Mild Chaos

Observe the albatross in the mild chaos.
channeled message received from Oliver on 8/31/17 at 4:26 a.m. ET US.

I have a friend whose opinion holds the utmost value to me. He is a brilliant sage who adds balance to my non-linear bullshit. His wise counsel brings contentment of the kind offered in a sunset walk along the white beaches of the Pacific in the blue light of a rising moon. This mild-mannered man of the highest regard said something to me this week that reminded me of the incalculable value in raising our kids to be authentic, aspire to personal greatness, and, with temperance and good judgment allow the unknown.

This friend recently returned from a family vacation at a high end, private island resort. Family is a cornerstone in this man’s life, by choice, and he’s such a great father. I asked him to share a fun experience had during this trip. Without hesitation he went straight to time shared with one of his two children. When I asked for a second helping of happiness, he spiritedly served up another story of empowerment given to both of his kids. I loved that! A parent, especially a bread-winning male, placing his children above all, that’s a gift – to those kids and to the world who will live with the choices they make. This man is one who would sacrifice all to give his kids another minute of joy. That’s my friend.

Carousel at Pier 39, San Fancisco, CA | 4/4/17

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His stories moved me. They are private and will remain so, though I can say these kids are a couple of the luckiest I know. I’m sitting here still blown away that the moments HE valued were those where he was making his offspring feel the same. It reminded me of time spent recently in San Francisco, at Pier 39, where a group of pre-schoolers restored my faith in the future of this land of 3D.

What a place! From SanFranscapes on the east, to oceans on the left, to docks and decks well stocked with shops, ships, and shape-shifters, Pier 39 was a treasure trove of adventure for the sightseer and city dweller, alike. It was April 4th, 2017, and I was standing in front of a beautifully maintained carousel. I watched as the glittery wheel of fortune completed its turns, leaving its young patrons fun filled, refilled, and fulfilled.

Like my friend’s sprouts, these youngins were cute, bright, curious and bold. Unlike my friend’s chips off the ole block, these kids didn’t have the tenor of my friend’s reassuring voice cheering them on, reminding them how great they were in every way. What they had were bungie cords tethering them together in a line like prisoners on a perp walk. Now, these kids didn’t know any difference. And none seemed the weaker because of the methodology selected to maintain order within the mild chaos of this collection of cutely dressed urchins. I remember wondering what thought of fairies and fanciful tales were going through their minds as I filmed them (see video clip below) waiting for their go on the merry-go-round. The kind hearted, seemingly exhausted teachers spouted a few “stop squirming,”s and “hey quit that”s into the peanut gallery, though the tiny troupers appeared oblivious. Then I heard a little red-headed guy in light charcoal khakis and a sea blue, short sleeved shirt loudly say. “Look!” And they all did.

They looked up, down, left, right, into the ride more deeply, around it. They darted their gaze everywhere looking for “it.” I couldn’t help but wonder what the “it” was. The kids all seemed to know and not one glanced over to the young man to see what he was talking about. So I looked… up, down, left, right, into and around. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary – but WHAT an ordinary! And then it hit me. It didn’t matter. What mattered was that those kids paid more attention to that single word, “Look!” than they did the firm phrases of the authority figure. And, there was a knowing between them, as if they shared a collective mind. Hmmm.

The kids listened when the words were said with feeling. The kids listened when they heard something they valued, that made them feel valued – in the camaraderie of the mere exclamation. Just like my friend. His kid suggests digging holes with a new friend, and he speaks with encouragement at the prospect. His kids begin to feel loss in the leaving at the end of the vacation, and my friend shows them how to build and hold a memory of the good time as a forever “go to” place. Back at the carousel, the teacher instills fear in order to maintain control and the kids ignore her, while a little red head follows with an encouraging “Look!” and they all join in. No judgement – you could look anywhere and still win. No fear. No kidding… his vibration was the butterfly effect of positive change in the lives of these school mates.

How does that relate to consciousness and expansion into a new earth? That’s easy, and my friend’s got it! Instill confidence with every utterance to passively, successfully battle fear. Remind others of their value, and find the value attracted back to you. Empower children with the power of imagination, and watch them grow into amazing creators able to move themselves forward in any reality.

Be like my friend. Give your kids the tools to defeat the albatross; the sword of observation and the shield of self-empowerment. And, if all else fails, give him a call. For a cup of coffee and a couple of cookies he’ll leave you feeling… feeling… that’s it. He’ll leave you feeling!

Observe. Feel. Dispel mild chaos in its allowance.


Carousel at Pier 39, San Francisco, CA | 4/4/17 | runs: 2:20MOBIL USERS: video playback not available on all devices.





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