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Tune in to the voice of your soul. Discover the choice of yourself.
channeled message received from Oliver on 8/27/17 at 11:33 a.m. ET US.

8/27/17: 8:28 a.m.
It’s a cool, lazy Sunday morning, and I feel you. See your hands on the keyboard. Smell the aroma of hot… tea? I sense you now. Right now. And, I am moved to pontificate.

Hey U ! I’m beggin you for mercy, please… I said I’m talking here !

In a comfortable cubby of created space I find myself hibernating in during the retrograde, I’ve been able to really connect with the quiet. In the absence of artificial sound and scene, other than my ever-oscillating fan, in a place void of people, I exist. I feel deeper than deeply. Absorb all. These chunks of time experience mold me. From this place of self-exploration, I write.

In the last 48 hours I have experienced packets of knowing delivered on the wings of this natural sensoryscape. As delicious as that may seem, these incoming streams of consciousness can bud a muddy after taste, like ice-cream headache quality shifts in sensory perception. It works something like this…

A great idea pops in. Nice. I write it down, let go, move on.

A great idea pops in, followed by another on its heals. Unrelated. Fine. I write them down, let go, move on.

A great idea pops in, followed by another on its heals. Unrelated. Each expands into additional concept possibilities detailing out 3 years, and that leads to… and that leads to… all in the space of about 5 minutes. OVERLOAD.

Cloud formations during the 8/21/17 full solar eclipse.    

Taken at ~2:46 p.m. ET US | click 4 larger view    

During this retrograde I’ve moved from the yellow to the red zone in the stream of consciousness biz. My downloads are delivered with such frequency and in such dense volume that UPS-astral division has assigned me my own fleet of men in brown.

Each rush of thought is packaged with a side of emotion. Caffeinated epiphanies and tearful-wisdom wraps for lunch, followed by an over indulgence in chocolate covered concantenations (if that’s even a word). That sort of thing.

Hey U ! Stop playin’ games. Stay with me, now. Here’s the rub…

I’m getting messages for others. Not just bits that expand my own awareness, but information I know is for someone else. Why do I think that? Because the refrigerator sized thought groupings cannot possibly fit into my breadbox sized brain. The information received has no direct meaning for me, yet the need to “deliver” is heart pounding. It also has come in a variety of ways, some of which I understand and some I don’t. For example, words used herein, media choices all, colors, textures; sigils selected by Source to share for the stimulation of another’s psyche. See what I mean? I just ticked off that last sentence without hesitation, writing in a style that is not my own, using a kinda cool combination of “s” starting words… and even though I’m the first to tote my own cleverness, I ain’t that good! Not in a flowing stream without stopping, editing, further revising, and then releasing. So… for reasons such as these I feel the shares are to serve as synchronistic stoppers for some gentle reader(s) out there.

Look at the images. What moves you? What do you see? How do the visuals make you feel? If the messages for you are not therein, consider reading the lyrics to the music video above by Duffy, called “Mercy.” Consider reading the lyrics to the music video below by Semisonic, called “Closing Time.” They’re for someone… could be u. Just sayin’

Hey U ! Are you still listening? Ya gotta stay true, here.

Then you’ve got the more direct channeled messages as shared below. They are for someone and I’d love to know who. U? I leave the information in the bullet points that follow with an offer of leave to take what has meaning, and/or leave to leave go of the rest.

Sun captured in aftermath of 8/21/17 full solar eclipse.    

Taken at ~2:48 p.m. ET US | click 4 larger view    



    You just had the best couple of weeks imaginable. Work went well, though lots of it. You feel grateful for receivables and allow yourself to feel guilt-free pride in your accomplishments even though they seem to go unnoticed by those you wish would notice most.

    Semisonic | “Closing Time” | Lyrics

    Pleasures escalate. So does the pain as truth is finally revealed. Let it go. As Semisonic says in its song, “Closing Time”, Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Trust yourself. You WILL be fine in time.

    For the one(s) who feel(s) you are being judged, and have shut off emotions to the one whom you feel is judging you, follow your deeper instincts. Consider forgiveness. You may find that taking time to take charge now saves you from repeating this cycle again, and again until you do. Oh… and don’t listen to the meanderings of others. They don’t have your insights. Believe it, so you can leave it behind and crack open your new beginning.
    There’s been an upheaval of some kind. Feels like betrayal. You’ve found the strength to move through it. What you need is to rework your routine. Those involved, you feel, are integral to the continued smooth running of this routine. Get back to basics. Find a way… YOUR way. Talk to those involved. Ask friends/family for help. You can do this… will do this, and you’ll feel more and more grounded in the forward movement of the now.
    Accept it. You are a natural born leader and you know it. Expand. Allow what you dream to be true. Breathe energy into the service you so desire, whatever that may be. As Natalie from Alchemy In You always says, heed the whispers. They are your greatest guides. The Universe has got your back.
  • “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” you say. Just like you knew you would.

    Hey U ! Take me home. It’s closing time.

    ~~~~~ — ~~~~~
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