The Anniversary – Vagary of Consciousness

Find yourself in the vagary of consciousness
channelled message from Oliver received on 8/19/17 at 5:20 p.m. ET US.

I went for a long walk this morning. Two hours and change. Followed a route I use to take in the summer of 2008 from my house in Suffolk County on Long Island, NY to the offices I then leased for my business – a real estate club for investors. You see, my son talked a girl he saw at a local party he’d known in high school to drive him to the local convenient store because he was too… “happy” to drive himself. At the corner of suburbia and highway a mind fuck occurred. The solicited young lass was sideswiped by a mom with a learner’s permit as the youth turned left in front of oncoming traffic. C R A S H !

That crash resulted in months without a vehicle. The cute young girl driving my car quickly paid half of the loose estimate my son got from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend for “off the books” repairs. The work was shoddy, took more than four months to complete, and I walked the 4+ miles to and from the office every day until things worked out. Sure, I could have fixed the car myself and been back on the road within days, but I felt this was a learning lesson for my son in taking responsibility for decisions made. It was a learning lesson for me, too, in the act of patience, and the value of discovering the positive in the negative (great exercise and good health scuffed on the heals of a collision).

So, off I went to undock the munificent mindfulness of my soul from a pier of pensive malaise.

After a couple of days of light rain I was eager to engage with the nature that so refilled my cup of love, and in the process flush out any energy that needed to go to make room for that which awaited. I needed to release any trepidation I had regarding my next attempt at posting a video to this blog; one part of the Anniversary series. With the last two embedded videos disappearing from the net shortly before publishing my prepared blog post I was hesitant to invest the energy again only to be thwarted.

The outcome of the walk? Malaise waylaid. Mindfulness delightfully expressed from the munificent to the omnipotence of self… and beyond, to another of its sparks, Colette Baron-Reid.

For the week of August 8th in 2016 Baron-Reid posted a 7+ minute video reading for all – the wholeness of the collective – the universal energies that effect everybody. Below I’ve embedded the video in its entirety, running 7:35, and below the video I’ve shared my notes while watching it and how it connects me to the events of 8/14/16 and the remainder of that month.

This video spoke to me in ways only one who has experienced the unknown can relate – and there ARE millions of us, maybe even you, included in this count. I felt wisdom was being imparted, and Source was gifting me, yet again, with comforting confirmation; saying, once again, that all is as I believe it to be, and that faith will be my anchor when faced with the occasional offer to tether to a pier of pensive malaise.

As long as breath meets life the unexpected will happen. Feel your way through, and find your inspiration in the impulse.

Colette Baron-Reid
WEELY ORACLE CARD FORECAST for the week of Aug 8th, 2016

full video | runtime: 7:35

YIN, the art of allowing.

Conscious receptivity. Allowing the Universe to show itself to us. Yup. That’s exactly what happened 12 months ago. The energy signature of Oliver walked in to the physical body of another who was in front of me, for the purpose (he says in 12/’16) of communicating with and connecting to me. The use of “Yin” is significant to me, too. I am the Yin to the Yang of a close friend Source brought into my experience for information, support, guidance and karmic lessons to come.

the form not being in our control

Let the Universe make the first move. Know what you want to co-create and that you are here for a purpose. The “form” of the experience was Oliver taking form by hijacking that of another – all unbenounced to me and not of my control.

What happens when our values change. Question your beliefs.

What’s happening in the world right now is making a lot of us question our beliefs. That’s exactly what happened to me. I felt the wave of unconditional love – something so powerful and overwhelming, and of a sort I’d never experienced before I had to ask myself what it was. How it was. Where it came from. Everything I knew about the foundation of existence was now in question simply because I was allowed to feel something beyond what I knew to be.

Course correct. Once you change your view you can change your course.

We can course correct… (example) I use to believe there was no God and now I know there is one. Confirmation to me that what I’ve experienced – the “feeling” a year ago, Oliver speaking to me in December 2016, then meeting God / Source, itself, in the form of a homeless man named Manuel – is all real, happened, is my truth. And I’m ok for allowing it, believe it, sharing it with you, here, today.

Spirit is within us in all things.

… and we’re interacting all the time.

3:10 – 3:33:
When we open our hearts we are in harmony, which is nature. So all these pieces of a new puzzle that is beckoning us into the uncharted waters, the unknown so that we can co-create a new reality that is based on this new world view.

Look at where the structure doesn’t work for you any longer. Be flexible.

What can I do to make a difference in my life today. How can I shift the way I view myself in the world today. Little steps forward will bring the bigger transformative experiences, and allow a new foundation to be set.

These words describe what has transpired, conceptually, over the course of the last year. Had I not had that first experience on 8/14/16 I’d have had no desire to shift anywhere. I thought I already had, which was accurate, but void of the dynamic nature to all that is of Source. Here, now, one year later, a new foundation has been set – one voracious in its growth and ongoing change.

Why. Why do I want that?

After facing the unknown on August 14th, I began to ask Why do I want ________ with just about everything. It has become a regular clarifier of events. A soul enema.

Reductionist’s view of co-creating. We think that if we think a certain way, and if we believe that THINKING is somehow going to get us what we want and that the field will respond by showing us a mirror of that.

So that’s what happened on the 14th. Oliver held up a mirror and allowed me to see the me in thee.

Our hidden agendas are hidden even from us. A lot of what we experience is a result of these hidden agendas we have individually and collectively. Asking us to shed light on our shadow with compassion and love. What would be a better way to co-create from a place of kindness, compassion, gratitude and love.

Be mindful from where you co-create. We create all the time from all places of feeling; love, joy, gratitude, as well as anger, jealousy, revenge. Creation is universal, feeling-based, and existent. It’s the mode of feeling that determines whether one ascends to a new reality or constricts to the old.

Why do you want a certain relationship? Like when we chase something that is unavailable to us we think, for sure, we want this person because we’re in love with them when, in fact, we just want to win, because they rejected us. We have to look at our motives. WHAT’S THE HIDDEN MOTIVE HERE?

Hmm. Worth consideration.

Continuous restructuring. As we evolve we have to shift to make room for new growth. We don’t take everything with us.

Another pearl…

6:30 – end (7:35) Exit ad.

(In song – lyrics) and I see the future. And little that i see is real.

Yes! I can now see the future – in managed bits of downloaded / shared information from a source beyond myself. I accept and embrace the theory that there is no reality, only perception.

(in song – lyrics ) I am what I am and I understand that you can’t see me at all.

Working on it. LOL.




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