Between Worlds

Endings shelved allow for the placement of new beginnings. Make room in your closet.
channelled message from Oliver received on 8/6/17 at 9:21 p.m. ET US.

I’m a multidimensional in training. I live between worlds; the 3D reality of the masses and other worlds beyond this limited, singular dimension. I’m a feeler who prescribes rather than predicts. I liquefy with allowance for my independent, emotional core and solidify under programmed efforts to ground and control. I’m a rebel in the world of principles and rules. An ace in the worlds beyond. I exist in multiple forms and locations, a shapeshifter amongst humans. I simply am.

Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA | 4/10/17

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In this space between worlds I can reposition paradigms with a word, a look, a desire, a knowing. And I do. Often. I live experience to experience. Removing repression. Approving fullness. I do it by working with the impetus of energy, frequency and vibration instead of efforting expectation. I have the ability to force, to push, to prod. So do you. So do we all. But force begets force and I prefer flexibility. Pliability delivers. Serves me. Serves the collective. Service is a way in, to connect… a bridge between worlds.

Pinterest email 8/7/17

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Talking about existing between realities has been presenting to me in signs and symbols consistently over the last 36 hours. I began this article yesterday, though after my hands met keyboard my attention was pulled to another topic, Zebra Energy, whose call was a few decibels louder. Within that piece is a video shared by Kayleigh Jean of her August 2017 tarot reading for Scorpio, entitled, Transformation, Feeling At Home In The World!!

Screenshot – Kayleigh Jean | SCORPIO CREATORS August 2017…

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I was watching that video, guided by its layered messages of home / hiraeth, and of “release” specific to yesterday’s partial lunar eclipse. I wanted to bring this time sensitive, catchment of data at a moment most useful when my focus shifted. At 8:52, Kayleigh sidestepped into zebra energy, having pulled a card from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck with companion imagery. I stopped, shimmied and mentally sifted, linching my pin to this zebranistic storyline.

Why I changed direction had to do with the fact that while listening to the video I was multi-tasking. (A multidimensional multitasking? Nevah!) I was flipping through file folders of images looking for bridges to use herein as the visual theme for “crossing over” to other worlds. In the process I passed the photo of my grand nephew’s drawing of a colorful zebra at the moment the wild unknown zebra took center stage in Kayleighland, both of which were looking into the lens from the same angle. Significant. A message demanding immediate attention. So I attended…

… and descended back again once I heard Kayleigh say the following at 15:31

You live in that in-between space between the worlds. You know. You live with one foot in the sort of unseen realm, and one foot in sort of reality… So you’re kind of in both places, and that’s something that is sort of your gift, but it also can sometimes feel like a curse in a way because you’re just so, um, so immeshed in that. And, it can be difficult to sort of go back and forth when you do have such strong gut feelings, and you get such strong intuitions, and maybe you even have some third eye stuff happening, and you have some, you know, um, cues coming from the Universe that make sense to you, perfectly, but, then, you explain it to other people and, you know, they’re just like, maybe, seeing you as a bit of a dreamer, or as a bit of a, you know, just a bit up in the clouds in some way. But for you, it’s like, you’ve seen your sort of synchronicities, and you’ve seen your psychic or your intuitive hits prove themselves to you so many times that you can’t just pretend that life is only about rational thinking, and you can’t just pretend that life is only about logic any more. You’re beyond that, Scorpio. Let’s face it! You know. You’re w-a-y past that.
Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle
Card: #3 Between Worlds

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I finished my Zebra post, took a long nap, and thought again about journeying Between Worlds. I was toggling through email, catching up with client needs that manifest while I slept when I saw an email from Pinterest that sported a tarot card #3 from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of the Oracle deck entitled, Between Worlds. (see long, thin screenshot image, top right.) Smiling, I knew it was time to return to the space of being the spiritual peanut butter between the breaded slices of reality, and here I am at 1HP, with you, once again. So, let’s go!

No Place Like Home: This site is a virtual Hiraeth – sensory soil where seeds are planted deep within our heart and watered by the fullness of who we each are, uninhibited. The Hiraeth I know emerged from the embers of nothingness nearly a year ago on 8/14/16 when Oliver presented to me the very first time, a walk-in hosted in the physical container of another. That “feeling” of deep love, a love so dense its bottom lies in the depths of infinity, is what equates to home for me. That feeling has remained all of these months, and it has taken me that long to come to terms with the fact that it floats outside of myself somewhere, just beyond tangible reach. Always present in the ethos of my aura.

When I feel love I return to hiraeth.

The energy of home I felt yesterday was twirling, swirling like a whirlwind. It tapped into my psychic intuition and reminded me that this time of Mercury in Retrograde upcoming from 8/12/17 (US) through 9/5/17 will be one of breakthroughs. Breaking through limiting beliefs. Freeing oneself from blocks or inside edits of our thoughts and desired actions. It will be cyclone-ish in feel and nature, offering psychic gifts and enhanced intuition to all interested. It is a space where connecting to your version of home, to all in this and other realms will explode with possibility, within a field of authenticity. You will feel who you really are, become clear on what you really want, and it will stick! The dreams you wish for will manifest into the physical more easily at this time and the energy is said to last several years – the longest residue in several thousand years, I hear. And you will be home. Your home. Of your choosing.

How do we work with energy instead of expect from it? We bridge the gap, redraw the lines. Stand up. Stand strong every time we speak our truth. In the doing, the act of focused desire and release, we vibrate at a frequency affording a link up with… connect to… communicate with worlds beyond this one. We do that by opening up. Allowing the energies and feelings we experience to come through. For example, yesterday I felt myself begin to float – that unequilibrium which episodes when we are swimming in the ocean and the waves wake over and around us, bobbing our bodies here and there. That feeling allowed grew. Within seconds my skin began to tingle. I allowed it. My mind lightened. I allowed it. Then, as if by magick, eyes closed, I moved from a capped position inside my physical encasement to outside and above it. You can do the same with any feeling. Allow and see where it takes you.

During Mercury in Retrograde I encourage you to keep track of your dreams. For most who feel spiritually connected to the elements this is a time where your dreams and visions blow off the charts. You may only remember a scene, a word or phrase, but write it down. Source will know what you recalled and will continue to feed you with clues. You will soon see you can read your notes in sentence structure, as they begin to form a complete message just for you. Try it. Direct your dreams. Think of what it is you want to manifest, like abundance. M in R delivers rapidly on points of attraction. Be mutable. Adapt to changing experiences. Remain open to allow a continued flow of energy into and out from your core, and you’ll find a million doors open for you as sweetly and gently as a million breaths into a million eternities. All created by you. For you.

Find your way. Cross the bridge, any energetic walkway you wish into multiple existences, and discover the reality of imagination between worlds.

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(l2r) Central Ave., Long Island City, NY (Queens looking over the East River to Manhattan)
Sampawams Point, NY (Long Island’s south shore looking out onto the Atlantic)
Brisbane, NSW Australia (taken from the South Bank)





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