Give we a word, a visual, a color or sound, something sensory to share, experience, connect, and we will co-create it into this reality story of your now.
channeled message received from Oliver on 9/2/17 at 8:05 a.m. ET US.

I had a meeting with a business colleague yesterday, and we got around to talking about connection. We discussed my 8/28/17 article, Noah’s Bagels, and how I missed the mark a bit in my attempt to explain why I see this reality as a non-material hologram.

“There’s a piece missing. You jump from here to there without the middle and look to the reader to make the leap.”

Result: lack of connection. Boy do I appreciate feedback! Great point, friend. Keep ’em comin’. His best suggestion was to offer the information in an inviting, question format. Instead of saying “Here’s what I think… Thank you for reading… Goodbye.”

  • share my view,
  • acknowledge the implausibility of whatever it is I’m suggesting, and
  • follow with a “What if.”
    … What if there is something to _________ (insert woo).

  • invite the reader to suspend disbelief, and
  • consider the possibilities if it were true, even if only for the entertainment value.

What a genius that colleague of mine!

Kitchen Window on Long Island
Winning competition piece shown in a digital display at the
Lourve, Paris from July 2015 thru end of June 2016.

click 4 larger view | taken 6/15/14


Then the conversation moved to windows, and how there can be a dichotomy amongst utilizers in the acceptable method to employ the view-feature. We talked about how some folks feel guilty, embarrassed, unethical, or simply uncomfortable looking out certain types of windows, while others see all windows as paned pleasure – a live feed that beats TV, and is free!

I went on to tell my colleague a story of a morning in December, 2016, when I was breakfasting with friends. The three of us were sitting at a table that butted an outward facing window. The street beyond was a designated bike and walking path to the local University, so a reasonable amount of human traffic. This benefit allowed for hours of peaceful entertainment in the simple pleasure of observing if one was willing to partake.

The female of my group caught herself looking out the window for what she felt was an inappropriate length of time without breaking her gaze. “Oh my,” she said. “I shouldn’t be looking out the window like that.”

“Why not? That’s what it’s there for! Look at that beauty!” I said.

“But what if a neighbor walks by and sees me. That wouldn’t be good.”

“Why not? You don’t think everyone on this block stares out their windows for whatever the variety of reasons? Go ahead! Live a little.”

“Oh I don’t know.”

“Listen, I go outside to take pictures and such all the time, as you know. So when I’m out there, as often as I can, I dance in the middle of the street BECAUSE I know a camouflaged someone, in one of the houses, is watching.”


“Why not?”

She laughed, and hopefully will extend herself the pleasure that awaits outside her kitchen window.

The point… windows connect.

For those who say “no” to looking out windows, I invite you, the reader, to consider the possibility of accepting the abstract pleasure of watching the world go by. I ask if you might suspend disbelief for a moment, and read on to see what possibilities may unfold if you keep an open mind – even if only for entertainment purposes. (see how I incorporated my friend’s suggestion? how’d i do?)

Now equate the attraction we have to being socially acceptable “peepers” to that of connection. We have that which is on the inside and that which is on the outside. Even then the perception of in and out depend on which side of the window you are on? Right?

Deck Windows | NSW Australia | taken: 12/19/16

click 4 larger view | taken 6/15/14

As a suggestion, let’s take the position of the viewer, and we are on the inside of a structure looking out. We are happily housed inside this container yet have the ability to see beyond the walls. Sure the window is glass and not another solid substance. I get that. I see that, tho for this scenario, lets say that doesn’t matter. We are tucked safely away, able to look out. Let’s also say the sun was shining on high, its rays strong and glaring, casting a light shield, of sorts, across their view of the window. They would not be able to see in. The glare would assure that, yet we still exist right there on the other side of the window, watching.

Now, let’s say, there is no glare and both sides can see the other, clearly. My guess is that the odds of the person on the outside looking in are greater than those for the one on the inside looking out; however, all possible combinations exist, each with its own direction forward.

Let’s say it’s night. The lights are on inside and it is dark in the streets. Now who can see whom clearly? What if the inside lights are turned off? Then what’s the score?

Let’s look at the environment. Each of the two sides of the viewing spectrum have completely different looks and feels to their surroundings, yet both co-exist side-by-side. I would venture to say that uniqueness of space effects the fence sitter’s view on viewing, too. Like sides of a coin. Do I? Don’t I? Am I comfortable? Am I not? Will I be judged? Uncloaked? Is it good? Bad? Ping? Pong? Yin. Yang.

Now, if you would, stretch your imagination. See this scene from the front as if on a stage or movie lot. The camera is in front of the split scene/screen with the sliver that represents the facade of the structure separating the two sides. YOU are the camera. From that 3rd party perspective your view of the viewers is clear, unbiased, balanced, and detached, yet understood fully, void of emotion in the complexity of its simplicity. What is your 3rd party view from there? Your perspective? Your perception of events?

One final jump. With the above in mind, I ask you consider the parallels between the above and the concept of a seen and unseen, energy based, frequency operated, holographic world; one with the choice to look or not look out the window, no matter the side.

Connection can be defined as that between people, ideas, things, energies, and the beat goes on… The question I suggest is, “How deep can a connection go?” Is it possible to be so connected to something, some idea or concept, some one, even, that we discover there is no threshold to the depths achievable? And, if you are willing to consider that… what are the probabilities of there being levels of density / intensity to the process that allow for a breaking through the glare to see what’s going on beyond the window?

Worth a ponder. Got a window I can use?

Living Room Window | southern AZ home of friends | taken: 06/25/15

if u like this photo email me.  Yes, you.  |  click 4 larger view


Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of a kitchen window over a sink, looking out into a courtyard, in a home I visited in southern AZ.
Photo taken on 7/5/15. To view full sized version click here.




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