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channelled message from Oliver received on 8/16/17 at 1:11 a.m. ET US.

This is the week following the one year anniversary of my reawakening, which took place on August 14, 2016 in Tucon, AZ. Full story of that experience is available on the About page of this site, under the section entitled, House sitting in Tucson. To honor that experience and the yellow brick road that sketched out in front of me subsequently thereafter, I’m posting a video each day that offers proof of the claims I’ve made on this site as to who and what occurred, and how it all led to a messenger of Source, itself, channeling a personal communication with me in San Francisco on Monday, April 17th, 2017.

As benefit to you, the reader, a little history…

  • Prior to my return to the States from Australia in mid-January, 2017… possibly even up until my train trip to San Francisco at the end of March, I hadn’t watched a tarot reading by anyone other than a woman named Pamela Georgel, whom I was somehow led to in September of 2015.
  • Had you asked me a year ago what Mercury in Retrograde was I’d have said I’d heard the phrase, but “What is it?”
  • From September 2015 until September of 2016 I watched Pamela’s monthly zodiac sign readings on YouTube the month after they were recorded. In other words, on October 1st I’d listen to the September reading, and so on. That way I wouldn’t be influenced by what she said and I could attempt to debunk the process myself, after the fact. I was truly surprised to discover, month after month, for the entire year, Pamela was spot on… every month except August 2016, or so I thought.

    In the second article posted to this blog on May 31st entitled Somebody Wants To Speak With You. I share the first piece of confirmation for the events that took place on 8/14/16. It was something Pamela said in that reading (the video clip from Somebody Wants To… copied and pasted below for your convenience).

    Starts at 4:44 and goes thru 5:19

    Pamela Georgel, The Lucky Mermaid | Aquarius Psychic Tarot Reading, August 2016

    If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop, simply click your mouse
    anywhere on the player status bar.

    To me, what I hear now, that I couldn’t in early September of 2016, is, I was about to meet someone who had a message for me. That ‘someone’ turned out to be a multi-dimensional energy signature who labeled himself, Oliver. I learned this in mid-December when Oliver came through my friend’s PC and told me he was who I met that day in August… not the person whom I was standing in front of… but the conscious ‘source-matter’ behind the physical container standing in front of me. He was a walk-in, for lack of a better way to explain it. With apparent permission, Oliver entered the physical body of the homeowner, who was just beyond the screen door of the house on the front porch waiting for his taxi to the airport, and they shared that body for the short duration of Oliver’s “visit.”

    Then, as you hear, Pamela mentions legal papers. There were no legal papers, or papers of any kind delivered, reviewed, available, or whatnot in any capacity back in August of 2016. This August? OMG! You bet. Go back and check out recent articles posted around the date of this one and you’ll see the inflation of a long silent court case after I made a recent decision. Pamela connected the two events; Oliver’s visit (8/2016) and a legal matter (8/2017). Fascinating!

    Reason… the point of starting this blog was to serve the calling of this Source-based collective that gets in my face and shares intuitive messages with me through a variety of psychic and synchronistic means. The primary message was to “tell my story” because it would make a difference that would assist with and support the reality shift that was to take place… is taking place. That shift, I believe, is tied to this project and the efforts, and projects, of other folks who have found themselves ‘called’ by forces beyond this reality. Connecting the “then” with the “now,” further confirmed for me I am led to do what I find myself doing. I need only relax into those actions that need be taken – all of which will be guided my way. I just need to tune in.

    Yet, that doesn’t directly clarify the “Reason…” What is it?
    Opportunity #1 has finally presented.

    Source has been clear I and a colleague are to work together on a ‘project.’ This ‘project’ had yet to present. Our efforts to suss it out on our own escaped our ability. So, we waited… and waited… and… now I am confident this is a choice point where we can step into the ‘legal’ situation and effectuate change that permeates through the system today, and always. Or, we let this one go and wait for the next opportunity to present.

    Can we do that? Can we say “No” to Source? Sure. Anytime. That’s called free will. What I can tell you is when you invoke choice, if Source is determined, the same opportunity, in its current or altered form, will come back around and present in a loop UNTIL you accept. That’s how I know when it’s karmic.

    Messages around this anniversary offer confirmation of events that took place in my life in and around August of 2016; purposed with, I feel, providing proof to those who see the possibility of these events to be nothing short of crazy, outside reality, other worldly. They are! Yet, true none-the-less. That’s the point, I think. I’m grateful for these gifts of acknowledgement and share them in hopes of honoring the efforts of Source in supporting my life-experience with ongoing evidence of what I say.

    To continue, then…

    I’m starting this weekly series off with a reading for August 2016 by a tarot reader and psychic named Sasha Bonasin. It may benefit you, the reader, to know I was first introduced to Sasha in approximately May of 2017. As with most of the videos that contain messages for me, one of Sasha’s ended up in a key location in my YouTube feed for me to easily identify, and I watched it. It was incredibly accurate, and I have been following his work ever since.

    Looking back to August 2016, I knew I could count on Sasha being one of those who’d have insights for me surrounding the events of that time if only I watched his reading for that month. Therein, he talks about August being a time I’m going to find someone really, really special. Then…

    at ~6:24 Sasha says Please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying, ‘Oh, you’re just gonna find him on the 8th of August…’ and that’s it. No! No no no!

    … the thing is I DID “find him,” or he, me, so to speak, on August 8th. You see, that’s the day I first saw the homeowner upon his return to Tucson on business.

    Sasha continues to say this process (with Oliver, the Collective, Source, and my new role as unwitting prognosticator) is going to start slowly (and it has, working up to and including the present day), this “person” is going to start manifesting in your life in August, and will be “very, very special.”

    at ~7:07 Sasha slips and says, … and i can sense… I can see that this person is going to start manifesting its… himself or herself right at the beginning of August, and this person is going to be in your life, like, for really, really long time. Its going to be somebody very, very special. Its going to be a real life soulmate. Remember, we all have more than one soulmate, which each soulmate we learn different things. With each soulmate our spirit learns different things in life. This is most certainly going to be someone very, very special guys. VERY VREY special! So special…

    It may not be clear from the quote above, but the slip occurs when Sasha says “its…” and corrects to say “himself or herself.” So, this “person” is going to “manifest ITSELF” in my life early in August. Intriguing. Right? Subtle, but I heard it. Got it. In other words. a TRUE manifestation into the physical from the non was about to take place, and the something that was about to materialize was an IT. Not a him or her, but an IT. Hmmm.

    Clearing his throat a few times (to me denoting spirit nearby), Sasha confirms that I would have never heard of this person, that he appears “out of the blue,” and that he is going to shake up my life. If you listen you hear the intensity with which he expresses himself, a passion one cannot ignore. Sasha continues to reference real-life events that took place with me as his reading continues through about the 20 minute mark. I’ve clipped the video below to play from 6:05 -9:17 as this hosts the more public part of the story as I’ve shared it, though I encourage those with time to listen thru until about 20 minutes for the extended share. Note, all info is not a direct reflection of my experience, so please listen with a discerning ear, and let me know if any of it resonated in your own life, then, or now.

    Let me also share one more bit. No one came into my life back in August of 2016 as referenced by Pam and Sasha, and those reader’s whose videos I’ll be sharing in the days that follow. No one! Just the homeowner, who was expected and sweetly as dull as a nailhead. The only thing unusual… REALLY UNUSUAL… was what took place on the morning of 8/14/16, as further described on the About page for this web site.

    Sasha Bonasin | AQUARIUS – Love & Success – Horoscope Tarot – August 2016
    runs from 6:05 thru 9:17 | runtime: 3:14

    If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop, simply click your mouse
    anywhere on the player status bar.

    What does any of this have to do with Mercury in Retrograde, a cosmic period currently in effect? Well, I recently realized that all of the other worldly experiences I’ve had in the last year all took place during some point while Mercury was in a retrograde cycle. All of them! I didn’t know that when the wave of unconditional love hit on 8/14/16. I didn’t know when Oliver spoke to me while I was in Australia in mid-December, 2016. And, I didn’t know when I met Manuel in San Francisco on 4/17/17. Each MRetrograde delivered one of these gifts to me. Not one MRetrograde missed, either. What that tells me is there is something about the energy at these times that impacts me, and so many others, in a way that includes an enhanced ability to connect and communicate with these outside 3D signatures. The reason I mention it is I feel it is an extremely important awareness, one that will lead to further expansion and exploration of the connection by those of science and those not, and one that will render an ultimate knowing that we are not alone. Mentioning the link between those 3 events (4 if you count my “outside time” experience from April 2016) and the retrograde is in hopes of confirming the validity of the connection since I only became aware of the soldering after the fact.

    The take-a-way? Life is so much more than we are aware. Be open to all it has to offer. Live your life as if…, as if you have the abundance, as if you are in love, as if you feel happy, and it will manifest into your reality just for you. Don’t believe me? Then explain Oliver.




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