Come Alive – Into Form

Like you… like me… sugar plum fairies, cheshire cats, and wizards of OZ have their roles in the physical world. Look Up from your newspaper. Wake Up to the clues greater than the fairy tales in the facts. Take up the facts in the fairy tales.
channelled message from Oliver received on 8/23/17 at 4:38 a.m. ET US.

Spent Tuesday, a beauty, having a go at it. Rolled energetic shit into sushi, molding the possibility of what could be into wit. The results are shared herein with 5 images of pool water taken back in June of 2015, a few days after my arrival in Tucson, AZ for the first time in what was to become two six month stints over a period of two years in this fairy tale location. As I digitally enhanced these images I infused each with the healing and creative energies native to the element of water. Severally, the quintet represents a different sense, with the sixth image – that of a pathway into a courtyard garden, holding space for all that walks beyond the veil. Collectively, the lot communicates outcomes into our shared consciousness. In other words, what you do using them mirrors out into the whole of consciousness. What I propose is that you regard the possibility of enhancing your sensory capabilities, and of raising your vibration in the process. If that appeals to you, begin by focusing on a single sense you wish to laser into, then select an image herein. Follow the steps below, connect with, and blow out your abilities! Gratitude for the consideration.


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With your willing participation, we will attend to three points of interest when creating something from nothing. Do you trust me? Then, let’s begin.

  • bring your desire into form
  • give it a foundation
  • nurture and watch it grow
    I am a creator. You are a creator. Here I’m talking the creation of form – bringing the non-existent into existence. Turning pure thought into tangible reality. Touch me, feel me, physical form. Keep in mind, when you manifest that includes the intangible. Aspects such as concept development, energetic manipulation, elemental modification, and idea generation come from us, as well. Yet, as any form-based, embedded signature of the human kind can attest to is this 3D experience seems manifest primarily as matter taking shape and composition. So how does one mold form from the formless?


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    Believe! You can only succeed if you believe in your power as a creator. Let’s assume we’re good to go in that regard. Acceptance is next, followed with the activation of your DNA. In other words, Decide. Nod. Allow… Create!

    Creation begins with choosing what you want, confirming you do, in fact, want it, then allowing it to form by releasing the intent as a feeling into the energetic network of all. Remember you are connecting at a level of frequency, so be mindful of yours as you focus on the outcome.

    Example: You want $100 by the end of day. Consider it done. Desire it. Decide it is what you want. Confirm your intent and willingness to let all go in belief of same. Then simply allow – by releasing the thought, feeling, desire into the unseen. How do you do that? Many ways. Find one that complements your sensibilities, one you feel comfortable with. Until you do, try this.


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    Close your eyes. Start with your head and work your way down to the tips of each toe. Move your attention throughout your body, genuinely feeling each area as you focus, and relax, section by section. Take as long as you need to release thought from your mind. If one sneaks in, allow it. Don’t try and stop it. Doing so will only break your concentration. Open a pathway for it to move through and out. When clear, divine into thought the $100 being received, spent over and over again, and how that makes you feel. Be specific, yet allow flexibility for the Universe to work its magic. Bring it into your experience in a way that is unexpected and fun, without encumbrance to you or to others.

    Eyes still closed, breathe in the desired outcome and hold it. Take any thoughts and feelings you have and place them inside an imaginary soap bubble as you exhale. Inflate the bubble with each out breath. Inhale once again. As you do, feel the future. Use all of your senses to experience the reality as if had. Allow it to excite you, to bring joy. Exhale and allow the bubble to expand and expand until you feel it is ready to release. One final exhale… and let it go. See the bubble float off into the light. Open your eyes. It is done.


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    While you think about what you want, consider how the soon-to-be-physical creation will be founded. In other words, if you were to create a person where and how would they live? Ever seen Weird Science? Need I say more? Lots to consider, eh? If a car, a house, a boat, a vacation, a business venture… how would it ‘be’ in the physical? What are its fundamental principles of existence?

    Why is all of this important? Because you can manifest form only to find it present, born from a point of creation you didn’t think through, and now you’re saddled with more burden than beauty.

    Let’s take a look at a couple of examples. To create $100 the frame is simple; the process must make sense within the physics of this world. That’s about it. No need to worry if there will be room in your wallet, or how much insurance you’ll need to take out on it. The creation is a hundred bucks. A few slips of paper. No long-term residual considerations. If a seemingly inanimate object, like a car, was the desire, then those residual considerations grow exponentially. Who will drive it? Who will and how will it be maintain(ed)? Are there other considerations; like funds for repair and upkeep, safety issues? If a business venture, will it come packaged in a way that includes self-management or is that something you’ll need to provide? How much time and resources of yours will it consume? How will it impact your other relationships? See? Foundation first.


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    How do I know this? I’ve seen it with my own eyes. Sensed it with my intuition. Experienced it first hand.

    Someone decides they want a high-end evening out, let’s say. They only think about how the meal is going to taste, how dining at a famous 5-star restaurant will boost their cred, and how dancing at the clubs all night will work that spare tire into a fully treaded six-pack. What they don’t consider is how it will present. So, what if you are a married man invited out to dinner by a female CEO of a client company essential to your bottom line. What if the CEO suggests taking you to the very best restaurant around… “Spago” in Beverly Hills, California? Do you go? Do you take that flight? What do you tell your wife? Do you tell your wife? How will you handle advancements, if they occur? Is the tradeoff worth the investment?

    So… you created the opportunity for a great meal. You manifest it into the physical. Now all you need do is accept. But do you? Is it really what you wanted? Foundation. It all comes back to context… to building the proper foundation upon which the creation can exist in a way that fulfills all.


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    OK. You’ve done it. Your desire took shape, has form in physical reality. Now what?

    LOL. Well, first you accept. Acceptance is fundamental to all in every reality. I have no idea why, tho am curious. Oliver? Anyway, in this reality, multi-dimensional reality, virtual reality, ethereal, parallel, whatever you fancy, you must accept what is presented. As a matter of course, in this reality, we accept what is presented. Period. That’s the issue. Only when you hold acceptance and observe do you stand in the knowing that there is more, and that more includes being the creators of our reality. So we create. And the more we create the more we innerstand how limiting the 3D reality is. Being human, accepting this form as our container for the trip down life’s Niagara, doesn’t mean we have to accept the limitations of 3D. There are infinite possibilities. They all start with acceptance – contract law of the cosmos. How do I know? Because even a chrysalis trusts, surrenders unconditionally to the calm of the divine. Do you trust me?

    OK. So, now you’ve accepted. Time to nurture and grow… well, maybe not the $100, unless you’re a miserly stock broker.

    I could reference dozens of scenarios using hundreds of characters and wouldn’t touch the stitching on the hem of the tails on the longest evening jacket in the history of infinity that is this reality, and you’d be no better off than if you used your ole common sense and good judgement. You create, you must nurture. No nurturing, creations bind. Too much binding and you feel like you’re caught in a web of your own divine design. Nurture your creations (your life) and more ease and flow comes, fostering more creation, forwarding the flow.

    Rinse. Repeat.

    Apply the general guidelines above, now, to the senses. Choose to touch color, taste light, smell the holiday cooking of days past, see auras, hear nature talking, channel predictions of the future. Raise your vibration. Believe.

    Own the formlessness of your form. Seed your desire. Watch it rise into focus. Take shape. Come Alive! Into form.

    Create! And, I’ll see ya at my favorite sidewalk cafe… in the 5th dimension.




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