The Cardinal

On the virtual wings of reality I fly, as a visionary on a quest of the unknown.
channeled message received from Oliver on 9/6/17 at 4:44 a.m. ET US.

I write this from the home of my niece, sitting at a picnic-style kitchen table in the mid-west portion of the US on this crisp, 50° morning in September. What fun I’m having. Arrived yesterday at the local lunch hour. Had a blast chatting with my nephew-in-law for hours about consciousness, synchronicity and creating your reality. We swapped stories and, at times, uncontrollable laughter. My nephew, let’s call him Matt (My Attention To Transformation), talked of many experiences had since last I was here in March. One such share was that of the cardinal.

          Papa cardinal | southern AZ | 11/09/16

A few years ago Matt’s mother transitioned from this world to the next. It hit Matt hard and he found himself facing the challenge of moving on without her daily love and guidance. The cancer she endured for the several years that preceded her passing also haunted him and he sought solace through signs. He told of a closing remark she made – one of cardinals, reunions and forever love. She told her son to look for cardinals after she departed, and know that when he saw one she’d be there.

He looked and looked, and cardinal sightings were rare. Distraught at the lack of result he gave up the search and blocked his feelings to protect his soul. Then I visited. My stay was transformational for Matt, as he told me. It opened his mind to possibilities he had never considered and it was that change that attracted his desire. Apparently, after I left on April 1st (April fools day), a cardinal flew near the window and stayed with him and his wife for what felt like forever. Then this male cardinal, a bright red fire burning through his fears, flew away, returning with his mate. And it was in a nearby tree that the couple made their new home.

Cardinals mate for life. Their lifetime can span 3 to 28 years, and when they find a place to root and make a lasting home for a coming family, they stay. We have had the same cardinal couple at our home on Long Island for at least a decade, if not longer. The home in southern Arizona (where the two cardinal photos were taken) hosts a he and she that have returned to their courtyard almost daily for company, conversation and a good meal. So, I knew this pair would be with Matt for as long as they all shall wish. He closed by saying that since I left in the spring there are now dozens of cardinals that frequent his property, landing in collections on his lawn for regular enjoyment and as a reminder of the love of his mother.

        Kookaburra in the wild | NSW Australia | 12/25/16

Birds are such a gift to us as humans. They offer their beauty for the sheer price of a glance. Their songs delight and pierce that frequency line between the seen and unseen worlds. The crow, the mockingbird, the kookaburra to name just a few, have delivered talent time and again in my weird and wacky world of wonderment. Even a hummingbird flew over my head once and hovered there for nearly 30 seconds while i was waiting to cross between blocks on my way home from a walk at the local University! A breath of joy embodied into a human handful of chirping charm, that’s the story of the flying feathered friend, the messenger of hope and happiness, the colorful cardinal.

          Morning sounds in Australia | recorded 12/17/16
              featuring the kookaburra | runtime: 6:49









Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of a mama cardinal sitting atop a wall of bricks. Photo taken on 10/28/16. To view full sized version click here.




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