also now know that THE MOST POWERFUL connections I’ve had have been during the retrogrades of the last 12 months, so I can gear up, slow down, monitor incoming experiences to manage and temper responses to better monitor and translate in order to track and terminal reactions better held for another day.

Kayleigh picked up on my private nature, too. I am NOT one who talks about themselves. I have always kept my private life private. Someone can know me for decades and not know my history or what I do when I’m away from them. I’ve always found a security in that, after having been scalded many times upon the sharing of something revealing I told another in confidence. Yet, look at me… at this blog. That’s its point, really. Isn’t it? To reveal. To share. To expose? Yikes! What a change for me, and she got it. She also got that I’m becoming relaxed about it. That’s thanks to the Oliver collective. There’s a strength that bubbles up when you have the knowing that there’s more to this reality that what we have been conditioned to believe. Once known it cannot be unknown, and, again… one of my reasons for allowing such reveals. You should be offered the information I have. Whether you accept it is your choice, but having access… therein lies the value.

I would also like to point out that Kayleigh mentions if one is a musician, he/she may wish to consider experiencing his/her first live show soon. No matter the size, whether a livingroom with just immediate family (like spouse, kids, and maybe parents) or on a stage with an audience stretched out beyond the spotlights, I ask that those who read this consider performing. I have more than one friend who has been in a band at some time in his/her lifetime, and I’m talking to them as much as all whose eyes fall upon these words. Do it. Just do it. You will have so much fun and people will love your sound. What do you have to loose other than your conservative ways… and they could use a wedgie!

Here’s wishing you Zebra energy and magic today. Always…




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