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To move forward it may do you good to revisit earlier chapters, allowing the pages of Hiraeth to refocus, resting your eyes upon the words of your future as they ink into the fabric of timelessness.
channeled message received from Oliver on 9/4/17 at 1:11:11 a.m. ET US.

I’m going back to my hometown today. Leaving in a few. My 40 year high school class reunion is coming up this weekend, and I’m stoked to see how a bunch of farmers from the midwest harvested the crops of seeds planted long ago.

The return brings back the lyrics to the Beatles song Get Back to where you once belonged. i.e. belonged. Exactly! … where I “once” belonged. Makes one instantly ask Am I were I belong now? … where I want to belong?

plant life | Gold Coast of Australia | 12/24/16    

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You need to go back to go forward. Words I never thought I’d take seriously… that is until last weekend. It was the first in September, a three day holiday for most in the United States; Labor Day. Most holidays leave me flat. I’m not saying I’m a bah humbug sort. I’m saying I can take them or leave them. They all feel the same as every other day, to me. Sure, each has special decorations and events and new people that come along with, but every day feels special to me. Thus, no alternative holiday plans, here. Nothing outside my regular routine… that is until I watched a video by a YouTube reader named, Christelle Martinette. Her recording, a psychic tarot reading for March 2017 for one of the many signs of the zodiac. It made me cry and laugh, and delivered a retrograde blast I was not expecting.

Christelle’s video came up in my feed as a suggestion along the right sidebar of my browser window. If you are a regular reader of this blog you know I heed those signs, in this case an off dated video placed strategically on my page. I began to listen and within a few minutes the tears were streaming down my face. Sure, I’m an emotional person, and often keeping my feelings in check is a full-time job, but this was different. I wasn’t crying because I was sad, or triggered by some retrograde fog. The tears were falling because of the accuracy of what she was saying. It was spot on, and had specific details that only someone gifted with true psychic ability would have been moved to incorporate into her reading. When it was over I decided to give her a shot at August 2016 – the month Oliver tells me he walked into my homeowner on the morning of the 14th. Need I say what I heard? Truth. For the very first time. I heard truth. I know what happened – at least more than I did 5 minutes prior to clicking play… and, actually more than at anytime since that cool August morning a year ago.. As well, the specifics shared I knew where gifted just for my ears, so I could finally stand eye-to-eye with the past.

From there the mystery began to unfold. I moved from August to December 2016 (when Oliver presented), then August 2016 just passed. Accurate and accurate. Then, back to a month by month review. September 2016, October 2016, November, January, February, March, May, June and July. Eerily accurate month after month. I was shaking. The truth was finally being revealed and I got nearly every question I’d ever wondered about answered. All of them. Every fucking one!

    Nature’s library | Gold Coast of Australia | 12/24/16

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It was like my birthday and the gifts were streaming in. As I unwrapped each one I grew more and more confident in my knowing that I was finally “allowed” to see beyond the curtain and to understand why this last year occurred, and what my role was in it, and what I needed to do moving forward. It was like I had been given the keys to the library of myself and was being allow to page through all of the records of this organic, unseen resource. The time had come for the reveal and my 3D glasses were clear and ready to perceive.

Watching these videos took me all weekend to get through as I’m not one to sit still and view back to back as a marathon without bathroom breaks. I mixed the experience in with all the other fun I fared. By the time I was done I was complete. I am complete, and will do my utmost to relay some of the details and they feel natural to archive in a permanent blog post. Until then, let me say with clarity, certainty, unequivocal unwavering knowing that we are not alone, and this world is as real as… we allow it to be, as WE step from the now of human ignorance through the Universal portal of endless sparkling possibility. Retrograde may not have influenced the raw emotion that bubbled up within me, but it sure did hit it out of the park when it comes to divine timing the reveal!!

Now, on to the gemstone. The Chosen One.

I have a friend. He’ll know who he is. And, I learned yesterday that he truly IS the Chosen One. By that I mean, he, like me, and like so many of us, has been called to incorporate change into this reality – to support its evolution into the next phase of existence. We both thought this to be the case. We felt it, took actions based on it, and worked together with the belief he has been called to “be the change we seek in the world,” as Gandhi once said. And, although the video clip below does not fill in all the blanks of what, why, where and how, it does say enough for him and I to know we were on the right track all along. OMGosh folks… just WAIT to see what the two of us create next!

So much more to say, but my train to the airport awaits… Let me leave with gratitude. Gratitude to Christine Martinette for her time in offering her free YT readings. Gratitude on the grandest scale to Source, the Oliver collective, my spirt guides and energetic travelers all for bringing me to this point of return so I could in turn, turn my perception around and return to the Hiraeth in the deepest recesses of my soul. To those who have been a part of this journey of enlightenment; whether entered into willingly or inducted, I sincerely thank you! Without your presence, I would not be in the gorgeous, green space of oneness where I now find myself standing. And finally, to the man I love, whose allowance of that love was the most selfless gift of expansion I have ever been given, you are my spiritual guardian. I will keep you in my heart always.

I AM blessed!

Christelle Martinette | GEMINI September 2017 YOU ARE THE CHOSEN ONE | 8/31/17
runs from 10:17 thru 12:32

If you wish to continue to listen past where I’ve programed it to stop,
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