Eclipse Conscript

I like sugar cream pie but that doesn’t mean it’s good for me.
Ana Komorebi, 8/21/17 at 11:07 p.m. ET US.

Chaos appears. Blockage removed. Path is cleared.
channelled message from Oliver received on 8/22/17 at 3:43 a.m. ET US.

I was enlisted by the energy of the eclipse yesterday. Its calls started hours before its 2:44 p.m. crescendo here on the east coast of the United States, and was as loud and motivating as that of a military boot camp officer with an underlying heart of gold. I spent much of the day in meditation searching for ways to allow its flow to serve me while discarding the rest. Introspection raised more questions than answers, yet questions that needed to surface. Questions I didn’t even know I had. Questions I’d guess many of us who have opened to the possibilities of all are asking. One such question was…

Sun around time of eclipse east of NYC at 2:47 p.m. on 8/21/17

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What have I learned from the experiences?
My take away from the last year is simple. I may like sugar cream pie, prefer sweetened coffee, and sneak Marzetti’s slaw dressing onto my salad instead of oil and vinegar, but that doesn’t mean any of it is good for me.

When I first had the thought above, it was followed by one from the collective. Chaos appears. Blockage removed. Path is cleared. I literally heard those words and wrote them down on the heels of my sugary intuition. Now I had to determine meaning from that which appeared more nonsensical than sensory.

If I ate a slice of sugar cream pie I guess that equates to the chaos. Not from the external view, as the pie would be mouth watering, smooth, delicious. It is the impact it has on my physicality that’s chaotic. From my body’s perspective, say, if it could talk, I can hear it’s captain sounding the alarm as the bits of the once creamy dessert were now the enemy; dark sludge filled with agents ready to burst onto the scene and destroy the peaceful considerations of the form’s present state. To the captain, it’s forces were facing battle; one entered into by actions of the unknown, forcing it to respond and process the unwanted, that which disturbs the tight military corners of its well made, molecular bed.

I get it. Cells in charge of self-protection heed the captain’s alert. At the ready they wait for the pending destruction so as to engage, to counter conditions they had faith the “man” would prevent in order to nourish their reality. They trust the man, the unseen source that takes action to place quality resources in the hands of the cells and its community. Yet, what’s this slick sugary sludge sliding down into their world, and why weren’t they considered when the decision to allow it was made? Of course, commissioned with a team of sludge removal elites the mess was contained, and the path cleared, in record time. But what was the residual effect, and how long could the cells hold out if the sludge continued?

That’s what yesterday’s solar eclipse felt like to me. Emotional chaos. Though tempered in retrospect, the ride I was belted to for the last year was one I would never have lined jumped for. At my level of awareness, it was unexpected, at moments unwanted, and completely unwieldy, though not completely undesirable. I’m still trying to wrap my logical mind around the unworldly events that took place, and, like the cell-itary, I’m simply pulling up my boots, tightening my belt and heading out to face the consequences of accounts I seem to have co-signed for along the way. What occurred in linear time, experiences had, are done. There’s no going back. No do-overs. So, there is no alternative other than to accept and remap my course accordingly. The key is which course to follow, and would it satisfy my desire?

Am I on the right path?
That was my next query. In review of the last year I had to ask myself if I was on the right path. Is there even a “right” path? Isn’t there just infinite possibility and I’m free to choose which potential to open up to?

I had to answer, “Yes.” Based on all I knew, ‘Yes’ to all expression being pure potential, available to anyone for the price of an invitation. Then how could I reconcile the events of the last year? Three totally weird occurrences, unexplainable by human means, and purposed with an outcome unclear (four if you count my outside of time experience in April 2016). Why? Why would I engage such activity if I am the sole decision-maker in my molecular journey. Why would an energy (or other) source more influential than I am in my own 3D reality choose such events for inclusion in my experience? In review, such three being:

  1. hit by a wave of genuinely unconditional love on 8/14/17 (US), done in such a way as to compromise my position as a house sitter, the homeowner’s as a life-partner, and done w/out explanation by a self-proclaimed walk-in who called himself Oliver.
  2. solicited into an audibly recordable conversation on 12/15/16 (AU) with what identified itself as a living consciousness, Oliver, from a place referred to as “home,” beckoning me to return.
  3. pulled into the swirl of an otherworldly environment on 4/17/17 (US), in the center of San Francisco’s Union Square, of this dimension, yet not, manifesting itself into pure holographic awareness, as if the environment, itself, was alive with possibility. Led from this infused physical state of the highest consciousness, where I connected and interacted with reality in a sensory way far different than any experience prior, I met God – in the form of a homeless guy named Manuel.

So, was I on the right path? Were these situations gifts of knowing? Course corrections? Needed? Desired? Or just presented in some sort of challenge I was not evolved enough to fully comprehend? Did that mean I must comply? Where was free will? How could this have occurred without my consent? Or, did I give consent in a way… on a plane of existence I have yet the tools to grasp – at least in this state of consciousness? No idea. What I did know was this series of illogical and unfathomable events unfolded in such a logical and compassionate way as to identify as being actioned by some ‘thing’ of intelligent design. There’d be no reason to engage me with such folly if not founded in purpose, since as a debunker I’d be unmasking that deception faster than white on Jasmine rice.

Thus, what path is the right path? For me, the right path is the one that presents, the one I enjoy in the now. And, if that means my desire to grow, expand, know things beyond that of the every man, then that is what I will get; ordered or not. Therefore, as I see it, I have a choice. I can accept the unusual or I can stop it. To stop it I must change my vibration, concede to exist by rules I do not agree with in a world I do not adjust well to. It would require I cage the lion, turn in my creativity to the life school’s repository, ground into the fullness of 3D. I can do that. But, did I want to? No F’n way! My path is clear, and through the blessings of consciousness the pathway is open! Hiraeth is mine today if I accept.

The question today answered, then, is as intended; dynamic, ever curious, always present, and able to LoJack upon command. Tomorrow holds in its hands the infinite possibility for allowance, for change, for whatever I desire. Today I accept the experience offered, in less than full transparency… hoping one day for same.

Sun just prior to the eclipse, east of NYC at 2:41 p.m. on 8/21/17

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What next?
This annual journey from August 2016 to August 2017 is not one I can honestly say I’d agree to repeat if given the choice. It has been one of adventure, heartache and egg cracking at the level of perfection; one that has brought me home – to a place to which one feels he/she cannot return, that maybe never was… but it WAS, it IS, and it found me. How could I turn back now?

I still don’t feel I know the complete story of what has happened to me, though I know so much more today than I thought I ever would a year ago. The reveal has been slow and methodical, as it must, I guess, and one day I may know more. However, what I do know makes me smile. I feel like the luckiest girl in the 3D world sometimes – grateful every moment of every day to have been entrusted with the knowings shared. What I still expect? To get what Source promised in the garden a few weeks after 8/14/16. And I will. In the meantime, woo away. I’m ready.


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All three photos shared in this post were taking in my front yard at my house on Long Island, NY, on and around the time of the eclipse, which was reported to take place at 2:44 p.m. ET US.

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