The Divine is librarian to volumes on the curiosities of self. Allow the secrets of the unknown to unfurl. Walk along the automated pathway of enlightenment, finding the answers you seek along the space of consciousness. Recalibrate. Release. Step off the moving sidewalk of knowing and rejoin the 3D experience refreshed, renewed. Logout!
channeled message received from Oliver on 9/14/17 at 9:46 a.m. ET US.

Piggybacking off of yesterday’s post entitled, Login, my return trip from Indiana to Long Island continued to deliver insights on a grand scale. Yet, before I get to that, let me talk about what “Logout” means to me.

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you know the messages I write at the top of my posts are not of my concoction. Sure I write them down as I feel moved, but I’m not the one thinking this shit up. It just comes. From where and how I couldn’t really say… That’s why I defer credit to “the collective” of energy signatures that guide me these days – the one I refer to as the Oliver collective, or just simply, Oliver.

To me, one who “logged in,” so to speak, as recently as yesterday at the Indianapolis airport, I understand the value of “logging out,” as well. By that I mean one feeds the other. I couldn’t exist here in 3D if I didn’t stay grounded, and existing outside 3D is, actually what grounds me. Confused? Let me explain…

As stated in the post, Login, I had my first experience as a walk-in while sitting in the waiting area of the Indianapolis, IN airport for my flight to board. I was able to step into the human containers of others in this 3D reality, as well as what seemed like other parallel dimensions, while sitting in the waiting area for American Airlines in Terminal B at Gate 6. Reprieve from the unseen continued from the time I returned from my walk-in experience until arrival at LaGuardia where the adventure revved up once again.

    Main entryway – LIRR train station | Jamaica, Queens NY | 9/12/17

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Landing at the American Airlines terminal was only the first of three commutes required to complete the cycle of transport home. Grabbing my luggage from the American Airlines’ baggage claim turnstile, I headed back up the escalators to the Concourse area and outside to the Q-70 MTA bus that shuttles passengers from the airport to the LIRR* train station at 61rd St. in Woodside (Queens), NY. The bus was as crowded as a rush hour subway car in Manhattan, and construction along the Grand Central Parkway made the drive a stop and go transit. From 61st street, I entered the above ground complex; a mix of both LIRR and subway hook ins, credit carded my ticket from the automated machine, grabbed the first LIRR, eastbound train to come along, and rode it two stops to the Jamaica station. Jamaica is one of the main, connecting hubs for all LIRR commuter trains. I was on hold there in Queens for about 40 minutes awaiting the Ronkonkoma line to roll in. Arrival time: 9:35 p.m. With no where to go, I filled my time with taking photos, including those herein, while I waited, exhausted by five hours of commuting with at least another hour to go!

*LIRR, by the way, for those outside of New York City is the acronym for the Long Island Rail Road.

    Stairs to Train Platform / Tracks #6/#7 – LIRR station
    Jamaica, Queens NY | 9/12/17

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In addition to getting in a little camera action, the wait allowed for a moment of contemplation, though I had no idea I was about to ground so fully into 3D. I sat on the stairs leading down to track #7 where I would ultimately launch from. I placed a pad of lined paper under my butt as I sat, avoiding a collision with a sticky, gunky, muck that seemed to be magnetized to each of the steps. Leaning against the left side railing, surrounded by a suitcase, a computer bag, a camera case and a backpack, I relaxed. In that state of relaxation I allowed my mind to wander. I watched other trains pass along one of the eight sets of tracks. I observed lovers kissing (and kissing – OMG they needed a room!!) I enjoyed a couple of kids kicking a can about. And then I saw them – an extended family of at least 20, laughing and cutting it up as they exited a Babylon-line train, and disappeared up the stairs and out of sight.

“Why?” you ask. (… and take note, I’m not sure at all on the punctuation of that starter line…) “What’s up with that?”

Well, it’s like this.

Around the end of college, maybe even shortly after graduation, I said something aloud for the first time that I’d been feeling all my life. I said it to my then boyfriend of several years… let’s call him Matt K, at a Sunday morning breakfast out at a Denny’s sorta place, somewhere around the Muncie Mall. I told him,

I’m going to be important.

He looked at me funny, hesitated, and asked why I wanted to be famous.

I didn’t say I wanted to be famous. I said I was going to be important. I don’t want to be famous. I use to when I was a girl, like everybody, but then I grew up and realized I’d never have my privacy. You know me. I’m too shy to have people all around me all the time. No. I’ve always felt I was going to be “important” in some way. I don’t even know what that means, but I feel it.


LOL. Just what a girl wants to hear when she pours her deepest thoughts out to the one she loves. “OK.” Too funny, but, as I would one day learn, short and to the point IS the language of love of the male speicies in many a land. I embrace that. To the differences! To the similarities! “OK.” Now, let me get back on track…

    Train Platform / Track #7 – LIRR station | Jamaica, Queens NY | 9/12/17

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Matt K was one of nine kids, all born within a seven year stretch. Two sets of twins. The line-up went something like this. Ages: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 (x2), 2, 1 (x2). So… four toddlers ranging from 4 to 7 years old and 5 babies still in diapers. They were Catholic if you hadn’t guessed. Matt K was the 4 year old in the line up above. This was the tightest family I have ever known. I was so proud to be a part of that clan (dated Matt K for about 5 years, 18 months of which we lived together in Cincinnati, OH). Nothing would ever come between them. Nothing. And today, with their extended families, most of which relocated as a collective unit to North Carolina in the 90’s, they would have easily hit the 20 folks or so I saw exiting the train. This family so closely paralleled the one I was once a member of, in features, character, and kindness I wasn’t surprised they triggered the incoming message from Oliver that followed…

Hello. Be grounded in the lightness.

Well, I didn’t actually hear “Hello,” but it reads so much nicer that way, don’t ya think?

    Sign: Track #7 Updates – LIRR station | Jamaica, Queens NY | 9/12/17

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I felt the meaning more than heard it. I recognized its lesson immediately. To me, it feels like the meaning is to be who you are. True to yourself. Believe what you feel as real and trust your instincts even if they differ from those around you. Everything is fine and will be as it is to be, as you desire it to be, in divine timing. Something like that.

Why do I feel that way? Because Matt loved me. Of that I had no doubt. Ever. He knew what love was from the bonds he had with his siblings and extended family. He shared that gift with me, so I knew I could trust him to still care even if I said something he might think is goofy, or weird, or so off the wall he’d have to overlook, like someone checking sports scores in the dark of a movie theater. So I shared. He responded the best way he knew how. At the time, his response brought me back to earth from the lightness of vibration offered from the release of the words. Once grounded I felt a twist, a tightening of the screw on my determination to hold tight to my knowing. And I did. More firmly than before, accepting, unequivocally, that one day it would just be.

As the crow flies, cawing along the way, I am compelled to write, “If you see something say something.” By that I mean, the unseen is other worldly yet real. It just is, like my faith in the knowing my experiences are a blessing gifted by the Divine for my pleasure, and all I ever need do to receive is believe… and SAY SOMETHING! Don’t let fear keep you from a life of dreams. If you experience woo, tell us all about the woo. Absent limits!

And, back to that morning at the cookie cutter restaurant I so adored, what I knew has come to be. I have been important in the lives of many. Those who know the stories, or are those people… cheers! For the rest of you, you’ll just have to wonder – which is great, too! A time to practice using your imagination. Yet, the point is not to be lost in all this fluff… I logged in when I opened up to my higher self and told Matt K of my feelings. I logged out when Matt K said, “OK,” in a blunt, 3D sorta way. That response firmly grounded me in my conviction of knowing that what I felt was the compass I would follow. And I have. Thank you Matt K!

One final whistle bringing it all home… I was deep in a joyful state of contemplation, floating outside of myself, metaphorically, when I was grounded by the sighting of the Babylon line family. That grounding in that moment married the etherial state of a free flowing of consciousness with the solidity of reality TO remind me of my truth and its materialization over the years. The light holding hands with the density of being in this 3D reality, and visa versa; for the growth, expansion and expression of our spark of selves in this reality of choice. We DID ask to be here, right? Otherwise we wouldn’t be. Thus why I embrace the left with the right, the yin and the yang, the lightness of being with the density of the third dimension. I like it here. I like the light and the heavy. I just enjoy life. So, bring it on. I’m ready, everyday, to login and logout through the open pathway to Hiraeth.

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