I Hate Shopping

Your heart is in the right place. You are ready to open yourself to a new, higher vibration. You are called to use your vision and to activate your intuition to raise your vibration, and in the doing raise it for others and for the planet. Combined with your intelligence, you are able to harmonize your own life, the lives of those around you, and even the lives of those globally.

This is your hope. This is your desire. This is your destiny, in density.
channeled message received from Oliver on 9/1/17 at 4:47 a.m. ET US.

I hate shopping!

If I could avoid shopping, I would. I’m not talking about food shopping (which I actually enjoy), or crystal shopping, or online shopping as I can turn it on and off at will. I’m talking all other sorts of meandering types of shopping, like for clothes, shoes, jewelry, or just browsing for the sake of browsing. Yuk! I’d rather clean poop out of a horse stall, thank you very much!

However, today I had an experience worth the investment when I went clothes shopping. I was given a Blessing.

Around 10:00 a.m. ET US I headed out. Drove my son’s new car. I’d tell you what it is but I don’t really know. I’m not a car person either. I just know it is a compact, has tons of cool features, and if I know my son, it was very very expensive, so the luxury value is soddered in. Stopped at the laundromat to pick up my bundle. Next up, the mall! OMGosh! The mall, breeding ground for the dark side, and a place my energy goes haywire. Why? Probably because there are so many people there, and I’ve grown so genuinely empathic that all I need to is be near some individuals to actually feel their feelings. With the massive, open, flowing interior as most malls have, together with the volume of souls embodied, I feel like I’ve overdosed on amphetamines. I feel nervous, edgy, lost in a sea of emotions, and eager to get the heck out of there. Sure, there are always lovely displays, often water fountains that bubble and churn with the calming sounds of trickling liquid; but the elevator music being pumped in through the public announcement system drowns it out like an Aquarius to fellow fans sitting nearby at any stadium game. Besides, even mall fountains freak me the fuck out. They so often hold energy of unknown origin – some over the top great, others, its mirror opposite. For example, look at the banner image. It is a close up of a wall of water between Mission and Market streets, along the Yerba Buena Gardens path, where H2O falls into a common trough that recycles back up and out. Do you see anything unusual? I see a bald head protruding up above the crest of the waves, looking straight on, center square, single-eyed at the viewer, with the first few fingers of one hand visible, and almost signaling to “Come on in. The water is fine!” Well, it aint! Not for me anyway…

   Shop about a mile from my home.

    taken 6/6/17 | click for larger view
Density Shop | Mission District on Valencia St., San Francisco, CA      

taken 4/6/17 | click for larger view    

I’m_fine if I know what I want, go in, go straight to it, check out, go out. It is when I have to actually “shop” that I wish to be elsewhere. Now, if you are a regular reader of this blog you should know, of course, that I’d attempt to shake off anything negative and can find happiness in a few seconds. NOT WHEN SHOPPING! If I have to actually focus on finding something specific and have to look around for it, try it on, stand in the line to buy it, check out, and leave, I’m a nervous wreck by the time I check out. It usually takes my finding a quiet spot nearby (even the parking lot at times) and meditating myself back to a state of calm. That application isn’t even possible for me in a mall. Even the word mall bugs the shit out of me. I don’t wish to feel malled – or should I say, “mauled.” Even dogs don’t maul me. The meanest pit bull pup in the neighborhood breaks out of his gated, high fenced back yard to run over and say hello sometimes. Just sayin’…

Now, if I had to go shopping, I’d like to be persnickety about the where. Or if I could only buy a little density to sprinkle in my shoes, I think I could ground into the experience and be happier… Found a little density in a San Franciscan shop by the same name (see photo left), that even sells clothes and shoes an stuff like that. Possible, then, to pop into that shop without my consciousness exploding like soda pop? Could be! lol.

Back to the now.

Macy’s receipt for purchases at 1:11 p.m. on 8/31/17    

click for larger view    

I arrived at Macy’s a little after 12:30 p.m. ET US. Parked in the rear of the store The lots were pretty empty so I had hope of some semblance of normality. Got out of the car. Proceeded to the rear entrance. Entered and upped the escalator to the second floor and the department I sought. So far, so good. Found my items. Got in line. Waited. Waited. Waited. Then I approached the check out counter.

The lady salesperson was very sweet. She had a smile that made me smile. She was calm and seemed happy to be there. I asked if she could ring the collection of purchases on two cards. Actually, that isn’t true. I lied. I told her to ring the groups I’d separated, since one was mine and one was my sisters. Yes… I said that. But a little white lie to avoid a black night in the hell that is explaining oneself seemed counterproductive, so I just put on my invisible costume and acted my way through the pitch. Reason? I needed to charge one more thing to one of my cards to avoid a monthly service charge. And, I only had X amount in that account, so I had to create a sale that served that unique purpose. Success.

The first ring up went well. The second left me dumbfounded with joy and love of my connection with Source. You see, the total came out to $111.43. That’s a 111 plus a 7 (4+3) and 7’s, amongst other things, is a divine number. “I’ll take it!” I thought. I was so happy I decided to thank the rep for her service in gifting me with this joy, so I asked her name.

“Wow. One hundred and eleven dollars. One Eleven. How cool is that? I’m blessed!” I said aloud. “What was your name again?”

She turned and pointed. “Blessing,” the name tag said.

“You are shitting me!” I replied. Yes, I actually said that. And I reached out, grabbed her right hand with both of mine and gently squeezed. “That is fantastic! Guess you’re the blessing after all!” I smiled.

So did she.

Goodies bagged and in hand, I began my journey back to the parking lot. At the bottom of the escalator I met up with another employee walking with a flatbed trolly filled with boxes. We were both walking the same way, and met at the bottom of the stairs in a sort of synchronized swimming fashion. Thirty something, dark skinned with greenish blue eyes, well built and dressed for Macy’s success, he, too, was a light hearted sort. This jump starter turned to me and said,

“Want a ride?” The first 50 miles are free, but then I gotta charge ya!”

“Deal!” I accepted, and at that point he went left and I went right, both of us giggling like silly school kids.

Back in the parking lot, standing next to my son’s ride I thought about how nice this shopping trip was. How the energy of the day played with me instead of against me, and Source found just the right bowl of porridge for me to enjoy.

I Love Shopping!

~~~~~ — ~~~~~
Note: The banner /blog page placeholder image is of a water sculpture in the heart of San Francisco, . To view the full image click here. To see the cropped banner/placeholder version, click here.




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