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Into the silence of ‘being’ I walk, the summer of life rising to the perfect fall as I take the long way home.
channelled message from Oliver received on 8/12/17 at 3:43 a.m. ET US.

I put the co in co-creation! Peaking through the veil of time I see the welcoming of consciousness collaboration throughout the Universe. This desire to share has worked for and against me over the decades, allowing for the best and the worst to meander in. Yet, through it all, I prefer being a ‘plus one’ at the imagination station.

The Collective Imagination* Promotional Poster | ~ 12/2012

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One such co-creator I’ve met along my journeys is Lisa M. Harrison. Pictured to the left in a promotional poster I created for each co-host of our, then, weekly radio show, The Collective Imagination, Lisa is an avant garde in her field of conspiracy theory and conscious creation. We met in May of 2012 through her article, Come What May. The wheels of life turned me right into her path through a comment I made to that post as “Anna Miller,” an alias I used to maintain my anonymity while offering information / resources to others online. That comment led to Harrison sending me an email that said, “I’m in if you’re in.” All I could think when I received it was, “Who the hell is ‘Lisa’ and what the hell is she talking about?”

   The Collective Imagination Sigil / Logo
Where Magick Happens**

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Suffice to say we became fast friends, and through the years have co-created a massive amount of change in the world! I feel blessed I had the opportunity to work with her in those years when our shared focus was on bringing together folks of like mind to co-create with us. Alas, as can happen in this time experience, things end, and I have moved on since my life in the womb of CI. I continue to watch with respect as my colleague expands her reach into realms beyond my desire and comprehension. Tidings of comfort and joy do I wish her in this continued journey.

One cool thing that my association with LMH brought was a hook up with many others of the same woo-fabric as I. Those cosmic connections offer ongoing relationships and resources of immeasurable quantity and quality, and for that I am very grateful.

Blue Star Deer Womon | Get Lit Ep #8
After Source Form Is Archaic
runs from 6:08 thru 7:17

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One such connection has been with a woman who calls herself, Blue Star Deer Womon; and, yes, womon is spelled with an ‘o’ between the m and n. She’s quite the character and I love her views. Deer Womon lived with Harrison, and others, in Morocco for awhile in 2014 when Harrison set out to build a community of folks who desired to establish a cooperative living situation that spiritually benefitted all. From that time until I connected personally with Blue I knew her as the mother energy of the “tribe” as they called themselves. Upon her return, and the passing of linear time, I was able to exchange communications with Blue that have been rewarding and informative. She’s a true co-creator and wishes to show others how they can be, too.

In her full 13:09 video (left), Blue talks exclusively about creating, and goes into her beliefs on managing impulses so as to be mindful of our creations into the world, and how the “mystery” of beingness is and her view on what that experience teaches. She also goes into negative thought, a bit, and offers suggestions on how to cease its inclusion in the reality divination process. Interesting stuff.

Here’s what she says in the 1:09 clip shared herein:

So, its very… its a blissful kind of wave when we can get so quiet and begin to recognize that our every thought, and every word, and every intention is connected to the things that come to fruition. That’s why, I think it is the ‘Celestine Prophesy’ that reminds us to be impeccable with your thoughts, words and deeds, because what we put out into the Universe comes back to us. And, this is how we’re co-creators. I think now, in this day and age, we’re starting to recognize how we really are effecting the substance… the alchemical substance that creates. And,so, it’s very wise of us to take moments and reflect upon the subtle imagery that’s moving through us.

Then we have Inelia Benz. I met Inelia back in December 2012 when we invited her to join our special series of live, 2 hour radio broadcasts journaling the events unfolding from 12/12/12 – 12/21/12 that we called The Countdown. Each night we had a known “alternative thinker” sharing his/her views on the assention we were told was to take place on 12/26/12 – when the Mayen calendar ended. Our goal… to bring us together our audience with these folks of influence to share our experiences while the shift was actually occurring. It was a grand success, bringing several hundreds of thousands of listeners to the nightly broadcasts.

Inelia is a walk in. In 2010 she got a message from Source to “go public” with a message of spiritual empowerment and sovereignty. See details of her story at Ascension here. In the 9:07 guided meditation below, Inelia offers a gentle spiritual coupling with yourself… with Source… for the purpose of establishing a co-creative connection to help raise the vibration of the collective energy. What I liked was that even through the noise of the outside world the meditation continues undisturbed, showing how we can move through and/or allow any influence without it disturbing our flow.

I enjoy my individuality. I also appreciate connecting with anyone, any time, who offers value to this human experience. Being a plus one…is more than just fun. It’s my absolution. My mission. My freedom. And I invite you to join me.

Inelia Benz | Guided Meditation | Join the High Frequency Collective | runtime: 9:06


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* NOTE: This poster is one of a series I created to promote The Collective Imagination, each with a different message in the box below the photo. See all posters in the album The Collective Imagination – Promotion at 1HP on Pinterest.

The reason I’m sharing this information is because the purpose of the poster is to offer an energetic experience to further connect the viewer with the host featured therein. I did that by asking each for a high resolution image (which I got from all but B. Kelly) they felt exemplified who they were. I know Bob Wright’s photo was from Morocco when a trip to the desert had the spiritual result of turning everyone’s eyes blue. Lisa and Chris took their photos specifically FOR this project and attempted to infuse each with their energetic spirit at the time of capture. Next, I asked they each provide a writing of value to them – that they felt expressed their personality. I took each submission and watermarked it upon the entirety of the poster to further imbue it with the host’s personal signature.

There are many ways to offer influence into the collective. In the case of these posters, planned, feeling based images and intimately meaningful written messages seared thereupon offered sensory data for any viewer to utilize in their desire to lift off into the arms of the collective consciousness.

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** NOTE: The CI sigil you see above has the message Where Magick Happens fused within. And, boy, oh boy, OH BOY did that ever happen! Still happening. This was July of 2012, and the first sigil attempt either of us had worked on before. We were testing the concept to see if anything came of it. Lisa Harrison and I agreed on the final design so the energy would be compatible and inviting. The take-a-way… as someone who lived in the energy of Where Magick Happens for years… Be sure you sigil what you desire because it DOES work and WILL impact your thereinafter!




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