Noah’s Bagels

Perception is sold as reality told. The meek seek no leave of these falsehoods conceived with intent to deceive the humans being. Retreat! Reprieve. In your truth believe, then you will see what reality be.
channeled message received from Oliver on 8/28/17 at 4:24 a.m. ET US.

REALITY CHECK. What is real to you? Isn’t that all that matters? Why do you feel you need to comply with the seemingly accepted ways of viewing existence? No one is standing over you forcing you to believe. Ever ask yourself why you believe what you believe? Maybe it is time…

Noah’s Bagel Shop, 100 Bush St., San Francisco, CA      

click 4 larger view | taken 4/5/16      

Noah’s truth was one of water and cyclones, where he took the male and female of the animal species and boarded them on his ship, headed for tomorrow, sure in his knowing this was the right thing to do. Was it? Did his ship make safe passage to dry shores, or is that just a nice story. Truth or fiction. Did Noah land, release the souls, begin again? Or, did he end up selling New York style coffee out of his trendy, bagel shop in downtown San Francisco?

What about history? How much of what you read is actually factual? How much of what you’re taught is fiction designed by the teller for an agenda known only to the involved parties? How do you know? Huh? How does anyone really know for sure? We don’t. Can’t. All we have is what we know ourselves. How we feel. What we sense is right and wrong. Does that have to mix and match with what is referred to as the “norm?” Why? Who set this rule? That guideline? Are you an anarchists if you have a differing view, if you desire to respond other than the way societally prescribed?

What IS truth? Well, shit! the answer just may be found in The Orb song The Truth Is, from their album The Dream. That track JUST came on Pandora Radio as I wrote the first line of this paragraph, and I took the screenshot you see below/left. Amazing! I had been listening to a Pandora radio station I’d created called, Mustafa Sandel radio. An Egyptian vocalist, using Mustafa as a foundation for a playlist assured a rendering of modern arabic sounds offered within a frame of traditional styling. The funny thing is, I had just engaged Pandora’s shuffle feature and The Truth Is, by The Orb was the first track that played. The lyrics are short, and loosely presented below, along with the screenshot (left) and the song on YouTube (right), which runs 6:43.

screenshot of Pandora playing “The Truth Is” as I was writing this post.

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  4th Fl. hallway | Fitzgerald Hotel, 620 Post St., SF, CA

     click 4 larger view | taken: 4/5/16


    Now, let me __________, me and you.
    Yes, Last night the spirit told me to tell you…

    The spirit told me to tell you these words:
    I am what I am

    Now repeat this _________.
    I am what I am

    Only truth can set you free
    be the one you want to be

    Only truth can set you free
    be the one you want to be
    you can change,
    you can change

Do you ever feel like you are standing at the far side of a long hallway, and, like in the movies, the harder you race to reach the other side, the further it moves away from you? An unsettling optical illusion. No matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to reach the end. Like the photo to the right. See anything unusual about it? There is something unique there if you are able to notice it. I’ll leave it to you to figure out what that might be. The point is, illusion is in the eye of the beholder. Yet, it is our individual choice to follow our intuition and believe, or to lemming along with the crowd, even when the proof to your lack of truth may be right in front of your face.

With that in mind, I suggest you sit down for this next part. I’m going to explain how I experience reality, and attempt to demonstrate why I do not believe a genuine physical world exists. I am of the opinion we thrive within a hologram, or it exists around us, and that it is our vibrant, clever, imagination that affords us such a brilliant figment of this frequency-based, waveform founded awareness we have labeled “life.”

I will be reviewing the senses of sight and sound. The principle shared to explan my view can then be applied to all other senses, applications, processes, and tangibles of any and all kinds.

JP Morgan/Chase Building, 560 Mission St., San Francisco, CA      

click 4 larger view | taken 04/05/16      

Sound. How do we really hear? I never really stopped to ask myself that until one day about 5 or 6 years ago when I was driving to a nearby bank to use the cash machine. The radio was on and a short, educational science “spot” played on the public access channel. The 60 second segment was an overview of how we hear. The process explained gave me my first glimpse into alternate thought relative to how my senses express into this space we call 3D reality. I’ve tried to locate that audio clip, as the production was a regular placement that had, according to my online research that followed, gone on for years and years. However, I cannot recall the name of the organization who sponsored those science snips, and, thus, have to use my own words to describe what I learned.

Sound is not sound without ears to hear. It is just waves of frequency vibrating in the air that the sensors in our ears pick up. Those waves travel over individual hair-like fibers that register various frequencies – like low and high registers, and send impulses through our nervous system to our brain. It is in the brain where those vibrations are converted to what we accept as sound, and only in our brains. Without the “body” hardware to process the impulses, and its software to operate the tech that deciphers those audio vibrations, there would be no sound. So, sound isn’t real. It is fabricated using the hardware and software native to the bodies we are encapsulated within.

Sight. Similar to sound, we see through the use of our body tech. Vibrations along the light spectrum pulse. Our eyes utilize sensors to decipher those vibrations and send signals to the brain to register as sight. In the brain those impulses are converted to the sense we understand as vision, and it is with this process we are able to see. Vision isn’t real. It is the absence or introduction of light that triggers the body tech to respond and tell us we see something. Nothing less. Nothing more.

Now, apply that to all senses. Our body utilizes its tech to convert sensory information traveling along a frequency spectrum into a holographic projection we’ve labeled sight, sound, taste, touch, smell, and so forth. Without the vibration there would be nothing for our body to transcribe. Without our body there would be nothing to project. Without the projection there is no reality; holographic or otherwise.

Now you know why I believe reality is a mere illusion. A grand projection it is, but a projection non-the-less. So… what do you perceive? Really? What is real? What you believe is real is what is real. It is upon this theorem the concept of creation is born. Our body, using our concepts of reality, projects what we desire. So, change what you desire and change your reality. Simple, right?

Time to manifest a bagel and klatch it up. Catch ya at Noah’s… and bring your unicorns! Noah forgot his.

~~~~~ — ~~~~~
Note: The banner /blog page placeholder image is of the fountain outside the J.P. Morgan / Chase building in San Francisco, taken during my first annual Translation Tour, on 4/5/16. To view the full image click here. To see the cropped banner/placeholder version, click here.




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