The Space Between Two Breaths

Thought forms exist as energetic packets of information to be exhaled from the space between two breaths.
channelled message from Oliver received on 8/10/17 at 1:36 a.m. ET US.

I’m going to be moving soon. Back to 3D.

I’ve agreed to work with a colleague as a business consultant for the term of an apartment lease. Let’s see if it turns out to be a month-to-month, or an annual commitment. For the last two years I’ve been traveling the world, taking up short and long term residence in locales from coast to US coast, and countries far away as a house sitter, visiting friend, and life tourist. I was about to go walk-about in Australia – a return to the exotic, upside-down wonder of down under – when a strong, focused, spiritually awakening soul made a few astute observations that redirected my curiosity.

Don’t blow a gasket! I didn’t say my thought processes and emotional expressions were reverting to 3D. I said I was moving. My body. My vagabond pack of belongings. My day-to-day reality exchanges. Not my attention to the twins of vibration and frequency.

What does that look like?

Selfie | Marriot Marquis NYC Times Sq.| 2/27/17

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Envision floating just above gravity. That’s me. That’s now. Soon, I’ll be sure footed, founded, grounded in a single locale, bound by a document based on principles I see as humorously animated quips of holographic illusion. In other words, I’ll be living in an apartment under the conditions of a legal writing I do not believe in, within a construct built upon manmade laws, rules and guidelines that are simply not real to me. 3D reality is a playful, idiosyncratic, electromagnetic impression devised by game players in this physical forum to attempt power over those elements beyond virtual control, as if one is riding a never ending escalator of mirrors, magic and tricks fooling you into believing you are moving when, in fact, you are actually standing still.

In further words, it would be like me telling an ant it had to sign a lease to build a hill on property X, and if it defaulted in its delivery of a few crumbs monthly for its use, then this earthly insect would meet with the bottom of my shoe. The ant doesn’t understand human concepts, our language, or the sensibility to grasp a “bottom of the shoe” mentality. Nor should it have to. Nor should we. We are not born to work. We are not given breath to toil and exist for the benefit of a system we had nothing to do with creating, or may even accept or wish to support. Think about it for a moment. Did you ask to be born? Why are you then obligated to accept and live within the borders of a network of organizations established for their own self interest? YOU ARE NOT. We’ve just been hoaxed into submission of a dishonest, deceitful, divisive delusion programmed and implemented at the highest of 3D levels, and trickled down upon the masses as education, economics and evolution. As applied to that ant, it doesn’t mean my shoe won’t make contact with the little fella. It only means that if it does the clueless ant will have been unjustly treated, only to begin again as consciousness in an alternate form. What does the human win? Not a thing other than a perceived, false sense of dominance.

This decision has already demonstrated the power of intention, thought and action in the physical world, and how these same qualities, then, manifest into form. Let me explain…

There is a court case pending in the county of this 3D locale where I find myself. It has been on hold for years due to what a lawyer friend of mine calls a “lovely mess.” The clever actions of one non-linear feeler paused the legal action in its tracks several annual page turns of the gregorian calendar ago. Since, the matter has remained dormant. The day after… I repeat, THE DAY AFTER I made my decision to ground into a non-virtual, consulting position in a brick and mortar environment by means of contractual signature the case showed action again, with a Decision coming down on a Motion that was years under ice. I found that fascinating. Here’s why…

Pentacles pentacles & more imaginary pentacles
Union Sq. area of SF | 4/8/17

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Action goes where attention flows. In altered words, when you don’t think about something it doesn’t manifest because it doesn’t exist. Once you fall back to the lower frequencies of the programmed reality you begin to vibrate with the energy of that scale, and, in turn, attract that which is of equal magnification. You pull into material existence what you think, feel, do. So, if you accept the rules of the conventional, material, pentacle-based, systematized structure of perceived existence you get more of the same. If you move beyond it, accept the illusion, and innerstand it as a mechanism of energetic control of consciousness at its level of one’s physical embodiment you find those rules you’ve been conditioned to believe in simply dissipate. You don’t get pulled over and given a ticket for speeding because the cop who would have done that was elsewhere. You don’t have creditors contacting you for payment of bills that do not, actually exist. They simply stop without negative recourse. You aren’t bothered by any of the 3D trappings because they are the ant now and you are the shoe. Ignore their existence. Allow them to build their hills without attention and you will not be bitten by their firey sting.

How do I know this? Because I live it. Without going into all the particulars I live completely off the grid. I only exist on paper in forms such as birth certificate and social security #. I have no credit cards, no bank accounts, no assets or liabilities under my given name. I exist outside the system using methodologies and practicalities put in place by the rich centuries ago for the same purpose. So, if you wish to find me, stop. You cannot succeed. I do not exist. So, making a decision TO exist once again in the straw man system of control has the immediate result of matching vibration to vibration, and makes possible, once again, for those things once discarded to resurface. And all you have to do is decide. The rest is reconnected for you whether you like it or not.

So, you may ask, Why commit if it means a revocation of multi-dimensional rights relative to having experiences of 3D duality? To learn. To expand. To enjoy the informed opportunity to test and explore the logic pretzel. Because it’s fun as long as you have all the pages to the playbook. Besides, I like this business colleague and I have a feeling we’re going to enjoy playing in this awareness arena, even if only for now.

Will I fall back onto the grid? Maybe. Is it worth the risk? Absolutely! If I was sprinkled back into the system by a decision, I can evaporate out just as easily by making another. One only need believe, decide, and release.

In the meantime, I am free to remain a dreamer. We all are, even while in the transparent, transcendental clutches of 3D. Though, what might I suggest if the grasp of the construct is too tight, the obsession to the material too strong?

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale again, and there you are… the calming space of solace between two breaths.




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