Justice… continued

If you read yesterday’s article, Justice, then you know I went overboard in my description of the archetypal “Justice” following me around on Sunday. Well, I’m here to tell ya Justice didn’t give up! Yesterday afternoon, just before 3:00 p.m.* ET US, Veronica of Intuitive Pathways began her daily tarot reading on Facebook for the element of Water. Zodiac signs that fall under the element of water are the three of cancer, scorpio, and pisces.

Little did I know Justice was about to blow my mind right out of this dimension with what she was to reveal!

Veronica | Intuitive Pathways
live, daily facebook reading: 8/14/17**
runs from 13:49 thru 27:00 | runtime: 13:11

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In the clip to the left, “your girl Veronica” lays the spread for the element of Water. At 15:00 in, just 11 seconds into the 13+ minute reading, she pulls what else? JUSTICE. And Justice didn’t land in any ole position. No ho ho ho hooooo. It landed in the Overall. The Overall means that all three elemental signs (cancer, scorpio and pisces) share the fate of whatever card presents. The Overall equates to the focus of the reading; making Justice sitting pretty on a Throne of Theme.

From there, each sign gets its own cards.

From there, it began…

At 15:18 I watched as Veronica discovered a second card stuck to Justice. Justice! You naughty boy! What was it? Oh My F’n _ _ _! The Tower! That’s right. The Tower, and that means exactly what you think. Upheaval. Sudden change. Revelation.

Veronica generalized the card’s significance as something coming out of nowhere to bring balance… or someone was getting served. lol The “something out of nowhere” and “balance” references had meaning. Last week, on August 10th, I wrote an article here at 1HP entitled, The Space Between Two Breaths. In that post I state my belief that a decision I made, one I waited months mulling over in my mind, one I needed input on from another to fairly analyze caused an unexpected reaction; the forward movement of a years dormant court case. Once all the cubes were in place, all information received and discernment complete, I flicked the starter domino and the tower began its descent.

The Tower would have come down whatever I decided. Each path held a unique journey in its palm for me, though both included the understanding and acceptance of a restructuring and recalibration of conditions. As such, the fact that the Tower fell wasn’t what surprised me. It was the idea that my decision… one I own, of my creation… my intention, resulted in the seemingly unrelated counter-action. This legal matter rose from its tomb at the bottom of the stack and piles of “what the fuck do I do with these?” case files on the floor of that special Justice at the local county courthouse. That’s what got my attention! The connection between Veronica’s words and the “out of the blue” rebirth of Justice in the form of this dusty old legal dispute.

Veronica went on to comment

  • someone doesn’t see it coming. (I didn’t.)
  • there were choices to make. (and I did.)
  • (repeatedly throughout) It isn’t a bad thing. (and it won’t be. it will be grand in the human scheme of things.)
  • For me, one of the keys to this synchronistically cross-referencing my decision and the “Justice” to follow, is the duplicative use of the phrase “came out of nowhere.” For example, at 17:37 – 17:31 Veronica says:

    Someone makes a decision, and BOOM! There it is…

    then from 17:50 – 17:54:

    … and when they do decide (scorpio) it happens out of nowhere.

    Now, the examples Veronica uses of divorce and job loss have nothing to do with me or this reading connecting to me in the ways mentioned. I’m NOT a scorpio, though I do have ties to both scorpio and pisces through myself and others, so I take heed.

    From 17:54 thru about 20:08 Veronica shares a few general “legal” mentions, though, again, nothing related to me. She does make one slip that went unnoticed at 20:08. She said, “… something going on with another Air sign.” Well, there were no “other” Air signs, just libra (being the archetype that is associated with the card, ‘Justice’). Air signs are libra, aquarius, and gemini. The fun thing is, both aquarius and gemini are the real life, zodiac characters I had pegged for the spots of scorpio and pisces, which made Veronica’s slip interesting.

    Then at 20:30 – 20:27 Veronica says,

    Where did she come from?

    I had to laugh. I’ve heard that said more than once, in one form or fashion by and between the aquarius and gemini I see as the scorpio and pisces in these events. The way they hooked up, the unusual, seemingly spiritual, karmic nature of the connection between them fosters such a feeling.

    From about 24 thru the end of the Water reading Veronica includes a few additional “legal” references, though nothing as powerful as those chilling above.

    That makes ney a dozen videos that have presented to me in the weirdest of ways in the last 3-4 days related to “legal issues,” my “decision,” and “Justice.” I need no more knocks over the head to know what the message is. I stated it as a prediction at the bottom of Justice, this article’s predecessor; such being,

    The Court system is about to be rehauled from the inside through forces moving around and through those who operate therein. Through a series of unexpected and surprising events, a wave of sensory gymnopedie will occur, resulting in a freeing of the energy that, when released, will permeate throughout the physical reality leaving prior chaos and collapse in the distance, and, in its wake, swing open to the welcoming scales of Justice.

    If Source is anything, it is clear!


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    * How do I know it was just before 3pm? I took a screenshot at the end of the reading, and it shows a time in the upper right corner of 3:12 p.m. Deduct the runtime of the Water sign reading; thus being 13:15, and… well, you do the math. Click here to view that screenshot

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    ** This video is being shared in “unlisted” mode from the 1HP’s YouTube channel. Unlisted so as to respect the copyright and creative license of Veronica at Intuitive Pathways.

    I would have embedded this content straight from FB, but FB doesn’t have a feature to allow one to tag a start AND a stop location, so I can just share the Water sign portion. Since that’s beneficial to my blog experiencers, and YouTube DOES accommodate same, I downloaded Veronica’s video from FB, uploaded to 1HP’s YT channel, and embedded it in this post. Please find all of Veronica’s contact information in the YT description for that video, and do yourself a favor and follow Veronica at Intuitive Pathways net at any of the many platforms her work appears.




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    1. Whoosh…. synchronicity to be an strange understatement of sorts for me here B, thank you for your sharing of self… Here’s the thing… I’m a Scorpio, just last week I got my divorce papers to file not only that I have to take someone to small claims court not only that I made a very strong decision it came out of the blue but the Epiphany that came with it for myself was concerning manifestation, my thoughts were flipped inside out, as I realized what I was doing finally stopping any blocks to my manifestations. Much love lady, loving your empression/ expression

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