New Beginnings

Do anything. Feel everything.
channelled message from Oliver received on 8/23/17 at 6:14 p.m. ET US.

This is a time of new beginnings. You must feel it, too! If you don’t stop reading this blog now, go to CNN and consume the first thing that presents. If that doesn’t make you “want” for a new beginning then you’re in the wrong place. Leave now. This sorta shit just ain’t for you. Sure, the pathway is open… always, in all ways for all to play, but you need the code to even sense the entrance. That code is a frequency, one you can step into if you allow yourself to feel the energy of this new beginning.

#1: East end of Sam Hughes neighborhood | 11/26/17 at sunrise.
House in the shadows IS the one I was standing in front of when the coyote trotted by

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That’s why I used my baby cardinal photo from June 2015 as the banner image. It sweetly represents the concept of a new beginning. This gorgeous fella somehow ended up on the ledge right outside the wall panel of windows in the living room at the front of the house I was sitting for in southern AZ. At the time of this photo, the front door was open with the latch to the screen door hooked so Emily, the homeowner’s splendid sport of a senior black cat, couldn’t get at it.

Emily locked in on the baby cardinal on the ledge. | 6/19/15

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Viewing the slew of photos I took at the time, what stood out was the baby bird’s lack of fear. I saw strength, determination, frustration, yet no fear. This lil guy was unstoppable. He had a goal – to find a way off the edge… off that ledge. He didn’t care who helped, or how, just that he succeeded. The short list of supporting prospects included his parents. Me. Even Emily – a clear challenger. That bird WAS going to get off that ledge, fly up and away from the edge, and live the long life of a Cardinal in paradise.

Emily was more lion than cat. I’d seen her waffle down lizards her same size in a couple of gulps. The baby bird would be no more than a tantalizing desert that was had and quickly forgotten.

#2: East end of Sam Hughes neighborhood | 11/26/17 at sunrise.

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That got me to thinking about fear, and perception, learned behavior, and what’s really organic in the natural order of things. It reminded me of a crisp November morning late last fall when I was that baby bird, out before dawn taking photos – waiting for the sunrise. Snapping away I captured quite a few images, including the two shared herein. While out, around 6:30 or 7:00 a.m. MT US, I spotted a coyote trotting southbound down Stewart Ave., quickly nearing the merge of Stewart and 3rd where I was hugging the cusp of the corner. I had been looking up, taking a photo of the clouds colorcast by the spectrum of light cracking through into day. When my gaze returned to square I caught movement in my right, peripheral vision. Glancing north I saw the oncoming danger.

The thing is I wasn’t afraid of that coyote. Fear didn’t even cross my mind. All I thought about was how was I going to capture a clear photo of this wild beast in motion. I knew if I pointed and shot I’d likely get a blurred mess. I also knew I had seconds to decide. So I pointed the camera about 45 degrees counterclockwise to my strident position where I thought it might cross in front of me, and waited. Finger on the trigger of the shutter release. Wait for it. Wait for it… SUCCESS! I took about 6 photos in automatic succession. Only one was usable – even if a bit on the blurry side. But I was happy. I got it, and now you do to, below. There are so many cool things that occurred around this event, including the coyote turning back as it reached the top of the hill near the next block of 4th St. In the doing we locked eyes. He to me and me to he. There was acknowledgement. Connection. I felt its power, held in reserve for another day. Then he turned, pranced up the road and out of sight.

As documentation only, the photos above are helpful in telling of this story. The image labeled #1 is of that corner where I was standing. Stewart Ave. runs along the side of this property with 3rd St. crossing its front. I took this picture from the other side of the street about ten minutes or so before the coyote appeared. Though the house is only lit partially, I feel it offers a sense of placement for the event. The image labeled #2 was taken just after the coyote passed, showing where it had just been. Full circle visuals to enhance the experiment I have planned for you.

Coyote caught waking the morning streets of Tucson, AZ on 11/26/16 | Sam Hughes District

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I won’t lengthen this post extensively with fodder, but it was synchronistic that at the same moment this native, desert animal crossed my path in a residential neighborhood where coyote’s are only occasionally spotted, another coyote was photographed by the homeowners while at their second place in the mountains of northern California. Coyotes seen there are just as rare! Foxes, quails, raccoons, snakes, and other wilds co-exist with regularity, but a coyote?… the homeowner said in the decades they’d vacationed and then lived there, they had never seen one before! Now that’s a cosmic connection! The couple shared their photo with me but it is too personal to post without permission and holds little value in the fullness of this story, so you’ll just have to believe me and my word-of-mouth evidence, alone. Do you trust me?

Here’s the deal… the new beginning. Let’s loose fear. I’m on Long Island at present. No coyotes, or even the logical prospect of one. Do I believe I could manifest its cousin here if I desired to? Sure. Piece of pie. But why teeter the totter? Let me pick something that is unusual while native to this area.

THE GET: How about I get news of a coyote sighting somewhere in Tucson near where I housesat by month’s end? That’s about a week. And, I’m going to personally experience a one-on-one encounter with one of nature’s darker characters. An eagle, hawk, wolf (one of which I’ve already seen), or some other animal wild in its nature. This encounter will be consciousness at its core, and awareness can take on any other design features it may divine. In its occurrence this encounter will also serve to ignite a new beginning; one visceral and alive with possibility, absent limits. I leave open what that new beginning will be as I trust it will all present in my best interset. I will have my mobil phone with me and will capture evidence of this encounter – as able, and it will be thrilling.

I will return sometime after the first of September and write a follow up piece with the results, whatever they may be, so calendar a return to 1HP’s blog then and see how my creation manifest!

Cosmic connection on its way. I’m excited! And you…? In or out?




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