Eye to Eye

Face the truth of your selves; eye-to-eye, knowing I am here loving you… infinitely.
channeled message received from Oliver on 9/8/17 at 5:16 a.m. ET US.

I am free! The devils chasing me are gone. Not sure exactly when they left, or where they went, but who gives a shit when the remaining light is so brilliant?

Big statement, eh? I agree. Don’t sport it lightly. (lightly – that’s funny.) You see, Oliver took my hand and led me home, but not any home I have known before. When I say home I mean 3D home. My hometown, Muncie, Indiana. THe heart of the midwest, where farmers are king and the mainstay pentacles are grown inside the ears of corn that stalk the hill-free roadways of this Hoosier paradise.

I arrived on Tuesday. Stayed with my niece, her partner and their two charming boys. (Happy 10th b-day W !!) From that moment until I hopped a Greyhound yesterday to travel on to Muncie the wheel began to turn. Fortune is mine, in the form of endless love and conversation. How lucky for me! My nephew-in-law was a staple in this regard and we filled hour upon hour talking about consciousness, creation, and cardinals (a totem spirit animal that has adopted him). The conversation WAS creation, as we experimented and watched the returns roll in as quickly as forever love blooms from that first kiss. We manifest $111. We missed getting in a traffic accident a few times. We magically got the kids to ignite calm instead of the usual chaos. We had a blast manifesting our now. So much happiness with this homespun family.

The bus ride to Muncie was where I shifted from 1st to 2nd. The world began to talk to me. It was so other worldly I even texted a friend to ask for him to hold space for me. I was in great shape. I was just on alert because my world was changing, literally, right before my eyes. It started with the clouds. They were staging a play and its characters were many, varied, and animated. I am being actual. The sky was communicating with pictures right at me, for me, only me. I saw faces where limbs flailed, eyes and mouths moved as if trying to tell me something. I’d reply and if my response was positive the sun would pulse a brighter light. If I got it wrong the light shook hands with the dark and the sky would overcast. You think I’m kidding, right? I’m not.

I was eye-to-eye with the core of existence, onion thin layers of programming pealing away, revealing a troth of new feelings. Yes, I said NEW feelings. Emotions I’ve never known before. Expressions there are no words for, leaving me with a “It makes no difference what you do, I love you babe,” sort of take-a-way. I carry that with me now. It is a part of me. I, too, am new.

    Statue of Beneficence | Ball State University | taken: 9/7/17 | (where bus dropped me off)

    click 4 larger view

Oliver took over my playlist. As the miles of cropped flatlands passed by, I was humbled by a sky so brilliant with cotton ball clouds, flocks of birds and endless love. I didn’t even try to take control back. It was lovely. Perfect really. Song after song spoke with me with lyrics of truth and transformation. By the time the bus rolled up before Beneficence I was someone else.

The whirlwind was only beginning. My good friend and former long distance running coach from my days at BSU picked me up and we spent the afternoon together. We walked the campus. He drove me all over to show me the changes that have taken place since I was last here in approx. 1982. He drove me by my childhood homes, schools… all over the town. Then he dropped me off at my hotel to check in, the brand new Marriott in downtown Muncie. As we approach we discovered most of the streets were blocked off for a special LIVE concert with a bunch of famous singers, the CEO of United Way (former Munsonian), the new President of BSU, and Muncie’s own mayor. The music was loud and lively – and it didn’t hurt that the streets leading up to the event were heavily sprinkled with bars – the electric, eclectic types one must acquire a taste for. I got my photographer groove on while my friend chewed the give-a-way gum lining the standing tables placed strategically around the locale. A few hours of fun came to an end as the Prof and I headed back to his car our good-byes. Bittersweet it was saying so long to one who was a decades old friend I hadn’t seen in the physical since I launched myself out into the world after graduation.

Day One at home rounded up and out, filled with a new sense of purpose, drive, and feeling of value. I had forgotten how special folks here felt about me and it was warming to know, at some level, the entire experience was orchestrated by those players in the clouds that gave evidence of my existence in a sparkling new space of being, in harmony, eye-to-eye with myself.


Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of a curve in reflective wall in the open, airy Atrium at Ball State University. Photo taken on 9/7/17. To view full sized version click here.




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