Brand New Day

You are air. Carry the flame. Ignite the dream. Illuminate the private island.
channelled message from Oliver received on 8/9/17 at 4:44 a.m. ET US.

Where’s my mind? Maybe it’s in the gutter. Sliding like butter across the clutter on the floor of the silicone rubber room. Seeking better. Releasing doom. Coming soon, for him and for her. The brand preferred. Nirvana.

What does that mean? I give it up to you . Another channeled labyrinth from the Oliver collective that just typed out as I began. Onward…

I’m ready to start this brand new day. You? So much coming. I feel the change, literally. The space around me… my field so to speak… has lightened in the last day and a half. I can sense the newness of the now. While trying to stay grounded I feel the lift. While moving forward I feel a pull I can only call 360°, taking me to the past, present, and future of nowhere and everywhere. The sun twins the moon in a display of overplay across the Milky Way, upon the molecular clay we call Wednesday. Welcome.

And me on this stage? A life. Cabaret.

A dream within a dream. That’s how my experience feels right now. Could just be the retrograde, but I don’t care. I love how I feel in this very moment. Exuberant. Charged. Alive. And I plan to continue this simple lifestyle until I can no longer.

Candle flame lit to honor my mom

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The three photos you see in this piece were taken on 5/26/17, the two in the body of the post snapped shortly after 9:00 p.m. EST US. May 26th was the eighth anniversary of my mom’s transition from this reality to the next. Each year I perform a quiet, personal ritual of honor and connection at the time she moved on.

My ritual is pretty simple, and effective. I turn off all the lamps, light a candle or two, open the window (no rain thus far in these 8 years) and meditate with my eyes open. I go into what I’ll call a deep state of beingness where I’m fully awake, completely physically relaxed, and an open vessel void of thought. Mom died at 9:10 p.m., exactly in ’09 so I spend about 10 minutes bringing myself to a point of even liquidity, opening further and further as the solid within my soul melts into that of the collective. I spend a few minutes with her before I pick up my camera and begin to shoot.

I’ve taken numerous photos over the years that have become greeting cards, of a sort, offering a warm re-connection; images that contain messages literally written with the streams of white from the street to vehicle lights, as well as object skewed into altered shapes. Reflections revealing more than just the form perceived. In 2015 the beams shining from a car’s headlights spelled out “I ♡ U” upon the brick facade of my neighbor’s home. I shared that photo with my sister, and a friend named Carmelle.

My sister was with me when mom passed on 5/26/09. We both watched as her 84 year old body transformed into that of a young girl of 18-25! It only took 5 minutes from the time her heart struck its final beat to the time she resembled an angelic youth for this to occur. My sibling has since decided to no longer discuss this happening, so it didn’t surprise me when she poo-poo’d mom’s photo messages. Carmelle, on the other hand, someone who was completely detached from me, my family, and this situation (as we didn’t even know one another at the time of mom’s departure), yet one who is as wide open as the doors of a semi-trailer, was totally excited and shocked. If you know Carm you know that’s a feat of achievement!

Mom’s passing is what triggered my awakening. She offered me what I call the gift of knowing. Knowing there is more to this reality than what we sense or are told. So much more! You can listen to a 3 part series of audio shorts on an old SoundCloud playlist I have here, detailing the event, if interested.

Since 2009 my journey to nirvana has been a pure joy. It started with synchronicities that functioned as simple to understand points of communication, of the confirmation type. Confirmations have become channeled communications in these eight annual turns, and I have never looked back. Forward is my favorite color and comes in companion shades of lavender and magenta. By that, I mean, I’ve been offered amazing gifts of empathy, telepathy, and other psychic abilities as a result, and purple is the 3D-specified color of that realm. Each day brings expansion in one form or another, all floating in an Alice in Wonderland tea party sort of environment. Yet, as with all good things, each sun must moon in reality’s offering of the perpetual now – a turn towards a brand new tomorrow, today.

So… let the curtain fall…

Sheer curtain in home-office.

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… to be opened again, and again in this beautiful, sheer, royal transparency of Wonder in the Land of nirvana.

“Pass the tea, would you, Alice?”




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