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channelled message from Oliver received on 8/14/17 at 4:56 a.m. ET US.

JUSTICE | After Tarot Deck

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This is Justice. Nice lookin’ guy, eh? A bit on the young side, and he could use a shot of “happy” but otherwise I’d trust him. The question is, what does he want from me?

This is the Justice card from the After Tarot deck by Pietro Alligo, Corrine Kenner, and Giulia Francesca Massaglia. Known as the One Moment After experience, this deck provides a peek into the future of any tarot reading. For those new to tarot, when a reader lays the cards out on the table, that’s called a spread. A spread can do anything the reader decides. Offer a story. Follow a standard lay-down. Answer a specific question. Tell the past, present, future. HOWEVER, once the cards in the spread are down, anything after that is called a clarifier. Essentially that means cards pulled thereafter are done to offer further insights into those shown in the read. Clarifiers answer “what led up to” the situation seen? After tarot cards answer “what happens next?”

So… when this card kept flying out of the deck, on its own, time after time this weekend I got curious. Now keep in mind that I often have a deck off to the side on my desk to play with while watching videos and thinking, just to keep my hands busy. I like shuffling ’em. This weekend I had the after tarot deck nearby with either my handheld recorder or a crystal/stone atop to keep the air from the open window or from my ever running fan to blow them away.

That didn’t stop Justice! He found his way all over my home office!

Jimstone | click for larger view
I witnessed most of these occurrences, but not all. And they were weird! Even with weight roofing the stack, Justice stopped by for coffee over and again. At first I just laughed, my deductive reasoning directing attention to my right elbow, which I thought bumped it. From somewhere near the crest Justice fell out and over like a drunk stumbling out of a bar at closing. It didn’t cease there. Next, when a brisk wind waved in, my Jimstone, a heavy, palm-sized rock I found while walking the beaches of the Atlantic along Long Island’s south shore, visited the gutter of Justice. Even Jim couldn’t hold off the power of Air against attacking the stack it protectively throned, and he, too, stumbled out of that same bar, kissing the ground nearby and releasing Justice from his Courtroom.

Another instance found Justice on my chair, across my keyboard, on the floor all over the fuckin’ place nearly every time I came into my office from some other location in the house. It was getting funny – like a game. Each time I neared the door into the 2nd floor working space I’d bet myself if/where I’d find Justice, his radiant red robes and yellow background of protection and creativity offering balance and fairness to some unknown situation.

To unveil the “why” I asked the question several times while meditating. What I got surprised me and opened a door to the future I hadn’t even seen before, one offering me and another the opportunity to forever impact the fabric of this 3D reality, its systems, and the physically embodied signatures that enjoy experiences trickling down and into their lives, therefrom. For now, and until I can confirm, I’ll keep suspicions as to what I am confident will occur to myself; however I ask all readers to note this date 8/14/17, and this prediction.

The Court system is about to be rehauled from the inside through forces moving around and through those who operate therein. Through a series of unexpected and surprising events, a wave of sensory gymnopedie will occur, resulting in a freeing of the energy that, when released, will permeate throughout the physical reality leaving prior chaos and collapse in the distance, and, in its wake, swing open to the welcoming scales of Justice.

Now we wait. It may take a year. Maybe longer. But keep coming back to your follow up, and one day soon, I assure you, the world system you live in will change, by the hands of human and etherial guides and warriors of all kinds. You may not hear about it on the news. You may not even know it took place unless you encounter an opportunity for Justice. When you do, he will land on the seat next to you offering fairness and truth in the law, and in life. This I know for sure.

And Justice? Grab a cup. The coffee is hot and plentiful, and you’re welcome anytime.




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