Aspects of Self

Stars cross the powder blue skies of experience marking the passage of time as if a chariot flowing in-tune with a long awaited offer of justice.
channeled message received from Oliver on 9/11/17 at 6:27 a.m. ET US.

This is my final day here in Indiana. So much has happened and it has been thrilling. I love all the people, activities and circumstances that have taken place, and am so grateful for the experiences! Wow baby! As I write I have arabic music playing in the background adding the allure of the foreign element into the mix. In my mind I remember. In my heart I forgive. I feel so very good in this now, as well, and here I am sharing it with you – the ones I adore. For those of you reading this blog entry who have shared an Indiana moment with me… thank you. You will always be with me.

Garden fountain | Greenwood, IN | 9/11/17

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This time away from the norm has moved me forward on my journey down the open pathway of Hiraeth. I feel changes to my aspects – to so very many of them. What do I mean by that? Let me explain…

In the zodiac my sun sign is that of Aquarius, the water bearer. What’s cute about that is my moon and rising signs are both born of the element of water. For those who don’t follow the zodiac an Aquarius is an elemental “air” sign. So, I’m full of air floating on an endless wave of possibility. LOL. In this physical existence, I love water. I love to shower, to swim, to wash dishes so as to play in the sink, and I especially find joy in the photographs of water I click off. Water moves, sways, shimmers, bobs and flows. It is stunningly beautiful an ever changing, like my life.

Being light as air and always reforming like water is a way of being for me. It is within that framework I balance all aspects of self – a process whereby grains of my personality, my experiences, and the way I move within this reality beach both the physical self of 3D earth and that which remains unseen. This trip has sprayed and sprinkled splashes of light into some of the darker corners of that which I refer to as me. In the doing, aspects of myself that were dormant were awakened, and others long in existence have taken residence elsewhere; homes of both expansion and contraction. Still waiting for that inner fire to burn outwardly, but it’s coming… and, by the way, thanks to those of you who tried to kindle that fire while here. I am eternally grateful and appreciate your understanding in the knowing I’m still looking for that fire-place match. Your passion was kind in the offering, and I wish you all happiness, forever.

Waters of Pleasant Run Creek | Greenwood, IN | 9/11/17

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In this now, “aspect” modifications are regular, almost common. In days gone by “aspects” of my self were static, dense and quite fixed. I’m not saying I was rigid. That’s something I’ve never been, and don’t really “get,” but I digress… I’m just saying things are changing. F A S T and often these days. I am infinitely calm as I explore that which lies beyond. I steady the scales of sanity, finance, joy and sorrow… of the yin and yang of the day thanks to the Divine bring me balance in the form of ongoing support and advice from a good friend. I feel deeply, risk more, observe instead of participate, hold my tongue when needed (which is HUGE for me) and stand my ground as I voice my desire to Source, to others and to self. And… I love. Love is the gift divined for me long ago that I have only recently come to understand – fully. I’ve always been a bundle of love, the touchy feely sort – much to the chagrin of some family and friends over the years. Yet, reciprocation has always fallen short of that given, and I allowed it. For the most part that’s a fine stance to take – loving unconditionally simply because you must. And, honestly, I had no idea what I was missing because I’d never felt unconditional love before… well, maybe from my dad, but that’s not the type I’m talking about. Then came 8/14/16, and everything changed, including that aspect of self ruled by the element of love.

Source, the Oliver collective, the Divine, God, the Universe, one’s higher self, whatever the heck you wish to label all that is, boxed up a gift of unconditional love just for me and delivered it in human form. I will never fully understand what happen on 8/14/16, but what I do know is that gift of love delivered altered my perspective on love and remains with me to this day.

It changed me. That change morphed and shape-shifted month after month as the calendared turned a full 365°. I am of the opinion this permeation of love on the grandest of scales, one that was not dependent on reciprocation, one that stood alone in the fullness of itself despite any latent contrast was a miracle gratefully embraced, a wish granted.

Today, 8 days after arriving in Indiana for a week of reunions, I realize I am of this world and of another – the one where love creates and where dreams do come true. A home run around the baseball diamond of experience, dusting a dirt trail along the path of enlightenment, of love, towards Hiraeth.

Öp. (which, by the way, is Turkish for kiss)

Nephew-in-law hitting a homer | Westside Park, Greenwood, IN | 9/11/17

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Note: Banner / Blog page placeholder image is of water flowing under Pleasant Run Creek located in Westside Park. Photo taken on 9/11/17. To view full sized version click here.




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