Recognized – The Experience

Find truth in the connection.
channelled message from Oliver received on 8/12/17 at 11:11 p.m. ET US.


On August 6th I posted an article here at the 1HP blog entitled, Recognition – The Experiment.   In that piece I proposed the reader follow the instructions shared therein to ‘create’ a ‘recognition’ experience in order to prove to him/her self that manifestation is genuine, and achievable. I participated, too, and guess what? It worked! Here are the results.

Attract ‘recognition’ on or around 8/12/17.

My creation statement:
I am in the process of exploring and uncovering everything I need to do, know, and have to receive recognition for my value on or around 8/12/17. It will be delivered in a public or private space, and will come packaged in a way that is surprising, fun, and unexpected. It will benefit the giver and the receiver. It will also open doors to further personal explorations that will continue to bring me joy and abundance through the years. A picture, or other piece of media content will be taken that day connected to this recognition, and only come into my awareness after publication to further confirm events, and I will be happy.

I received three writings and a set of three media clips (w/i the same video) in recognition, as per the terms of the experiment. All three writings were sent prior to the 12th. The video was uploaded and viewed today – the day provided as the attract by date.

Before I lay out the details, let me share my thoughts on the success of this test of one’s ability at conscious creation.

  • The experiment worked. I got everything I asked for, and, as I have grown accustomed… got so much more!
  • I was recognized for many things.
  • The messages were delivered both in public and private.
  • They were surprising and fun, and benefited all.
  • Doors opening to further personal explorations are in process.
  • I received the requested media content.
  • BOY… am I happy!
  •  RECOGNIZED #1: FB Comment 

    FB comment to 1HP blog promo

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    On August 7th at 9:48 p.m. ET US, the very next day after inviting you all to try your hand at the challenge of creation, I got my first confirmation. It was in the form of a Facebook comment to a post I shared on my personal Facebook page. The reason I included it herein is because it relates the “recognition” directly to 1HP in that the words were submitted to the very first (and only) message I’ve personally shared that mentioned the 1HP blog.

    I try to keep my private and public lives separate. Often that includes my experiences in the spiritual, or “woo” arenas, as my lean list of FB friends includes mostly high school acquaintances, photographers and other digital artists whose work I follow, a handful of former business colleagues and current friends, and a few woo-ites. That’s it. Reason: I prefer to keep those FB friends I have, and not scare them off with my alternative views just yet. Therefore, I socially offer my unique brand of thought on the 1HP FB & Twitter pages, and on various of my and my client’s consciousness platforms. Period!

    So, when a friend commented on my one and only post suggesting folks visit the 1HP blog I was happy, and knew it to be unique.

    I also found it fun that the blog post presented when FB used my link to share an image and description, was extracted from the article, An Ember of Light, a writing that discusses one’s energy and intuition.

    Look at that placeholder image in the screenshot above, left! One of my favorites of water in the pool at a place in the southwest US where I was house sitting. See the symbols and numbers that are native to the photo? The #s 5, 3s, 2? I love it!

    Read that post, then come back here. If after perusing you still don’t feel it was my light that cinched the creation connection, and my intuition that allowed the knowing the experiment would offer publishable proof, then I’ll print this post and eat my words. My feeling… I wouldn’t be sitting in front of my computer typing right now, and you wouldn’t be investing your valuable time and effort consuming it if… well, you know.

     RECOGNIZED #2: 1HP Article Comment 

    Comment to 1HP blog article

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    The next recognition arrived on August 8th at 11:21 a.m. ET US. Its form – that of a comment to the article, Between Worlds, right here on the 1HP site. Lisa offered encouragement and support with her short share from the heart.

    It was August 9th when I approved and replied to Lisa’s response, the first blog comment posted to the 1HP site, when I realized both Cindy and Lisa’s comments were offerings of recognition.

    The fact that this share came attached to the Between Worlds article posted right here on 1HP made it all the more appealing. The first line of the second paragraph says, In this space between worlds I can reposition paradigms with a word, a look, a desire, a knowing. And I do.… and I did, didn’t I. LOL.

     RECOGNIZED #3: Email 

    Email to 1HP blog promo

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    The third and final written method of recognition arrived in my email InBox yesterday, August 11th at 11:54 a.m. ET US, in the form prescribed by my creation statement. This email from Teresa was unexpected and thrilling! Her expressions of gratitude and of self were inspiring, heart warming, and made me smile.

    Navigating the flow; words gifted within Teresa’s communication, mirrored my feelings, and I was honored to know 1HP offered palpable value to her.

    As this examination into self actualization demonstrated, the ability to create is yours, always, as an expression of your deepest self.

    It is in the realization (in the proving to yourself) that you have the ability to manifest the life you wish, that you crack open your pure potential as a POWERFUL CREATOR. Absent limits. What more could a girl ask for? Ha!

    And then…

     RECOGNIZED #4: 1 video | 3 references 

    Screenshot of YT email showing time Natalie posted video.

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    Screenshot at time of Natalie’s 1st mention of recognition

    click image 4 larger view

    Natalie came through. I got an email notification from YouTube that Natalie, of Alchemy in You had uploaded her mid-August reading for the sign of Gemini. I’m not a Gemini, but I got that gut instinct it was for me. At 7:18 I sat down with my dinner to check it out.

    It was 7:19 p.m. ET US when I heard her say the magic word in that way only Natalie can..

    Recognition in reciprocity… a recognition of purpose… (one who??) layers of the stratosphere… (by an individual) involved in burgeoning.

    YES! But what’s burgeoning?

    Beginning to grow or increase rapidly; flourish, thrive, prosper, improve, develop; expand, escalate, swell, grow, boom, mushroom, snowball, rocket.

    I’ll take it!

    And the mentions did’t end there. A total of three references to recognition and acclaim in Natalie’s Gemini reading! Three! All on the day of expectation! As promised. As created. The feeling that waved over me was indescribable, as well. It resembled the adrenaline one experiences during a sporting event when you realize you’ve succeeded. I’d crossed the finish line, a winner in the experiment. Ready to share the proof. Excited to know the potential impact this information has for you, the reader, and for the collective!

    Natalie, Alchemy In You | Gemini Mid-Aug 2017
    clip #1 | runs from 1:00 thru 1:45

    Matters of recognition, reciprocity, and purpose

     If you wish to listen past where programed,
    click mouse anywhere on the player status bar.

    Natalie, Alchemy In You | Gemini Mid-Aug 2017
    clip #2 | runs from 11:29 thru 12:06

    Recognition of truth

    Note: Natalie tarot deck – The Wild Unknown.
    If you wish to listen past where programed,
    click mouse anywhere on the player status bar.

    Natalie, Alchemy In You | Gemini Mid-Aug 2017
    clip #3 | runs from 31:33 thru 31:58

    Recognition – polar opposites

     If you wish to listen past where programed,
    click mouse anywhere on the player status bar.

     CLIP #1: Matters of recognition, reciprocity and purpose. 
    With the theme of clip #1 being matters of recognition, reciprocity, and purpose, I move into the bits of reading Natalie availed to us, in further enlightenment as to the value added messages contained therein.

    She talks about the Son of Pentacles and the VIII of Cups lying across the spread from The World. What is the significance? Well, the son is loyal, determined, inventive and trustworthy, and the 8 of cups signifies a time to move on from old ways that no longer exist. That said, my take is that the new world awaits as soon as the son recognizes the old reality (and its limiting potential) no longer serve.

    Just like the results of this experiment – you now have the information you need to be open and aware that this reality does not operate as you were taught, and with your newfound knowledge it is time to fully awaken and expand into the multiverse that awaits.

     CLIP #2: Recognition of truth. 
    Here in clip #2 Natalie explores acclaim… public acclaim, and encourages the viewer to consider speaking out, loudly, about his/her profession of truth – his/her truth.

    She also alludes to one’s project (as I take, for me, she’s talking the 1HP project) requiring one to take things more public.

    Now, go back to the three written confirmations mentioned above. All reference the value of the 1HP project – the site, the articles, the message. And it is that acknowledgement that is being recognized by Natalie’s intuited reading with this snippet, in my view.

     CLIP #3: Recognition – polar opposites. 
    Finally we have clip #3, and the value of polar forces. This one really hit home. You see, I have a silent friend I collaborate with on the 1HP project. This individual is truly the yang to my yin. As Natalie mentioned in clip #1, there’s the give and the take. The logical and the emotional. The grounded and the free-flowing. That’s us! So, her mention gave me the feeling of recognition of this unique operation and a nod of gratitude shared with us both.

    She continues on to expand this gift of recognition to our sharing this public project for the benefit of the whole. Yes, ma’am! You’ve got it. I’ve got it. My partner and I have got it. You, too, have it. You’ve always had it – the power of potential, to create, to expand, to simply be.

    So… Did you have a go with this experiment? How’d it work out for ya? If you didn’t yet, consider doing so when you are ready, and feel free to swap the concept of ‘recognition’ with anything else you desire.

    I’ve found truth in my connection with the Oliver collective… with Source. Now its your turn! The way of life you dream of is a mere feeling away! Give it a try.




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    1. OMG!!! So much here, so much ,LOVE, WONDER and EXCITEMENT…??The barrier’s broken, the depth of reality just jump from your pages. How you show such beauty in the majic that is truly you, truly US, ALL of us… Beyond the hights of flyght, may we begin to soar and live and BE LOVE and WONDER over it all. Soooo much LOVE to you bright spirit. Thank you. ❤️

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