Crystalline Consciousness

In a crystal we have clear evidence of the existence of a formative life principle, and though we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being.
Nikola Tesla

Crystalline consciousness is nothing new. It is, however, new to most who exist outside the wave of new age geeks and gurus that have popped up in the last decade or so. I’ve heard it referred to as Crystalline Christ Consciousness, as well – which is how my good friend, Michael Monk labels it. It is a healing and being technology that may just change how you view who and what has consciousness.

I’m not going to explore crystalline consciousness in its fullness. You can do that by Googling the phrase and studying at will. What I will do is give a brief overview and share why I feel this is a valuable consideration for those interested in expansion.

Crystalline consciousness, is loosely described as a field of vibrational reality whereby the energy of our own body’s biosystem is utilized to allow for almost instantaneous absorption of tremendous amounts of information, advanced higher sense perceptions, and many more extraordinary gifts. Online research will uncover that, biologically, this technology has existed in the body as the living crystal matrix system comprised of tissue that connects everything from the sub-atomic to the molecular level, and on through the entire network. It is the water in our body that is crystalline (think of ice crystals and snow flakes), and works with our own vibrational system to interact, communicate, and create the results we desire, using our thoughts and feelings. Result: Healing. Expansion.

Why should you care? Because awareness of this process and its activation techniques allow for you to shape matter, heal yourself and others, and to attract, align with, AND HOLD those frequencies that deliver the outcome you seek. It is law of attraction-esk in that it utilizes ‘intent’ to determine outcome, and allows you the inner tools to set up “energy fields” which can increase one’s awareness of, and effectuate increases in protection, communication, well being, and expression in your reality.

Folks like the highly popular, Lisa Transcendence Brown, who have been bringing up the topic with regularity for years, have begun to speak of activation with even more frequency. I heard her mention it with intensity again today, near the end of her 8/20/17 video entitled, Important Information for this Harmonic Particle & Timeline Convergence – Nothing is REAL right now, which runs 56:42. Therein, she discusses what she feels is the critical need to understand and work with crystalline energies if you are willing and ready to transcend into any of the upper dimensions.

What attracts me to this now, something I’ve accepted in the past as a possibility without further regard, is due to my own expansion. Personal spiritual growth has hit what feels like capacity, when I know there’s more room in the attic. I just can’t get at it. When I listened to LTB’s regular, rambling dose of all that is formless, the handful of take-a-ways included the use of crystalline consciousness to break that virtual ceiling, and it worked! I was able to reach a state where I was in my physical body while surrounding it a full 365° with a field of energy that, too, was me. I held that way of being for most of the day, though I was alone and undisturbed in the house. So, I figured if I found such value, others may, too. A good place to begin for those who are not yet able to achieve what I’ll call a walking meditation (being fully awake, functioning as usual, just walking through your day in a perpetual, balanced calm) is a sit down meditation. I have provided one below led by Michael Monk of Avatar Energy Mastery Institute

To the left is a 3:23 teaser video-testimonial of a woman who was deaf in her right ear, which Michael Monk healed by extracting the negative energy signature and inserting a crystalline energy.

Below a meditation Michael did on our radio show, The Collective Imagination, back on July 25th 2012 with his then side-kick, Peter Shelton . I wanted to offer our listeners a way to continue the momentum after the show ended, so I made this video of our final meditation segment with Michael Monk and Peter Shelton. Our goal was to bring our energy together collectively and merge it into a single activation core. We used this consciousness connection to create interactive orbs that floated around the 2012 Olympic Games. Done! The following week we shared links to video clips and social media posts exampling the results of our collective efforts. Though related to the following week’s show, I believe, we pooled our energy to have a UFO fly over the Olympics. That, too, occurred, and was caught on film by at least two different sources. You can use this meditation to ground your energy and expand it out to create whatever you desire.

Grounding Meditation | The Collective Imagination (radio) | 7/25/12

meditation led by Michael Monk & Peter Shelton. | runtime: 15:47

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