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channeled message received from Oliver on 9/10/17 at 6:02 a.m. ET US.

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R E U N I O N . Websters defines reunion as …the act or process of being brought together again as a unified whole. That’s exactly what occurred yesterday, September 9th, 2017 at the infamous Pizza King in Royerton, Indiana, across from the old Delta High School.

It was my 40th year high school reunion. About 20 classmates of our 396 total graduating class showed. Most were local. A few came from far away. One was pretty famous, even if only in his/her own mind, another was a Mason, some happy – others not so much, most were married or remarried with grandkids, and then there was me.

Pizza King, N. Co. Rd. 100E, Royerton, IN | 9/9/17    

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Conversations were lively and rich, filled with detached details of lives, loves and laughter (mostly). Many wished to impress and were going to extremes to assure that fate. Others sat quietly, shyly on the sidelines awaiting the visit of others to his/her table. I observed with keen interest. It was my opportunity to explore the cycle of life and I was ready. I spoke about myself only when asked, even then conservative in the release. I listened. I learned.

Reunion | Delta High class of 1977

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 Two of my girlfriends accompanied me to the reunion, and when it was fully cooked, we were all full, and the dishes were washed and put away we drove to our next destination; a covered bridge festival in Eaton, Indiana, hosted by a local fraternal organization and held annually on the weekend after Labor Day. Row after row of booths aligned the park-like grounds of this annual event, with live music center stage, and an elaborate, carry-a-way playground set up near the entrance. Six porta potties crowned the rear of the layout and attracted the largest crowd amongst the booths. The temps were perfect on this early fall Saturday afternoon and led to the highest attendance at this gathering in many years. A couple of hours of trinkets and trash and we were back on the road. Next stop, drinks… I mean dinner. Yeah, dinner. We were meeting for dinner, not drinks. Dinner. Did I say we were headed to dinner?

Honestly, I’ve forgotten the name of the restaurant we went to. I could wake up my sleeping friend to dig out my receipt, and I know that would be the highlight of your day, dear reader, tho I covet peace in my 3D existence, and she is here. You are… somewhere else. lol. Others from the reunion joined us filling a table for ten. Margaritas abound in glasses so large a small dog could take a bath in one. I was a wimp, drinking ice tea with my rice and salad. More conversation of all types and styles – with the entertainment value increasing exponentially with each click, glass-to-glass.

Final good-byes amongst these fine folks were bittersweet, closing out an experience long in the wait, and worth every tear. At 9:35 p.m. EST US, the three of us left high school behind and headed back to the country life in Winchester.

Wind turbine at sunrise | Winchester IN | 9/9/17

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Upon our return we coated up, grabbed blankets, lit a fire in the pit on the back deck, and cuddled up to enjoy the stars. If this day of reunion wasn’t sugary enough it would be in about 5 minutes, as our experience blew a gasket with the sighting of an anomaly in the sky. It was a flashing dot of light darting up, down, left right, fast, slow. Simply erratic in behavior. Then it was gone.

My friend whose estate this was said they had never seen any unusual activity in the sky until that moment, and it was exciting! The whole thing lasted no more than ten minutes, if that. The effect, enduring – one Velcro-ed to our sensibilities, for a lifetime; one shared between three forever friends.

Waking this morning was like reawakening to a new, unified whole; a wind turbine of change amongst the static leaving in its dust the world of old. My high school reunion had gifted me with a lightness of being. It pulled the curtain on who I was, who I am, what I am, and where I’m going. It reminded me of my value and kissed away that shy, overt contradiction that was my youth, cracking through to reveal the open pathway towards Hiraeth.I was whole. AM whole… And… I am happy.





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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of the front yard of the sprawling property of a friend who lives in Winchester, IN . Photo taken on 9/10/17. To view full sized version click here.




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    1. Thanks Sandy. That was so sweet of you to share your kind words of encouragement. Gotta give it up to Mr. Williams and that creative program he set up back when we were in high school. It really shaped my writing style. Add that to Williams’ encouragement, and I had all I needed to succeed. He made me feel I could do anything.

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