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channeled message received from Oliver on 9/3/17 at 3:51 a.m. ET US.

What would you do if money was no object? These are the words of Alan Watts who use to ask this of his students during vocational guidance sessions. Some see the possibility for an endless supply of “churning” money as a sign of clear sailing ahead. Others desire the gift, but guilt, lack of self worth, or even more likely, fear of change will keep them from vibrationally accepting. How would it feel to be on the precipice of great wealth and prosperity yet feel like you are standing there naked, under tornado skies. How would it feel to sail the clear heavens of allowance? Which character are you?

Fountain at Union Station, Chicago, IL | taken 4/1/17    

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No matter your choice, how, then, would you live? How would your view of this worldly experience change, or would it? What choices would you make that differ from those you make now, or would they? What would you allow to live rent free in your head?

Choice. It all comes down to choice. Go left. Go right. What will you do?

I have a friend. She wanted. She desired. She manifested. And, once she got what she created she wavered in acceptance. We’ve all been there. The job you dreamed of presents. You want it. You’re ready, but anxious. What do you do? Leap or retreat? That boy or girl you always desired. The one you thought you could never attract. The one that you can’t stop thinking about. There (s)he is. Standing in front of you. Telling you (s)he cares. What do you do? Leap or retreat?

I have another friend. Any want or desire she may have had for love lived below the surface. Yet it manifest. And, once created she accepted. What she got may have been what she manifested – a gorgeous, charming, accented, educated, attentive, well dressed, perfumed, polished, blah blah blah sorta guy. The package, however, included the attributes of jealousy, control, and manipulation, with a side of temper, and a near terminal case of lack of responsibility.

Desire manifested. She accepted. What happened.

The waters of experience flow to afford us opportunities to grow. Corny, sure, but feels accurate. Unless one was born a fully activated indigo child, we are all creators in training. That means we learn to manifest the same way we learn anything. Trial and error. The determining factor becomes one’s willingness to accept oneself as a creator so one can, then, employ integrity in the attraction process.

So, what WOULD you do if money was no object? How would you spend your time? With whom would you want to spend it? What would you do with your abundance? And, are you happy with your new beginning? Only you can answer those questions, and in the contemplation manifest a beginning which serves the uniqueness that is you; one you’ll accept without hesitation, one divined to your picture of perfection. OK. When you feel the time is right, ask yourself, are you…

…ready to accept?

Rocket Fizz candy shop | Indianapolis, IN | taken: 3/30/17

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Congratulations! You’ve accepted the invitation. Your confidence and willingness to consider all possibilities will render abundance, ego-no-centric chutzpah, and an open channel to talents that express with exponential flair. Time to hit the candy store – the one on the corner of Co-creation and Consciousness!

Imagine money is no longer an issue. You’re there. Feel it. How does it fit? Need to incorporate a few tailored adjustments? Sure. Go ahead. You’re the creator. Imagine how you’d approach your new abundance, what you’d do with the value. Invest? Spend? Save? Give it all away because you know it would come right back to you tomorrow?

Now, hold that feeling. Store those visuals. Ready yourself to receive. Let it go knowing the outcome is already on its way. Accept the blessings when they arrive. That’s it. Prepare to gorge! So, I ask, are you…

…ready to satisfy your sweet tooth?

We all seek a balance between our desire for self and for others. The how and where is a personal choice. Though, if you want to know what you might consider doing in the pursuit of personal clarity, I’d offer the word “Ask.” Ask yourself for guidance. Need more? Ask advisors you trust. Ask your “go to” hierophant if you sway the way of devotion. Ask your higher self. Pray. Meditate. Run so Fn fast you melt the tread on your sneakers! Whatever blows the tornado out of your way for a shot at clear sailing, that’s where to point your laser of intent.

Wanna hear what I’d do if money was no object? Just what I’m doing… because I’m there. If you’re willing, join me. The water is fine. So…

…ready to leap?       One…             Two…                                   ⬇

Pool water churning while pumps on. | Private home in southern AZ | Taken 7/5/15
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